The 15 Best Deals from Walmart's Pre-Black Friday Sale

Skip the Black Friday madness and score amazing deals at Walmart today.

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There's no questioning it: Besides Cyber Monday, there's no better day of the year to score sweet deals than Black Friday. But if rushing away from the dinner table to brave the hordes of holiday shoppers doesn't sound like your idea of post-feast fun, you're in luck: Walmart is kicking things off a day early on their website, with incredible sale prices for online shoppers starting at 10 pm EST on Wednesday, November 27th. We've found the 15 best deals from Walmart's pre-Black Friday sale that you can take advantage of before you even sit down to carve the turkey. And while you're in the shopping spirit, check out the 20 Best Gifts to Give From Walmart.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

These wireless on-ear headphones

black over ear headphones on white background

Sometimes, the best way to unwind is to block out the hustle and bustle of the world around you. Not only do these on-ear headphones provide great ambient noise muffling, but they also hold over 30 hours of charge and have superior sound quality. It's the perfect gift for anyone who's constantly on the go! And for more affordable presents for everyone on your list, check out the 50 Best Gifts $50 and Under.

$30$15 at Walmart
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This long zoom digital camera

red kodak camera

Sure, your phone's camera may be great for snapping quick shots. But what about those vacation pictures or family photos where you really want the image to pop? This Kodak long-zoom digital camera produces crystal-clear 16-megapixel images—which is four more than the latest iPhone.

$149$99 at Walmart
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This Apple smart watch

black apple watch

Looking to take control of your fitness routine? This GPS-enabled Series 3 Apple Watch not only counts your steps, but can also monitor your heart rate, help map your run, and control your workout playlists right from your wrist—all while staying on top of your text messages and phone calls. And if you're looking for more versatile gifts, check out the 20 Best Holiday Gifts From Amazon at Any Price Point.

$179$129 at Walmart
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This hoverboard

black hoverboard with blue underlighting

Whether you're looking for a gift for a college student who always needs to get across campus in a flash or simply a toy that will help get the kids outdoors for a bit, this hoverboard is a great option. It's also splash-resistant, has maximum speeds up to 7 mph, a single-charge travel distance of 6 miles, and light-up LED wheels that make it easier to spot on the road.

$148$89 at Walmart
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This multi-purpose air fryer

black air fryer on white background

When is an air fryer not just an air fryer? When it can also reheat, bake, and roast! This new release from Instant Pot can get that deep-fried flavor with little to no oil for healthier and tastier versions of your favorite dishes—all while taking up less counter space than a toaster oven.

$99$50 at Walmart
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This streaming media player

roku in box

Still have that one friend or family member who's looking for a way to cut their cable subscription? This Roku Ultra provides everything a TV viewer could need, including access to popular streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu, all easily voice-controlled right through your smartphone. The best part? It all streams in crystal-clear HD, 4K, or HDR quality. And if you're looking for more great gadget gifts, check out the 20 Best Holiday Gifts From Best Buy at Any Price Point.

$99$48 at Walmart
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This illuminated Bluetooth speaker

black speakers on white background

Any get together that's worth having should always have good music on hand—but unless you're near an outlet, you're going to need a portable, durable, and water-resistant sound system to make sure the party doesn't stop. This powerful speaker not only provides superior sound quality, deep bass, and long battery life, but it also boasts a beat-driven light show that pulses and flashes along with your favorite songs.

$149$100 at Walmart
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This Keurig coffee maker

black keurig one cup coffee maker

Ironically, brewing a cup of coffee first thing in the morning usually requires the alertness and mental clarity that only a cup of coffee can bring. This machine simplifies the process and wait time for that much-needed caffeine down to nothing, and will save you from brewing a large pot that may never get finished.

$59$40 at Walmart
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This large 4K Smart TV

large smart tv

Walmart is famous for its incredible Black Friday electronics deals, and this year's sale is no different. This 50" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV provides vivid colors, sharp images, and stunning clarity, but it also comes preloaded with Roku, meaning you'll be ready to start binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu right out of the box. It's the perfect two-in-one combo! And for more of the best items to pick up on the busiest shopping day of the year, check out these 22 Things You Should Always Buy on Black Friday, According to Experts.

$249$148 at Walmart
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This blender system

ninja blender and smoothie next to it

Looking to start eating healthier in the New Year but worried your kitchen doesn't possibly have room for another appliance? This brilliant system combines a traditional blender and a food processor, giving you everything you'll need to make to-go breakfast smoothies, healthy sauces, purees, homemade nut butters, and more with just one device.

$169$99 at Walmart
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This WiFi-enabled robot vacuum

shark robot vacuum

Keeping your home spick and span is almost always more than a one-person job, so why not unload one of those tasks? This powerful robot vacuum will easily pick up dust, dirt, and pet hair from all surfaces while you kick back and relax. It can even be controlled with a smartphone-based app or basic Alexa commands through your existing smart home devices.

$229$149 at Walmart
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This kid-friendly electric scooter

black scooter

Getting around the neighborhood by bike is great, but cruising down the street on your very own electric scooter is every kid's dream. This model offers easy-stop safety features and a long-lasting battery, making it a great gift for the younger ones on your list.

$89$59 at Walmart
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These classic board games

operation board game

Even with the advent of phones, tablets, expensive game consoles, and futuristic virtual reality headsets, nothing will ever beat a well-stocked closet of classic games like Operation, Simon, or Clue. These classic titles are all deeply discounted during Walmart's Pre-Black Friday sale, making them a fantastic and affordable gift for the young ones in the family—or nostalgic friends who like to entertain.

$20$10 at Walmart
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This wireless instant photo printer

black printer printing photo of white dog

Even if you're a pro at posting to your Instagram feed, there should still be an easier way to share photos with those in your life who are still firmly into analog pictures. This photo printer connects wirelessly to your smartphone, making it easy to fill all of those frames around the house with high-quality snapshots.

$74$49 at Walmart
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This smart clock

gray smart clock

While people have spent many a morning screaming at their alarm clocks ever since they were first invented, it wasn't until very recently that they could actually respond. Luckily, this Lenovo device uses Google Assistant to do things like control your smart home devices, check the weather and news, play music, read your daily schedule aloud, and of course, get you woken up on time in the morning. Of course, actually getting out of bed on time is still on you.

$79$39 at Walmart
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