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This Is What It's Like to Use a New "Nap Hotel"

Starting today, lucky urbanites can steal a mid-afternoon snooze.

Napping has traditionally been seen as a habit employed only by the elderly or the extremely lazy. But an increasing body of research is now indicating that taking a mid-day snooze yields plenty of health benefits, including reducing stress and lowering the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and weight gain. A well-timed nap has also been proven to boost alertness, creativity, mood, and productivity, which means that catching some Zs during office hours might not be such a bad idea after all.

Of course, no one wants to be caught sleeping at their desk (not to mention, reposing on your computer keyboard takes a toll on your face and neck). Perhaps that's why the latest trend to come to New York City is hotels designed solely for naps. This week, mattress company Casper launched The Dreamery—a concept store located behind their flagship location in Greenwich Village, where tired city dwellers can slip into some pajamas and take a 45-minute snooze for just $25.

But while the marketing strategy may be brilliant, it's not exactly new. Back in April, I attended the launch party for Nap York—a self-described "wellness club dedicated to midday naps" located in midtown Manhattan. Read on to get the inside scoop on this sleep oasis. And to learn more about how to get the most out of your midday dreaming, check out Science Says This Is the Length of a Perfect Nap.

The First Floor

Nap York cafe

Nap York consists of four floors. The first floor has a small cafe where visitors can purchase healthy meals, juices, and smoothies via a tablet and have them wordlessly delivered via a conveyer belt.

The Second Floor

nap york

The second floor contains the first few nap pods: capsules that contain simple bedding and pillows under a canopy of artificial, twinkling stars and live plants. As would be expected, it's extremely dark, and speaking is strictly forbidden, but guests can request noise-canceling headphones for no extra charge if they need absolute silence to get an appropriate amount of rest. The beds are also equipped with reading lights, in case you want to go the clean sleeping route and lull yourself into dreamland with the help of books. They also contain a active fresh air supply and a sound dampening curtain for the ultimate rest. When the hotel first opened, it only had seven nap pods, but they've expanded to 29 due to popular demand.

The Third Floor

nap york

The next floor has a more casual relaxation space filled with cozy moon pods, lush greenery, a fireplace, and yoga and meditation classes. These additional wellness options not only help you recharge and rest more effectively, they've also been proven to be the best exercises for your brain.

The Rooftop

nap york

The rooftop is outfitted with hammocks hanging over artificial grass, along with communal tables where guests can get to know one another in a calm environment. Given all of the science recently that has revealed the wellness benefits of working outside, this isn't a bad place to bring your laptop either. In the evenings, they sometimes host events, such as movie nights and workshops and summits on the importance of sleep.

The Fine Print

nap york

The minimum booking time is 30 minutes, which costs as little as $10, though you can book for as long a time as you like provided there's availability. The hotel is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but if you want to make an appointment after 11:30 p.m., you have to call the hotel directly. For those concerned with the hygiene implications of this kind of hotel, Nap York promises that each pod contains an Airweave mattress that is washed after every customer, and encased in a bed bug-blocking zippered protector and fitted vegan leather cover. And if any of you out there are getting ideas, know that the pods are strictly designed for single occupancy, and that there are security guards and cameras all over the place to ensure everyone's safety. Given the recent studies on sleep and weight loss, you can even justify taking a nap in lieu of hitting the gym. For more on that, check out This Secret Sleep Trick Will Help You Lose Weight.

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