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8 Celebrities Who Are Loving "National Dog Day" as Much as the Rest of Us

As if we really needed an excuse to post another selfie with our beloved pups.

In case you didn't know, August 26th marks both National and International Dog Day. And since dog owners love posting photos of their adorable pooches, the internet has been flooded with happy photos of people with their canine kiddos. And when it comes to paying tribute to their pups, celebrities really are just like us. Here are eight famous faces and their furry best friends enjoying the day!

1. According to Sarah Hyland, "every day is #nationaldogday in the Hyland/Adams household."


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Every day is #nationaldogday in the Hyland/Adams household 💕 #adoptdontshop

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Back in June, Hyland, who has kidney dysplasia, shared a sweet Instagram story about how Stella helps her with her health issues. "She's perfect and knows exactly what I need at all times," she wrote.

3. Music legend Tony Bennett shared this super sweet photo of him and his Maltese, who is aptly named "Happy."


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Celebrating #nationaldogday today with Happy! Post a photo if you are celebrating with your dog too!

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3. Here's Chris Evans, looking as comfy as can be curled up with his rescue dog Dodger.

Evans adopted him back in 2017, and, if his Instagram account is anything to go by, he's obsessed with him.

"He's up for anything," Evans told People in 2017. "Dogs, they're such great animals. I really can't say enough about dogs. I'm a dog lunatic. He sleeps on my pillow. You wake up face-to-face."

4. New York Knicks coach David Fizdale got all of his pups in line for a group huddle.

5. Fox correspondent Tracee Carrasco spent the morning with her pup outside the opera house in New York.

6. Richard Branson showed that life's a beach when you've got a dog.

7. And Mena Massoud, the star of Disney's new live-action remake of Aladdin, shared this frame-worthy photo.

"The world would be a worse place without dogs," he wrote. Facts.

8. "My dogs are there to teach me to take a break," Nicholas Sparks wrote. "They're there to remind me that there's more to life than work."

So, yeah, the votes are in and dogs are the best.

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