20 Things No Woman Over 40 Should Have In Her Home

The era for cutesy decorations ended a long time ago.

20 Things No Woman Over 40 Should Have In Her Home

As nostalgic as a childhood blanket may be, there comes a time in every woman’s life when she has to put it away in favor for a chic throw. After all, home décor is the ultimate sign of maturity, not to mention a surefire indicator for success. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the stuff no woman should have in her home after the age of 40—to help transform your home into a Marie Kondo-worthy maison. So get purging. And for more inspiration on items to ditch in the new year, check out the 40 Things No Woman Should Ever Wear to Work.

20 things no women over 40 should have in their apartment

Posters with no frame

We’re not going to recommend completely nixing posters altogether, because there are some cool, artsy ones out there that would love great on any wall. However, if you’re hanging a poster, put a frame on it. The look is cleaner and classier.

20 things no women over 40 should have in their apartment

Broken furniture

Of course, accidents happen, and no piece or furniture is invincible. When you’re in your 20s and struggling to get by, a broken dresser might remain in your bedroom a little longer than it should. But once you reach your 40s, this just looks sloppy and careless. Thanks to Ikea, you’ll always have an affordable and stylish option to replace a broken piece. And for more ways to make your home sparkle, check out the 30 Most Stylish Home Upgrades of All Time.

No self-respecting woman in her 40s should still own stuffed animals.

Stuffed animals

This is kind of just creepy after a certain point. If there are no kids around, there’s no need for there to be stuffed animals laying around—especially on your bed.

things no woman over 40 should have in her apartment

A futon

This couch-mattress hybrid is the epitome of post-college furniture. Just buy a couch. If you need a place for someone else to sleep, there market is loaded with plenty of clean, beautiful pull-out couches.

no woman over 40 should have party cups

Take-away cups

These are those free cups that you get at concerts or fairs. There’s no need to keep a stock pile of them. Ideally, you’ll have other cups to use at home or on-the-go—ones that are a little less cheap and messy.

no woman over 40 should have mismatched silverware

Cheap or mismatched silverware

If you’re having guests over, you don’t want to set a table with a bunch of random silverware that doesn’t match, especially silverware that feels breakable. It’s high time to splurge for quality utensils.

no woman over 40 should have a bad rug

Rugs that don’t fit the room

If you’ve decided to keep something in your home, it should make the whole area look better. For instance, have you ever seen a big wooden floor with a rug half its size trying to cover it? It just looks awkward and out of place.

things no woman over 40 should have in her apartment

Red solo cups

These are only appropriate in college dorms on top of a beer pong table. If you have them for a Fourth of July party, we’ll let it slide, of course. But otherwise, these should be relegated to college campuses only.

sheets things no woman over 40 should own

Cheap sheets

You don’t have to own sheets with the absolute highest thread count. But when you make a bed for a guest to sleep on, the sheets shouldn’t feel like paper. Also, you deserve sheets that don’t feel like paper. After all, there’s nothing more important than a good night’s sleep. For more tricks on getting your a good seven hours, master the 11 Doctor-Approved Secrets For Falling Asleep Faster.

no woman should have old take out containers in her apartment

Old take-out containers

When you’re first setting up a home, it can be helpful to save old take-out containers. That said, these aren’t meant to be used over and over again. So opt for some new Tupperware and toss the Chinese food ones. For bonus points—and for an easy way to heat stuff up in an over—pick up some glass Tupperware.

no woman over 40 should have dead flowers in her apartment

Dead flowers

Having flowers in your home is lovely and inviting. Having a vase of flowers that have over stayed their welcome is not. Once the leaves start to brown and crunch, just toss them. Plus, having fresh flowers in your bedroom is part of The Single Best Way to Wake Up Happier Every Day.

no woman over 40 should have old makeup in her apartment

Old makeup you never use

It’s not uncommon for a woman to collect makeup over the years and then forget about it. At a certain point, those messy palettes and worn-out, unused lipstick bullets should be thrown out. It’s not like holding on to clothes; makeup expires.

no woman over 40 should have hanging lights

Twinkle lights

Like a futon, these are pretty great in college and post-graduation. But after a certain age, having Christmas lights hung up all year round seems kind of tacky.

no woman over 40 should have a bean bag chair in her apartment

A bean bag chair

There’s a reason these comfy lumps are mostly seen in day care centers and kindergarten classrooms. It’s because there’s no reason for an adult without kids to have a bean bag chair instead of a regular chair.

no woman should have cartoon decorations on the wall

Any cartoon decorations

Unless it’s for a holiday like Christmas or Halloween, cartoon decorations shouldn’t be anywhere in sight. Maybe it’s a Hello Kitty figurine or a set of Disney princess book ends—whatever it is, an adult’s shelves are no place for décor like this.

no woman over 40 should have empty shelves in her apartment

Empty Shelves

Rule of thumb: Any shelf that is put up should be filled. After all, that’s supposed to be the reason you put it up. The shelf doesn’t have to be stuffed to the brim with the best books, but some nice candles here or a stack of magazines there adds a sprinkle of style to an otherwise barebones adornment.

no woman over 40 should have anantique doll collection in her apartment

Childhood doll collections

Similar to the way that stuffed animals are weird, keeping a bunch of childhood dolls is just kind of creepy. If they’re put away and stored for future grandkids, that’s totally okay. But if they’re sitting out on display for everyone to see… Reconsider.

no woman over 40 should have sorority stuff in her apartment

Sorority memorabilia

Not everyone that walks into your home needs to know what sorority you once belonged to. Once you’re decades removed from college, there’s no need to show off your sorority pride to the extent of hanging posters or other memorabilia up around the home. That’s what sorority houses are for, where you lived in college.

no woman over 40 should have mismatched towels in her apartment

Mismatching towels

This is in the same vein as cheap sheets. Although there are a lot of things that can make a bathroom look sloppy—from strewn-about toiletries to a cruddy shower—few things pull the room together like a matching set of nice, clean towels.

no woman over 40 should have wire hangers in her apartment

Wire hangers

Keeping your clothes on those dry cleaning hangers too long is actually really bad for the garments; the flimsy hangers wreak havoc on your clothing’s shoulders. So during a closet clean out, replace the wire hangers with cloth or wooden ones. They won’t just look better, but your clothes will thank you for it too. And while you’re at it, be sure to purge your closet of the 20 Worst Style Trends of 2017.

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