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"9-1-1" Fans Think "Family Feud" Accidentally Spoiled the Show

Fans are speculating that Ryan Guzman’s presence is indicative of a major spoiler this season.

Leave it to Celebrity Family Feud to bring together our favorite celebrities to compete in an epic pop quiz battle. The game show has pitted the Kardashians, Real Housewives, and Bachelor contestants against one another, and now, the cast of 9-1-1 will be squaring off against the stars of Jury Duty. The showdown has viewers buzzed—however, many 9-1-1 fans are speculating that Ryan Guzman's presence is indicative of a major spoiler this season.

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In a teaser posted to X on April 6, a 9-1-1 fan account revealed that cast members Oliver Stark, Aisha Hinds, Bryan Safi, Tracie Thoms, and Guzman will be participating in a future edition of Celebrity Family Feud. The announcement was met with cheers and excitement but also propelled many to theorize the real reason behind Guzman's spot on the team.

Die-hard fans of the show, which airs on ABC (before this season, it was on Fox), quickly pointed out that Guzman is the only one of his teammates who doesn't portray an LGBTQ character on 9-1-1. Hinds and Thoms' characters have been in a lesbian relationship since the show's pilot episode in 2018, while Safi portrays a gay 9-1-1 operator named Josh. And Stark's character, Buck, notably came out as bisexual when he kissed and agreed to go on a date with a man in episode 4 of Season 7. That just leaves Guzman's character, Eddie Diaz, who has only ever been seen with women on the show.

Fans are now questioning whether there's hope for Buck and Eddie's friendship to turn into something more. "Notice how all of them are playing queer characters in the show (yes Eddie is next)," one person pointed out on X, while another added: "HMMMMMMMM I WONDER IF THERES A COMMON THEME HERE *COUGH COUGH EDDIE* HMMMMMMM."

"My favorite thing about the 9-1-1 cast doing celebrity family feud is that every one of these people plays a canonically queer character (except ryan, but…it's just a matter of time lmao)," one fan of the show wrote on X. Another user said, "I will NOT rest until eddie diaz is gay! my man deserves to finally get to be a boykisser."

The speculations have carried over to Reddit as well, including one thread in which a fan said "that lineup is a choice," while another teased, "pattern recognition test." Someone else replied: "Like I mean c'mon, they knew what this would make us think. The fact it's all the actors who play queer characters and… Ryan."

"Celebrity Family Feud plausibly confirming canon queer Eddie was not on my bingo card," said another.

As for when their episode of Celebrity Family Feud will air, fans say a time slot during Pride Month in June would speak volumes, too. "YALL I think the episode doesn't come out til like may or June I think , meaning the season would be done , meaning that Eddie comes out this season , cause why is Ryan there ( other than the fact that he's …. You know ) love it," reads one X post.

Meanwhile, 9-1-1 showrunner Tim Minear admitted that a potential love connection between Buck and Eddie isn't totally off the table. "Buck is exploring something about himself and he's made a new friend," Minear told TV Insider. "I can't really even predict for myself exactly where the story might go in future episodes."

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