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The Best Craft Beer In Every U.S. State

If you're a beer fan, this land is your land.

Yes, we are a nation of beer. Thanks to the craft beer revolution—the number of operating craft breweries in the United States has more than doubled since 2012—we're no longer a land of mass-market suds, and your beer aisle offers more choices than cereals. To celebrate, we scoured every state for the best locally crafted beers on the market. Some have hit the big-time—you can get Dogfish Head anywhere, for example—while others, like North Carolina's Steel String, are hyper-local treasures you'll be hard pressed to find outside their community of origin. So read on, and map out a cross-country road trip not in landmarks but in craft beer. And of course, if you're in the mood for something a touch stronger, learn the 20 Cocktails Everyone Should Know How to Make.

Alabama | Good People Brewing Company

Craft beer, Alabama, Good People Brewing


Marketed as "Ales from the Heart of Dixie," Good People has been the pride and joy of sweet home Alabama since 2008, which is right in the middle of the American beer-volution. They offer five year-round beers, four seasonal flavors, and the occasional special. Our pick for best brew? The Snake Handler, a caramel-colored mega-hoppy IPA. With elements of pine, citrus, flowers, spice, pineapple, and grass inside, it sounds like the recipe for a perfect summer day.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Alaska | Alaskan Brewing Co.

Craft beer, Alaska, Alaskan Brewing Company


The lack of creativity in the name is made up for tenfold with the beer. ABC was founded in 1986 by a beer-enthused couple and now ships its icy brews to 18 states. The stand-out at this treasure trove is the original Alaskan Amber Ale, the beer that started it all for this brewery. Researching home brewing, one of the owners discovered records from an old, Gold Rush-era brewery. They replicated the decades-old ale recipe, and that beer is now the Alaskan Amber. Other noteworthy facts: the beer's water content comes from the 1,500 square-mile Juneau Ice Field, pretty much guaranteeing your craft beer will be frosty cold when it reaches your hands. Speaking of fresh spring water, learn the one bottled water that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson utterly swears by.

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Arizona | The Phoenix Ale Brewery

Craft beer, Arizona, Phoenix Ale Brewery


Situated in a warehouse under the Arizona sun, this craft brewery has been an oasis in the desert since 2011. The favorite here is the Watermelon Ale, a wheat craft beer infused with the pink fruit during the conditioning process. Light and fruity, this brew tastes like summer and is best enjoyed poolside in the harsh AZ heat. Not in the mood to be outside? The Phoenix Ale Brewery also features a taproom with their signature beers on draft. And for more great brews, learn the one beer Chris Pratt drinks to stay in shape.

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Arkansas | Ozark Beer Co.

Craft Beer, Arkansas, Ozark Beer Company


A true gem of the Ozark Mountains, this funky brewery boasts honest people and honest beer. The pride of their craft libations is the Cream Stout, a dessert craft beer worthy of the hall of fame. Containing notes of dark chocolate, coffee, and caramel, Ozark suggests pairing this stout with ribs or BBQ, which you're sure to find at a summer picnic, so brush up on the best practices for grilling cured meat before you partake. Ozark also recommends enjoying the rich, dark brew with a piece of chocolate cake. So have your cake and drink it, too. And for more delicious drinks, try out The 20 Best Wines Under $30.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

California | Track Seven Brewing Company

Craft beer, California, Track Seven Brewing


Established in 2011, this West Coast taproom got its name because of its proximity to the old Western Pacific railroad tracks that run near the Curtis Park area they call home. All aboard, because their craft beer the Bee Line Honey Blonde Ale is an award winner. Light beers are perfect for warm weather, and this one has a touch of Sacramento-area wildflower honey that adds a dry finish to a bright, blonde beer. It's easy drinking and has Californians all over abuzz. And for perfect pairing, try it with any of the 50 Foods That Will Make You Look Younger.

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Colorado | Avery Brewing Co.

Craft beer, Colorado, Avery Brewing Co.


