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Celebrity Chef Goes Viral for His Genius Last-Minute School Snack for Kids

He's just made the lives of parents everywhere so much easier.

On Wednesday, the satirical news outlet The Onion published a piece entitled, "Son Needs Costume, 30 Individually Wrapped Treats Tomorrow Morning For Some School Celebration," which parodied the fact that, in today's day and age, parents are often told last minute that they're going to need to scramble to make an elaborate outfit and create snacks for every kid in their child's class for some social event meant to bolster their child's development.

While the piece was satirical, it was retweeted by celebrity chef Adam Liaw, who said "No kidding, but my son has been as school for exactly ONE TERM and this has already happened about 9 times."

So Liaw, who won the second season of MasterChef Australia, in 2010, decided to take on his greatest culinary challenge yet: to create something that parents could make 25 portions of in five minutes. It would also need to be easily refrigerated for 8 hours, to fit in Tupperware, to weigh less than two pounds, to not contain dairy, eggs, or nuts, and to be able to "survive a bus ride in a school backpack without destroying its integrity." It was, to say the least, an ambitious endeavor.

People were skeptical. Surely, it couldn't be done. But, folks, he did it.  Introducing (drum roll, please)… "Fat Pocky."

First, you take 375 grams of dark chocolate and put it in the microwave "for 1 minute, then blasts of 30 seconds until it's melted."

Then start dunking the breadsticks into the melted chocolate before laying them out on a tray of baking paper.

Liaw suggested shaking as much of the chocolate off as you can because you're making this for kids, after all.

Then you just scatter some sprinkles over them and, voila, you're done!

The whole endeavor only takes 10 minutes so it's perfect for busy parents. And it only costs $7 to buy all of the ingredients, so it's great for any budget.

Plus, they're fun to make, so you might even be able to get your kids to make their own snacks, which is simply genius.

And if you're big on crafts, you can even spice them up by adding some edible decorations like these stars or eyes/mustaches.

Imagine how excited the kids will be when they open a container that looks like this:

Needless to say, Liaw's creation quickly went viral, and parents everywhere are in awe of his achievement.

He's basically their new hero.

And even people who don't have kids were impressed and inspired.

On behalf of frazzled parents everywhere, Liaw, we thank you. And for more amazing ways to be a culinary whiz, check out the 40 Dishes Everyone Over 40 Should Master!

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