President-in-Law Jared Kushner's Rules for Understated Style

The definitive checklist for dressing like a multimillionaire.

Say what you will about his politics, but you've got to hand one thing to Jared Kushner: the dude knows how to dress.

Then again, maybe you haven't noticed, because Kushner, the real estate developer-turned-White House advisor—and husband to Ivanka Trump—isn't exactly one to prance around the West Wing in bright leather jackets, glen plaid suits, billowing scarves, or wildly fashion-forward baggy trousers.

Kushner, like so many ultra-wealthy men, has emerged as a master of the high art of "stealth wealth"—or wearing really high-end clothes that are so understated and discreet that one can't help but wonder if they're actually high-end at all. In style terms, we're talking about classics: perfectly tailored blue blazers, khakis that fit just right, driving loafers, and lots and lots of blue oxford shirts that were definitely not purchased at Uniqlo.

If you're interested in dressing like Kushner—and other ultra-rich men—we've spoken to top menswear experts to collect their style secrets, which we've laid out below. And for more great tips, be sure to check out all of the great Best Life style coverage.

Rule No. 1: Choose Fabrics, Not Colors

If you want to dress rich, it's not about colors or prints. "It's all about the fabrics you choose," says Kevin Harter, Bloomingdale's VP of Fashion Direction for Men's and Home. Whether you're going for a suit jacket in a luxe fabric like vicuña—which will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $13,000—or wearing a simple wool sweater, top-quality fabric is what will give off that super-wealthy vibe.

"We're talking rich textures like cashmere, which are generally worth the investment," says Harter.

The most essential piece you should have in your closet, says Harter, is "a relaxed but well-tailored navy jacket that can be worn with everything from dress slacks to a pair of denim jeans is a must-have." (Yes, you can wear jeans and still look like you're rolling in dough, but make sure that whatever you pair them with feels refined.)

Finally, never wear bright colors or crazy prints. You should be dressing in swaths of grey, beige, white, navy, and black tones. It might sound boring, but apparently rich guys just don't care for color. If you want to spice it up, add a pocket square, but even then, keep it subdued. And for our collection of the best navy jackets, here's the Best New Blue Blazers for Men.

Rule No. 2: Splurge on the Right Accessories

"Today men need a wardrobe of shoes for their dress and casual lifestyles," says Russ Patrick, SVP, GMM of The Man's Store at Neiman Marcus. That means having both high-quality shoes that work with a suit and a pair of cool but basic (read: not too trendy) sneakers. "Needless to say, the shoes should always be freshly polished," Patrick adds.

Your watch is the ultimate sign of status, says Patrick. There are tons of classic, heritage brands to choose from like Rolex, Cartier, and F.P. Journe, but no matter how expensive your watch is, it should not be flashy. That means diamonds are a serious no-no, and a simple leather band can make a bigger impact than a chunky metal one. Here are 8 Handmade Watches That Double As a Work of Art.

Rule No. 3: Focus on the Fit

Read our lips: your clothes must fit—period.

Why? Well, the reality is that every rich dude has a tailor. If you want to dress like one, you need to be sure that your shoulders, wrist cuffs, and pant cuffs are always just right.

"Every guy needs a good tailor and should ask for honest feedback," says Harter.

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