If you find yourself strolling through the hills of Boulder, make a pit stop at this joint that packaged the very first IPA in the state of Colorado in 1996. And although the IPA was a first, the beer that stands apart from the crowd is the El Gose German-style sour ale. The can features a cartoon skull that gives off Latin vibes, and the tart brew includes lime and sea salt. That makes it a margarita-beer hybrid, a combination that is truly the hero we have but don't deserve.

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Connecticut | New England Brewing Co.

Craft beer, Connecticut, New England Brewing Co.


Cropping up on the early end of the craft beer renaissance, this East Coast favorite boasts 37 different craft creations. From pilsners to barleywine, each beer has its own character and illustration so that it will stand out from the crowd. You should certainly try them all, but if you can only pick one, the Schnitzengiggles is the beer to beat. Brewed specifically for Oktoberfest, this German festbier has a refreshing, malty flavor and a witty name to boot. And if you found yourself chuckling at that name, well, you may want to check out the 50 Puns So Bad They're Actually Good.

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Delaware | Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Craft beer, Delaware, Dogfish Head


Let's not beat around the bush. The SeaQuench Ale from Dogfish is a sour craft beer that was voted best low-cal and low-carb beer by Men's Health magazine. At 140 calories and 9 carbs per 12 oz. serving, this beer is light, crisp, and welcome during hot summer days. But wait, there's more! The beer was the first step in a partnership between the brewery and the National Aquarium of Baltimore that will focus on inspiring conservation of the world's aquatic treasures, bettering the Chesapeake Bay for everyone. Because "drinking for a cause" sounds better than "it's 5 o'clock somewhere."

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Florida | Cigar City Brewing

Craft beer, Florida, Cigar City Brewing


A hop, skip, and a jump from Mickey Mouse, Cigar City Brewing draws Florida tourists and locals alike through its doors. The ingredients and flavors infused in the beers here reflect the personality of the sunshine state and the glorious Gulf of Mexico. The standout? The Florida Cracker, a Belgian-style white ale created by CC. A craft beer with history, this light brew was named after the "Cracker Cowboys" that used to roam the Florida prairies in colonial times. Cheers to Florida history, aka another reason to drink.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Georgia | Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

Craft Beer, Georgia, Creature Comforts Brewing


The tiny Southern town is often confused with its Greek namesake, but the craft beer is authentic to the peach-bearing state. Creature Comforts resides in a 13,000 square foot historic warehouse building in downtown Athens. Its featured beer is the Reclaimed Rye, an amber ale aged on French oak. The flavor has hints of vanilla, and the brewers describe it as "a collection of familiar voices singing a new harmony," which sounds very pretentious but describes the phenomenon of the aged amber well.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Hawaii | Kaua'i Island Brewery & Grill

Craft Beer, Hawaii, Kaua'i Island Brewery & Grill

Port Allen on Kaua'i Island

Nothing goes better with craft beer than the beach. This spot features both, and is the world's westernmost brewery. The shining star here is Captain Cook's IPA, which serves as a tribute to ales of old brewed in the 16th century for sailors' journeys from England to Hawaii. The drink is stewed with 15 pounds of hops for 155 gallons of beer, enough to have anyone saying "ALOHA" after a few beachside glasses.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Idaho | Woodland Empire Ale Craft

Craft beer, Idaho, Woodland Empire


The "Ale Craft" name is unique in a world full of "Brewing Company," but that's exactly what the owners of this quirky place were going for. Even more unique is their signature craft beer, the Big Sticky Red IPA. It shows off everything Idaho hops have to offer–The ones included come from Jackson Hop Farms only a short walk from the brewery. Deep red and chewy, this beer is best enjoyed with summer meats like BBQ. Looking for the best pulled pork to accompany this (or any other) beer? Be sure to check out The Best BBQ Joint In Every U.S. State.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Illinois | Goose Island Beer Co.

Craft Beer, Illinois, Goose Island


This Illinois native has grown into a national success. Inspired by a great beer experience in Europe, owner John Hall came back to the states in 1995 determined to create the same quality brews for his own country that Europe has enjoyed for ages. The best beer at this brewery is none other than the Goose Honker's Ale, a UK bitter replicant of classic English pub beer. The golden sunset color will have you dreaming of fish and chips and Buckingham Palace. Speaking of Buckingham, learn the 20 Things We Know About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Indiana | 3 Floyds Brewing Co.

