20 Worst Style Trends of 2017

The year's biggest misfires for both men and women.

20 Worst Style Trends of 2017

It’s no secret that the worlds of both women’s fashion and menswear are in a constant state of flux. Somehow, an item that was just so incredibly chic only a year ago will feel super-dated today; meanwhile, something that was extinct will all of a sudden be cool again. But then, of course, there are the trends that never caught on in the first place. I’m talking about some truly misguided and ugly fashion misfires that didn’t catch fire and never should. Well, here here are those trends for the past calendar year. And for more great year-end coverage, don’t miss the 20 new words introduced in 2017. 

lucite block heels worst trends of 2017

Lucite Anything

Despite fashionistas and street-style stars sporting clear block heels, the Lucite trend always felt incredibly tacky—even more so when paired with patent leather, a commonly seen combo in 2017.

cold shouldered worst trend of 2017

The Male Romper

With jumpsuits, playsuits, and rompers becoming female wardrobe staples, it’s only natural that menswear brands attempted to jump into the onesie category. The RompHim, as it’s so dubbed, was a total dud, leaving men and women alike clueless as to why they even existed in the first place. And for more on what not to put on in the morning, here are the 40 Things No Man Should Ever Wear to Work. 

male romper worst trends of 2017

Cold-Shouldered Tops

For whatever reason, designers decide to take a knife and literally rip blouses, dresses, and the like at their shoulder seams, leaving a relatively random area of the body exposed.

topiary facial hair worst trends of 2017

Facial Topiary Hair

Topiary is the art of shaping bushes—the kind in your yard. Leave the landscaping to the pros and keep your hair (facial, atop your head, or otherwise) free of the botanical vibe. Thankfully this did not catch on.

mules worst trends of 2017


While yes, a mule is another name for a donkey, it’s also a kind of shoe—the kind you slip into with a closed toe and open back. Not only are they actually hard to wear and walk in, but they’re also pretty unflattering, too. And I think we can all agree that they should be included on the list of 40 Things No Woman Should Ever Wear to Work. 

the man bun worst trends of 2017

The Man Bun (Still)

While 2016 was arguably the year the man bun should have disappeared, it didn’t. So here’s to saying goodbye to that look in 2018—for good this time. And guys, if you want to shave a decade off your age instantly, here’s the one haircut you need. 

over ripped denim women

Really, Really Ripped Denim

While a cute little cut here or there works on skinny jeans, cutting large holes through straight legs and boot cuts was never a good look. If you can’t tell if they’e pants or chaps, you’re doing something terribly wrong.

too thin ties worst trends of 2017

Too-Skinny Ties

Tie sizes always fluctuates like the tides. But just as it should never be 1970s-style huuuuuge, it should never be this skinny. You’re getting into bolo territory.

worst trends of 2017 off the shoulder

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

While the off-the-shoulder trend was welcomed in 2016, it became full-on overkill in 2017. (See: cold-shoulders above.) Barely flattering on anyone, these hard-to-wear tops require a strapless bra—already a pain—and can often bare a little too much skin—especially in a photograph.

worst trends of 2017 oversized anything

Oversized Everything

The menswear world is trying desperately to make clothes baggier and, so far, the consumer has resisted. Hooray! Remember: clothes that actually fit never go out of style.

worst trend of 2017 monochromatic makeup

Monochromatic Red Makeup

Monochromatic fashion is a beautiful thing: It slims and lengthens the figure while looking impeccably tailored, even if you’re feeling less than. But when monochromatic makeup made the scene, it led to legions of women not only wearing a red lip, but brightening up their faces and swiping their lids with red pigment, too. The result was a literal hot mess—one I’m not sorry to see go.

ugly sneakers for men worst trends of 2017

Ugly Sneakers

Being a sneakerhead is totally cool, but buying ugly sneakers just because they’re ugly is, well, not smart. Stick to classic white kicks or Jordans if you’re going to make an investment in the sneaker department.

canadian tuxedo trend for women

Denim on Denim for Women

Also known as the Canadian tuxedo (for reasons totally unknown to me), chambray shirts were seen all year paired with a pair of differently (usually darker) denim. It felt a bit Britney-and-Justin-a-la-the-MTV-Video-Music-Awards nearly two decades ago, and probably should have stayed there, too.

cobain style sunglasses worst trend 2017

Plastic Sunglasses for Men

Remember Kurt Cobain’s cool sunglasses from the early 90s? They were cool then, but they feel anything but fresh now. Sleek aviators are a far better and way more timeless shade option.

leggings with sheer cutouts worst trends of 2017

Leggings With Sheer Inserts

On models, these kind of leggings look amazing. Enough to make me want to buy a pair. But when you’re not a model, it just serves as fabric that’s way more delicate, far from the activewear anyone who’s actually active is interested in.

pre-ripped shirts worst trends of 2017

Men’s Pre-Ripped T-Shirts

Concert t-shirts are almost a pre-requisite: Of course you’re gonna wanna buy the merch from the band you just spent the past few hours listening to. But brands started making their own band tees—and then consequently slash them up for an “old, oh-I-just-found-this-thing” vibe—and marking them up for a very high price.

furry slides worst trend of 2017

Furry Slides

Fur coats are timeless for winter. Slide sandals are a summer staple. The two together, though? A total disaster.

denim on denim for men worst trend of 2017

Denim on Denim for Men

This is the aforementioned Justin Timberlake look. If it doesn’t work for women, it’s definitely not working for men.

squiggly eyebrows worst trend of 2017

Ridiculously Shaped Eyebrows

For whatever reason, Instagram decided to be the platform for which women played with the shape of their eyebrows. Forget bushy or skinny: Squiggles, shapes, and slits were spotted all over social this year.

super long beard worst trend 2017

Super-Long Beards

A little scruff is a good thing, and beards are great—especially with all the new beard oils available. But that’s no excuse for something that’s long enough to braid. In fact, that just feels downright unhygienic.

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