30 Amazing Birthday Gifts for the Impossible-to-Shop-for Husband

Surprise him with a gift that speaks to his soul.

30 Amazing Birthday Gifts for the Impossible-to-Shop-for Husband

Nobody knows your husband better than you do. After all, the two of you share a life and home together, and—both for better and for worse—you spend pretty much every waking moment in one another’s company. However, despite the long hours logged together, that doesn’t always mean picking the perfect present for your husband is an easy feat. Sure, you might know his passions and pastimes, but that doesn’t mean that you can just find the perfect present with the snap of your fingers—doing so requires an inordinate amount of time, and you don’t exactly have any to spare.

So, what’s a person to do when their husband’s birthday rolls around? Instead of getting him yet another gift certificate that will go unused, pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and check out this list of great gifts for your husband. Whether your husband is a sports fanatic or a haute homme, our list of the best birthday gifts is sure to have something he’ll love. And for more amazing shopping inspiration, check out the best roundup of men’s clothes on the planet!

birthday gifts for your husband Image via Neiman Marcus

Slim Leather Bifold Wallet

$315; buy now at Neiman Marcus

Let’s face it: Your husband isn’t going to go out and buy himself a new wallet, even if his current billfold is literally falling apart at the seams. Use your husband’s birthday as an opportunity to finally replace his washed-up wallet with this sleek piece from Montblanc, made of full-grain cowhide and featuring six card slots perfect for housing not only his credit cards, but all that miscellany he seems to be incapable of parting with.

gifts for your husband Image via Apple

Series 4 Apple Watch

Starts at $399; buy now at Apple

The Apple Watch is so much more than just a timepiece. Of course, this futuristic electronic device will gladly tell you the time, but it can also monitor your heart rate, make phone calls, and safely submerge underwater. Yes, this digital wrist accessory can do it all—and then some. And if you’re looking for great gifts for yourself, give your SO this list of the Best Birthday Gifts for Women. 

best birthday gifts for your husband Image via Sharper Image

Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser

$40; buy now at Sharper Image

Though this heated shaving cream dispenser will technically be a gift for your spouse, you’ll most definitely enjoy using it just as much as he does. All you have to do is pop your can of shaving cream into the machine and within a few minutes, your soon-to-be-smooth skin will be covered in warm cream for a closer shave.

birthday gifts for your husband Image via Crate and Barrel

Milk Frother

$120; buy now at Crate and Barrel

For those men who start every morning with a strong cup of coffee, the Nespresso milk frother is practically heaven sent. With this kitchen gadget, your husband will be able to whip up everything from cold froth to hot milk, creating his signature coffee drink right at home in no time.

birthday gifts for your husband Image via Sir Jacks

Stag Horn Whiskey Flight

$629; buy now at Sir Jacks

Gift him a small piece of Scotland this year with a handcrafted stag horn whiskey flight. Pricey though it is, not many men are able to say that they own a whiskey flight made out of real stag horn—and your husband will be thankful that he’s among the few who can.

birthday gifts for your husband Image via Shinola

Limited Edition Rambler 600 Shinola Watch

$1,325; buy now at Shinola

This limited-edition watch from Detroit-based luxury brand Shinola is built with the fast pace of life in mind. Inspired by Craig Breedlove, the first man to break the 400, 500, and 600 MPH land-speed records on wheels, this timepiece is the brand’s first to include both a stopwatch function and features that can measure speed according to time.

birthday gifts for your husband Image via Brooks Brothers

Black Leather Duffle Bag

$748; buy now at Brooks Brothers

For the husband who spends as much time at the airport as he does at home, nothing beats a reliable duffle bag. Fortunately, Brooks Brothers’ soft pebble leather and twill-lined tote is all that, and more: it’s just as stylish as it is sturdy.

best gifts for your husband Image via Williams Sonoma

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

$300; buy now at Williams Sonoma

Meet the world’s first portable pizza oven. In just 10 minutes, this on-the-go grill reaches 932°F and in another 60 seconds, it will have an authentic and fresh wood-fired pizza ready for consumption.

best gifts for your husband Image via Amazon

Pressurized Craft Beer Growler

$169; buy now at Amazon

This craft beer growler is the perfect birthday gift for any man who loves artisanal alcohols. Should your husband decide he wants to take some of his favorite craft brew home from the brewery, he can use this pressurized growler to keep that beer cold, fresh, and perfectly carbonated for up to two weeks.

best gifts for your husband Image via Everlane

Twill Weekender Bag

$98; buy now at Everlane

There’s no need to be gentle when it comes to this weekender tote from Everlane. Thanks to its water-resistant and durable twill fabric, this bag can handle whatever your husband throws its way, making it the perfect bag for overhead airplane bins and dirty gym clothes alike.

best gifts for your husband Image via Nordstrom

Watch Movement Cuff Links

$250; buy now at Nordstrom

Take your husband’s fashion game up a notch with these golden gear cuff links from Ox and Bull Trading Co. Each pair of intricate cuff links is constructed out of real watch parts—and if you’re lucky, your husband’s pair might just be one of the fortunate few that still ticks.

gifts for your husband Image via All Birds

Wool Sneakers

$95; buy now at All Birds

Odds are that you’ve already seen quite a few people trekking around in these casual sneaks. On the surface, they’re just like any other sneaker—but dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that their soft merino sheep’s wool insole and low-density, lightweight sole make them the ultimate everyday shoe.

birthday gifts for your husband Image via Bose

Wireless Headphones

$150; buy now at Bose

When your husband is at the gym, he shouldn’t have to stop mid-workout to untangle his headphones or put his earbuds back into place. That’s where the Bose SoundSport headphones come in. These wireless buds are designed specially to fit snugly in every ear, and they’ll stay put no matter how strenuous the workout.