Craft beer, Indiana, 3 Floyds Brewing Co.


This little brewery is anything but normal and has been that way since 1996. They distribute to only a few states in their area, so you'll have to head on over to the great plains to have one of their famously extraordinary ales. Tall, dark, and handsome, our favorite from this bunch is the Space Station Middle Finger, a shining star of an American Pale Ale. This extraterrestrial brew is gold in color, full of APA hops, and answers all the questions we mere humans have about the great, wide beyond. And while you sip, a cartoon space station flips you off on the label.

Photo courtesy of Instagram. 

Iowa | Confluence Brewing Company

Iowa, craft beer, Confluence Brewing Company

Des Moines

This craft cave is run by some good ole' farmers with a passion for their state and for their beer. With creative blends that epitomize the unique aspects of the Midwest, their brews are also patriotic. The MVP: Farmer John's Multi-Grain Ale, which really capitalizes on the amber waves of grain thing we Americans like to sing. The summertime blonde craft beer features a base of two row American barley malt along with a large portion of wheat malt, a small dose of rye malt, and unmalted oats, corn, and wheat. It smells like a rolling field you drive by with the windows down on a road trip, and it sounds like your favorite type of bagel in a glass.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Kansas | Free State Beer

Craft beer, Kansas, Free State Beer


The year 1989 is notable for many things, including the launch of the Galileo Spacecraft, the birth of Taylor Swift, and the opening of Free State Brewing, which became the first legal brewery in Kansas in over 100 years that year. Now the 14-barrel joint cranks out beers like the Copperhead Pale Ale, which was literally inspired when the head brewer was bitten by a poisonous snake and went to the hospital. That alone is almost legit enough to secure the "best craft beer" title, but the citrus flavor and hops in this crisp brew also help it slither ahead of the rest.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Kentucky | West Sixth Brewing

Craft beer, Kentucky, West Sixth Brewing


This brewery stands out not only for its beer, but also for its emphasis on helping the Kentucky community and environment. The brewers focus on canning their beer, because aluminum is more recyclable than glass. They also support the direct work of nonprofits in the state. And the good just gets better! The Pay it Forward Cocoa Porter is a delicious, dark dessert craft beer made with coffee and dark chocolate. It celebrates malts, but it also celebrates social good. For every 6-pack sold, the company gives 50 cents to a nonprofit making a difference in the community that the beer was sold in. Drinking for a cause is the best kind of drinking.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Louisiana | Chafunkta Brewing Company

Craft beer, Louisiana, Chafunkta Brewing Company


This baby brewery opened only four years ago and is named after an Indian settlement that used to be located in Mandeville. The Kingfish Ale has minimal hops, which is rare for a lot of craft beers and brings out the flavor in this one. It's light-colored, crisp, and sweet, making it the perfect drink to kick back with in the bayou. And for more ways to kick back, master the Best Stress-Busters of All Time.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Maine | Bissell Brothers

Craft beer, Maine, Bissell Brothers


The motto of this spot? Do what you love. What was once a single taproom is now the biggest in Maine, and the brewers plan to keep on growing. Their standout beer is the Baby Genius, a light ale available during the summer months. The eclectic rainbow can matches the variety of hops on the inside, which include citra, ella, and topaz. It's also described by its creators as "crushable," for the frat bro in all of us.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Maryland | Heavy Seas

Craft beer, Maryland, Heavy Seas


The nautical brewery of the mid-Atlantic offers 10 year-round beers, all of which are pirate themed. The buried treasure of a brew at Heavy Seas is TropiCannon, a citrus IPA that packs a punch with lemon, grapefruit, mango, and blood orange all swimming around like a fruity message in a bottle. The brewery was inspired by the ocean, so it only makes sense that it would donate a portion of its pirate proceeds to Clean Water Fund.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Massachusetts | Tree House Brewing Company

