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Astrologer Says Your Relationship Will Go Though "Ultimate Test" Now to Nov. 8—Here's Why

Venus is transiting through Virgo, so you'll need to work extra hard at your relationships.

Most people with a passing interest in astrology pay attention to their zodiac sign and its inherent traits. But there's much more to this practice, including where planets are in their orbit and how that relates to the zodiac calendar. One such planetary "transit" is currently underway through Nov. 8, and according to astrology pro Evan Nathaniel Grim, it's shaking up relationships and putting them through the "ultimate test." Keep reading to find out exactly what this means, and how you can solidify your bond with your significant other, friends, and family during this tumultuous time.

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Why planetary transit is important.

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Each zodiac sign is ruled by a planet. For example, Cancer is overseen by the Moon, which makes them sensitive and emotional. Aries, on the other hand, is ruled by fiery and energetic Mars, so it makes sense that this sign is competitive and has a bit of a temper.

The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut, explain on their website that each planet orbits around the sun at a different speed.

"The transiting planets can move quickly or slowly through the zodiac signs. Each has its own 'energy' when it is transiting depending on where it is in the zodiac," they note. "Their journeys through the zodiac affect your day-to-day feelings."

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What the planets are doing until Nov. 8.

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In this specific case, Grim shares in a TikTok video (where he goes by @innerworldsastrology) that Venus entered Virgo on October 8th.

Fellow astrologer Chelsey Bernardelli (@ohchelyeah) explains that Venus is a planet that attracts things and brings things together. She goes on to say that this doesn't mean it's without conflict, but it works to restore balance to the signs that it's transiting through.

And since it's moving through Virgo—"the workhorse of the zodiac" that's all about "routines, regimens, perfection," Bernardelli notes—there's a heightened sense of "trying to create order out of chaos."

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Why that impacts your relationships.

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According to Grim, during this transit, others will expect more of you in relationships.

"Words of affirmation will no longer suffice," he says. "If you want a relationship to thrive, you have to be willing to demonstrate commitment at every turn."

In other words, the person at the other end of the relationship will want to feel closer to you and have concrete evidence that things are moving forward.

Other planetary factors are at play, too.

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Grim points out that this "ultimate test" of your relationships is especially true this month because Venus will oppose Saturn, "the planet of maturity and hard lessons."

He also explains that because "Mars is conjunct the south node and square Pluto right now, many people will realize it's best to walk away."

"Are you stepping up or stepping back?" he concludes.

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