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The 6 Best New Releases That Are Now Streaming

These recent box office hits are now available in the comfort of your own home.

Finished watching all the good movies on streaming? No you didn't, because more new films are being added to your streaming services every week—including recent theatrical releases. There was a time when you used to have to wait months and months to catch a flick on cable, but these days, many big screen films arrive on streaming less than a month from opening weekend—even if the simultaneous releases that became a feature of movie-watching during the pandemic are no longer a thing.

Read on for six fresh-from-the big screen movies you can stream now.

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Mean Girls: The Musical

Avantika, Renee Rapp, and Bebe Wood in Mean Girls
Paramount Pictures

This tuneful update of the fetch 2004 teen comedy Mean Girls, based on the Broadway musical version that debuted in 2018, has a (mostly) new cast—grown-up actors Tim Meadows and Tina Fey (who also wrote the script) return—but the same snarky spirit. This stage-to-screen adaptation was originally intended to go straight to streaming, but the studio made the smart choice to open it in theaters, where it became a surprise hit.

Where to stream: Paramount+

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Bryce Dallas Howard in Argylle
Universal Pictures

From director Matthew Vaughn (The Kingsman) and starring Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Rockwell, Argylle is a stylish, madcap thriller about the author of a successful series of spy thrillers, Elly Conway (Howard), who is drawn into international intrigue when a criminal organization determines that her novels are predicting their future plans. Rockwell plays a real spy who tries to keep Conway from suffering real consequences from her fiction writing.

Where to stream: Apple TV+

Lisa Frankenstein

Cole Sprouse and Kathryn Newton in Lisa Frankenstein
Universal Pictures

Zelda Williams (daughter of the late Robin) makes her directorial debut with this horror comedy written and produced by Diablo Cody (Juno). Set in 1989 and filmed with a candy colored aesthetic that would be right at home on a vintage Trapper Keeper, Lisa Frankenstein stars Kathryn Newton as a misunderstood high schooler who falls for an undead creature played by Cole Sprouse.

Where to stream: Peacock

Bob Marley: One Love

Lashana Lynch and Kingsley Ben-Adir in Bob Marley: One Love
Paramount Pictures

Marvel's Secret Invasion star Kingsley Ben-Adir plays the legendary Jamaican reggae singer in this biopic charting his all-too-brief career, from his rise to iconic celebrity status in the '70s to his death from a rare form of skin cancer in 1981, at just 36 years old. Bob Marley: One Love's writer and director Reinaldo Marcus Green also wrote King Richard, the 2021 sports drama that earned Will Smith an Oscar.

Where to stream: Paramount+

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Drive-Away Dolls

Margaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan in Drive-Away Dolls
Focus Features

For the first movie Ethan Coen has made without his brother Joel, the writer/director found another filmmaking partner close to home: He co-wrote this queer crime caper with his wife, Tricia Cooke. The plot of Drive-Away Dolls follows two young women who get roped into criminal dealings when they are given the wrong rental car—the one filled with illicit cargo.

Where to stream: Peacock


Still from Migration
Universal Pictures

The newest animated hit from the studio behind Minions and The Super Mario Bros. Movie follows a family of ducks as they fly themselves on a vacation from New England to New York City and somehow make a detour through Jamaica. It's kids' stuff, but parents can amuse themselves with the knowledge that the script was written by Mike White, creator of HBO's The White Lotus.

Where to stream: Peacock (April 19)

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