Craft Beer, Massachusetts, Tree House Brewing Company


This place does not mess around when it comes to the craft part of craft beer. Their brews aren't bottled, kegged, or canned. They're available exclusively on tap, and the brewers' attention to detail is borderline obsessive, but the results are worth it. Take our beer of choice, known simply as Sap. The piney favorite was originally brewed as a Christmas beer, but the IPA was so popular that Tree House added it to the year-round list. Golden yellow and rich in flavor, it's like Christmas all year long.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Michigan | Odd Side Ales

Craft beer, Michigan, Odd Side Ales

Grand Haven

Established in 2010, this brewery lives in an old piano factory on the Michigan coast. The eccentric collection of over 100 beers are made with some of the most unique flavors around, and they're listed in alphabetical order for thirsty people everywhere to peruse. From Sweet Potato Souffle Rye to an ale blended with habanero and papaya, it was difficult to choose a favorite from this extensive list. But the MVP is the Ain't No Sunshine When Saison, because it's light, easy-drinking, and is flavored with clove and bananas, which sounds good any time day or night. Interested in a bit of light reading? Check out the full list of Odd Side specialties.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Minnesota | Steel Toe Brewing

Craft Beer, Minnesota, Steel Toe Brewing

St. Louis Park

The owner of this craft castle has worn steel-toed boots for almost his entire career because he's a hard working dude. The boots also inspired the name of the joint, which represents the work the team puts into every craft beer they create. The Rainmaker Double Red Ale is a copper-colored beauty that takes the cake for best Minnesota beer and has a medal to prove it. It's refreshing like rain after a drought, and the ruby red color comes from the hops and hint of pine sap within. Available only in Steel Toe signature bottles.

Photo courtesy of Yelp.

Mississippi | Chandeleur Island Brewing Company

Craft beer, Mississippi, Chandeleur Island Brewing Company


Started by two good ole' boys from the University of Southern Mississippi and named after islands they love, this place joined the beer-making game in 2013 after state laws allowed Mississippi beer to be more alcoholic. Now they brew on the glittering Gulf Coast and create beachy beer like the Curlew's Toasted Coconut Porter, a malt beer with an island twist. The dark beer is boiled and aged with hints of coconut, coffee, chocolate, and toffee and is best enjoyed by the beach, which is only blocks away from the brewery.

Photo courtesy of Instagram. 

Missouri | Boulevard Brewing Company

Craft beer, Missouri, Boulevard Brewing Company

Kansas City

Similar to the narrative of other craft beer lovers, the owner of Boulevard found American beer to be boring and ordinary compared to its European alternative. All it took was an opportunity and a trip across the Atlantic for him to decide he wanted in on the American craft beer industry, so he used his carpentry skills to build a 35-barrel brewery in 1989 and crafted the Boulevard Pale Ale. This original beer is consistently a KC favorite because of it's easy-drinkin' smoothness and Cascade hops. It's their oldest beer, but you know what they say: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Montana | Big Sky Brewing Co.

Craft beer, Montana, Big Sky Brewing Co.


This taproom lets you try four beers for free when you visit, which is a great way to lead into the story of Big Sky. The Montana gem started when the owners created a beer-tasting talkshow that was broadcast on local access television back in the day. Eventually, that grew into actually creating beer like the Big Sky IPA. According to the brewers, this mega-hoppy ale is perfect for those "hold my beer and watch this" moments that inevitably accompany an IPA as bold as this one.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Nebraska | Infusion Brewing Company

Craft beer, Nebraska, Infusion Brewing Company


This brewery is a landmark in the tiny city just south of Omaha. They strive to preserve the heritage and history in their building, which once served as a butcher shop in the early in 20th century. Their beer, however, is anything but vintage. Take the Strawberry Kiwi Kettle Sour, for example. The tart, fruity summer beer is like the best flavors of Sour Patch Kids, but in craft beer form. It's the candy you used to eat as a kid, but it gets you drunk. Add this to the list of present-day facts no one could have predicted.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Nevada | Tanaya Creek Brewery

