See the Hilarious Banana Prank That's Freaking out Supermarket Shoppers

The banana is coming for you!

If you came home one day and realized that the bananas that you had scooped up at the supermarket bore the words "I know what you did" written in an eerie scrawl, what would you do? You'd probably freak out, right? Maybe you would feel like you were in a remake of I Know What You Did Last Summer, one in which the serial killer communicates via healthy fruit. Or maybe you'd think that British TV presenter was right and bananas are sentient and have clairvoyant powers. Or maybe, *plot twist*, the banana was the killer all along.

If so, you would be the victim of a hilarious new prank started by Twitter user Kevin Biegel. This week he posted photos on Twitter of some of his work, along with the caption, "Favorite new thing: Scratching haunting things into bananas at the market so when people take them home hours later and the words appear they think a ghost knows their secrets."

And others said they are going to start doing this asap and asked for suggestions of things to write. Some top contenders included, "Peel me and die," and "PLEASE DON'T SKIN ME ALIVE."

Others are going with a political message like "Vote better next time."

Though some kind-hearted people are going to use their powers for good, and plan to write things like, "You are beautiful" or "Have a great day."

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