best birthday gifts for your husband Image via Bonobos

Collar Golf Sweater

$128; buy now at Bonobos

Your golf-loving gent struggles to give up the game once the crisp air rolls in— but now he doesn’t have to. With this simple pullover sweater from Bonobos, your husband will be able to make the most of his time on the green, no matter how low the temperature dips.


gifts for your husband Image via PGA Tour Superstore

Double Bend Sightline Putter

$300; buy now at PGA Tour Superstore

Though he probably already thinks he plays like a PGA Tour professional, it’s safe to assume that there’s quite a bit of room for improvement when it comes to your husband’s golf game. Of course, practice is the only surefire way to achieve perfection, but this TaylorMade putter designed with added stability and aim certainly doesn’t hurt, either. (Pro tip: If he’s over 5′ 11″, remember to buy the 35-inch putter, not the 34-inch.)

best gifts for your husband Image via Amazon

Wireless Meat Thermometer

$90$57; buy now at Amazon

Give your husband the gift of grilling in the 21st century with a wireless meat thermometer. This hassle-free device can detect the temperatures of food from up to 300 feet away, so you can both say goodbye to standing over that steak like a helicopter parent.

best gifts for your husband Image via Amazon

Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion

$34.61; buy now at Amazon

Your guy may have his own sense of style, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he always feels confident he’s nailed his look. Enter: Dressing the Man. This easy guide to honing his fashion sense and finding a style that works for him will have him looking (and feeling) like a million bucks in no time.

best birthday gifts for your husband Image via Mark and Graham

Leather Charger Roll Up

$49; buy now at Mark and Graham

Tell your husband to say goodbye to tangled headphones and cords. This small leather roll-up pouch features three separate pockets exclusively for cable and charger storage—and it’s just as fashionable as it is functional. Oh, and you even get the option to customize your husband’s pouch with a foil-debossed monogram—all for just $49.

best gifts for your husband Image via Amazon

Heated Toilet Seat

$110; buy now at Amazon

Between the heated seat and the built-in LED light, this technological toilet seat is a gift that any man will appreciate. In fact, don’t be surprised if, when you install this toilet seat, you find that your husband suddenly thinks it’s the best seat in the house.

birthday gifts for your husband Image via Samsonite

Leather Flap Briefcase

$249; buy now at Samsonite

This classic flap briefcase from Samsonite can truly do it all. For instance: On its side, you’ll find a leather tag that can be removed and used as a luggage tag for travel. Oh, and did we mention that that tag also has a bottle opener on it? When we say do it all, we mean do it all.

birthday gifts for your husband Image via AHA Life

Globe Whiskey Decanter

$50; buy now at AHA Life

Spin this globe decanter around and around and watch in admiration as your precious liquids take a trip from coast to coast. And there’s no need to worry about those spins ruining that beautiful Bordeaux—on the contrary, the design of this decanter actually makes it so that spinning the globe serves to aerate them and embolden their flavors.

birthday gifts for your husband Image via Barney's

Travel Shave Kit

$50; buy now at Barney’s

When he’s away on business, the last thing your husband wants to worry about is potentially losing his expensive shaver—so make his life easier and gift him this travel kit curated by Harry’s, equipped with all his shaving needs.

birthday gifts for your husband Image via Zappos

Chukka Boots

$139; buy now at Zappos

Lined with flannel for cozy weekend lounging, yet sleek enough to dress up for a trip outside, these TOMS chukka boots are the perfect gift for any husband who refuses to sacrifice comfort for fashion.


gifts for your husband Image via Sonos

Smart Wireless Speakers

$199; buy now at Sonos

Stream Spotify and listen to your favorite podcast on this smart speaker from SONOS. It’s equipped with the latest Amazon Alexa technology, so all your husband has to do is tell his speaker what he wants to hear and his wish will subsequently be granted.

gifts for your husband Image via Uncommon Goods

Beer-Drinking Board Game

$35; buy now at Uncommon Goods

Behold the ultimate “drinking” game in every sense of the word. With bottle caps for game pieces and challenges that involve everything from dance-offs to drinking (of course), this boozed-up version of your typical board game is the perfect gift for any man with a love for all things beer.

gifts for your husband Image via Uncommon Goods

New York Times Custom Basketball Book

$72; buy now at Uncommon Goods

In between NBA seasons, your husband will still have something sports-related to occupy his time with in this custom basketball book, filled with clips of some of the New York Times’ best sports coverage from over the years.

gifts for your husband Image via Zappos

Brooks Ghost Running Shoes

$120; buy now at Zappos

Don’t just take our word when we say that these are some of the best running shoes around. These sneakers have a stellar five-star rating on shoe retailer site Zappos, and customers have described them as everything from “just perfect” to “the most comfortable shoe I have worn in years.”

gifts for your husband The Kooples

Plaid Overshirt

$485; buy now at The Kooples

Every man should have at least one plaid staple in his closet for those crisp autumn months. If your husband has yet to find his perfect plaid piece, then surprise him for his birthday with this classic overshirt from the Kooples—it’s cozy, comfortable, and meshes well with the neutral tones of most men’s fall wardrobes.

gifts for your husband Image via Me Undies

His And Her Undies

Prices vary; buy now at Me Undies

Maybe your husband refuses to wear those matching Christmas sweaters you bought a few holidays back, but how can he say no to wearing matching underwear? The only people ever seeing these undergarments will be the two of you (hopefully), so they make for a great inside joke that will crack you both up time and time again.

gifts for your husband Image via Happy Socks

Mix Socks Gift Box

$42; buy now at Happy Socks

Give him the gift of expression this year with these colorful patterned socks à la Happy Socks. Though they’re bold and bright, these socks are hidden just enough that they can still be worn as a subtle splash of color to even the most mundane of offices.

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