Craft beer, Nevada, Tanaya Creek Brewery

Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay there. Established in 1999, this brewery is around anytime you're in Sin City. The team started out making craft beer and food, but in 2008 closed the kitchen to focus on the brews. Their beers keep people cruisin' the strip, namely the signature Tanaya Pilsner, which brought home a gold medal in 2002 for being the best "European Style Pilsner" at the Great American Beer festival. Golden in color and in stature, this beer was made for the thirsty desert dweller. While you're in Vegas, learn how to double your money at the nearby casino.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

New Hampshire | Earth Eagle Brewings

Craft beer, New Hampshire, Earth Eagle Brewings


This joint has some serious earthy vibes and the brews to match. The Ambrosia Gruit is our favorite because it sounds like it basically came straight out of the depth of the woods and should be drunk by the Bounty paper towels guy. Flavored with sage, fennel seed, roasted burdock root, pears, and fermented with sake yeast, this beer celebrates the refreshing New Hampshire spirit.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

New Jersey | Carton Brewing

Craft beer, New Jersey, Carton Brewing

Atlantic Highlands

Once upon a time two cousins from the shores of Jersey decided to jump on the craft beer bandwagon and open up a spot of their own. Their canned craft creations are designed with specific drinkers in mind, such as the Boat Beer. Low in alcohol content, this IPA has touches of grapefruit and pine with just enough hoppiness to remind you it's beer. According to the creators, it's for everyday drinking, especially if your everyday includes captaining a floating vessel. Basically, you can have a few of this tasty brew without being out for the count.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

New Mexico | La Cumbre Brewing Company

Craft beer, New Mexico, La Cumbre Brewing Company


All beer and no fuss. That's the way La Cumbre rolls. While their website is very impressive, the company says they don't bother with advertising, marketing, or promoting themselves. Their beer is like the family heirloom your grandpa is obsessed with and talks about at all family reunions–if heirlooms got people drunk. Here's exhibit A: The MVP beer at La Cumbre is literally named Beer, because why bother with a creative name when things are that simple? It's won two gold medals in beer competitions and is basically a good ole' American lager the way it's supposed to be.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

New York | Evil Twin Brewing

Craft beer, New York, Evil Twin


"Disturb, disorder, and enlighten" is the motto of this minimalist Brooklyn brewery. And they definitely disturb normality in the craft world, because they offer 118 variations of craft beer made in 10 breweries around the world. The featured brew is Start Me Up, an American wheat with hints of saffron, honey, ginger, and lemon. Inspired by the brewers' favorite song.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

North Carolina | Steel String Brewery

Craft beer, North Carolina, Steel String Brewery


This small-town place proudly serves the local community and doesn't distribute much outside of North Carolina. Founded in 2011, they pour beer for their taproom and a few select bottle shops across the state, making the beer like buried treasure to the tar heels. And if the bottles are treasure, the Picklemania Dill Gose is the golden chalice we're all looking for. As a bonus, this is a sour beer brewed with pickle juice.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

North Dakota | Laughing Sun Brewing Co.

Craft beer, North Dakota, Laughing Sun Brewing Co.


Born from a monthly poker game and a well-timed conversation, this house o' brews pumps out beer amid the mountains of North Dakota. The owners love their state, beer, and the locals of Bismarck. The joint is characterized by its local art on the wall and performers on the stage. And what goes better with music and art than beer? The Cosmic Owl Belgian Pale Ale is the standout, and the fusion of Vienna and Munich malts makes it the perfect accompaniment to live music.

Photo courtesy of official website.

Ohio | Hoppin' Frog Brewery

Craft beer, Ohio, Hoppin' Frog Brewery


Any brewery with an entire page online dedicated to its beer awards is probably pretty legit. That's an understatement for this place, because even though their brews rake in prizes all the time, Hoppin' Frog maintains its small-town feel. Recently introduced is the tasting room, where patrons can try beer and food from the on-site chefs. And at a place dedicated to frogs, it only makes sense to call out the Gangster Frog IPA, which is as hoppy as they come.

Photo courtesy of Instagram. 

Oklahoma | Prairie Artisan Ales

Craft beer, Oklahoma, Prairie Artisan Ales


Bringing artisan beer to the midwest, this brewery is young compared to many of the others on the market. But despite being only 5 years old, PAA wasted no time being ranked one of the Top 100 Breweries in the world in 2016. They also wrap all their ales in labels with hand-drawn illustrations, including the Prairie Vous Francais, our pick for best OK beer. Deigned a "table beer" for its lower alcohol content, this farmhouse ale is dry, crisp, and is available in bottles and kegs, as a farmhouse ale should be.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Oregon | Pfriem Family Brewers

Craft Beer, Oregon, Pfriem Family Brewers

Hood River

A family affair of a brewery. With influence from Belgium and obvious ties to the culture of the Pacific Northwest, these classy crafters focus on the artisanal side of things. The tasting room has views of the Columbia and White Salmon rivers and features a fire pit and outdoor patio, upping the elegance even more. The Golden Coffee Ale is the standout of the bunch with flavors for both coffee and beer lovers alike. The brewers use the word "quaffable" to describe the taste, and if that doesn't answer all questions, we don't know what will.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Pennsylvania | Broken Goblet

Craft beer, Pennsylvania, Broken Goblet


Let's get right to it, this brewery is famous for their beers infused with Teavana tea. Also, their catchphrase is "because broken can be beautiful," which evokes some emotion from the get-go. The MVP ale is none other than Bubba's Tea Bag, which is a light ale fermented after a Teavana Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long Green Tea bag has been dropped inside. Fruity with hints of lemongrass, this beer is addictive in a way you didn't know you could crave beer and is therefore hands down the winner of best PA brew.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Rhode Island | Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island

Craft beer, Rhode Island, Grey Sail Brewing


This summer-lovin' spot is (obviously) sailing themed and located on the Pawcatuck River. The Flying Jenny, named appropriately for the nautical location, is unusual in its unfiltered state. It features five different malts and has the joint's signature grey sailboat on the can, insinuating that it is worthy of representing the brand with every sip. Offered year-round as an option for dedicated sailors everywhere.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

South Carolina | Westbrook Brewing Company

Craft beer, South Carolina, Westbrook Brewing Company

Mount Pleasant

Unusual in its methods, this brewery collaborates with others across the U.S. to feature and brew craft beers from other places, including our featured New York brewery Evil Twin. They only make three year-round, in-house ales, so the quality is top notch. White Thai was inspired by southeast Asian cuisine and is a twist on the Belgian White beer that crafters do so well. In place of the traditional Belgian flavors, though, this bad boy holds lemongrass, ginger root, and a dash of Sorachi Ace hops.

Photo courtesy of Instagram. 

South Dakota | Crow Peak Brewing Co.

Craft beer, South Dakota, Crow Peak Brewing Co


Beers here are brewed in a 30-barrel system and are available on tap or in cans. To be honest, South Dakota is not a state brimming with craft breweries; Crow Peak consistently brews the state's best beers. One of those includes 11th Hour IPA, your classic blend of malt and hops—the peak of all the crows, if you will.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Tennessee | Smoky Mountain Brewery

Craft beer, Tennessee, Smoky Mountain Brewery


SMB is the oldest craft brewery in the Eastern part of Tennessee at 21 years old. If it were a human, it could drink its own beer. Craft beer was not popular back in the day, so the owners of this joint were some of the early pioneers of the trade. Beside the beach, there's nowhere better to crack open a brew than in the mountains, so for that reason this place stands out. Equally impressive is its Mountain Light lager with its crisp, clean, and delicate hops. It's light and golden like the mountain air in the morning time and pairs well with hot wings. Do you need to know any more?

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Texas | Jester King Brewery

Craft Beer, Texas, Jester King Brewery


Ahh, Austin. It's known for being weird, and this brewery fits the bill. When you visit the website, you're greeted by an impish little cartoon jester hugging a barrel of beer. The labels for the 70 beers this place cranks out also include illustrations to match the personality of the brewery and the flavor of the beer. One of those beers: Buddha's Brew, a collaboration with a Kombucha brand of the same name. A barrel fermented sour, BB is infused with the Kombucha after the Oak barrel fermenting process completes. The perfect drink to help you find your zen.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Utah | Wasatch Brewery

Craft beer, Utah, Wasatch Brewery

Park City

This brewery is the oldest on our list and the oldest craft brewery in the state of Utah. It opened its doors in 1986, and it was in 1988 that the owner of Wasatch proposed a bill to state legislature to make brewpubs legal in Utah. From then on, the scenic spot has been cranking out beer for the thirsty people in the resort town and beyond. The Devastator Double Bock is the MVP because of its raw, unfiltered taste. The brown beer has a huge fan base and is a rich, creamy brew with 8% alcohol by volume. A bock by definition takes extra time to brew, so it only makes sense to choose this beer at a tale-as-old-as-time joint like Wasatch.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Vermont | Zero Gravity Craft Brewery

Craft Beer, Vermont, Zero Gravity Craft Brewery


This little northeastern forested state boasts beer for the explorer in all of us, namely the Green State Lager from Zero Gravity. A pilsner with influences from all over, this beer is your classic lager in that its hops and malt blend together in a crisp, refreshing way. The beer got its own photoshoot on Zero Gravity's website, and it's pictured in a variety of outdoorsy locations glistening in the sun and bathing in rivers. In other words, it's refreshing as hell and you'll look super cool drinking it. Vermont! Who knew?

Photo courtesy of Instagram. 

Virginia | Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Craft Beer, Virginia, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery


Named after an Australian sheep station and perfected by two childhood friends, this brewery has a sweet origin that could probably be the plot of an indie film. The emphasis here is on story, because that's big for the owners of this joint. Each of their beers has a story behind it, especially The Great Return, one of the canned beers this place cranks out. It's a west-coast style IPA that pays tribute to the conservationists seeking to restore the historic James River in Virginia. A portion of profit earned from this beer goes to preserving the water and wildlife in the river. Every gulp of the fruity, hoppy ale helps a little fish in need, because the best stories have a happy ending.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Washington | Fremont Brewing

Craft beer, Washington, Fremont Brewing


Family owned and established in 2009, Fremont is a hub for artists, fishermen, tradespeople, and anyone who loves a good craft beer. Washington is the second-largest hop growing region in the world, so you know the beer is as fresh as it comes. The best beer from Fremont is the Universale Pale Ale, which is a twist on the traditional that blends old- and new-school hops and malts. What truly sets it apart, though, is the fact that almost every ingredient is locally sourced. While some breweries take pride in importing and mixing things into beer from faraway lands, this place simply loves what's available to them in their own neck of the woods.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

West Virginia | Wheeling Brewing Company

Craft beer, West Virginia, Wheeling Brewing Company


This little baby brewery is new to the game and was born in 2014. Despite that, it has quickly become a gem in the historic district of this WV city. They do food, they do wine, but best of all, they brew beer like the award-winning McColloch's Wheat Ale. Named after good ole' American hero Samuel McColloch, this craft beer screams patriotism. His story, called McColloch's leap, can be traced back to Wheeling when he escaped an attack at the Battle of Fort Henry by leaping 300 feet to safety. The beer is golden in color and full of American wheat malts to give it a crisp flavor that Sam himself would have definitely enjoyed.

Photo courtesy of official website. 

Wisconsin | Ale Asylum

Craft beer, Wisconsin, Ale Asylum


For people who are crazy about craft beer, the Ale Asylum provides refuge. This funky brewpub features seven year-round beers like Madtown Nutbrown, a (get this) brown ale with an earthy taste and a creamy finish. Because everyone's a little nutty.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Wyoming | Snake River Brewing

Craft beer, Wyoming, Snake River Brewing


The only thing frostier than the snow in this ski town is the beer. Owner and craft beer entrepreneur Albert Upsher started the business in 1994 when craft breweries were just beginning to emerge. He epitomized on the outdoor, mountain lifestyle of the area, because he knew what we know–beer accompanies the mountains like a glove accompanies a hand. The cold air keeps all the beer nice and cold, including Four Pines Strong Ale, an outdoorsy blend with aromas of pine, citrus, and stone fruit. It's bitter, but subtly so, and features four different hops to round out the taste. Next up, grab one of the 30 Best Post-Workout Beers.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

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