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Aldi Shoppers Are Raving About an Underrated Aisle: "Best Products at Lowest Prices"

You won't find groceries here, but you will find great deals.

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Aldi has become one of American shoppers' favorite places to get their groceries. The German-based chain often boasts more bargain prices than other retailers, and it has been expanding rapidly across the country, with over 2,370 locations nationwide (and hundreds more in the works). But whether you're a long-time Aldi fan or new to the store, are you aware of what many shoppers say is its most underrated aisle?

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Avid Aldi shopper Caitlyn Pratt recently told CNN that she crosses state lines multiple times every month to drive 45 minutes from her home in Heavener, Oklahoma, to the grocer's nearest location in Arkansas.

During these monthly Aldi trips, there is one place in the store Pratt never skips: the "aisle of shame."

As CNN explains, this cheekily named aisle can be found in every Aldi store, and it features products that aren't necessarily grocery-related. The company refers to it as Aldi Finds, which are "limited-time, speciality items" they sell on a rotating basis each week.

But devoted Aldi shoppers like Pratt have jokingly given it the unofficial name of the "aisle of shame" because of the "shame" associated with an aisle "where people impulse buy" things they don't need, according to a Reddit thread.

"I'd say it's grocery shame," one Reddit user explained. "We go there to get groceries and when we leave with yoga pants, candles, a shovel, and a cat perch, you feel a bit of shame."

Pratt's own purchases from this aisle have included outdoor rugs, patio sets, planters, lanterns, candles, cookware, pillows, pet beds, and pet clothing. "When my friends come to my house they don't even ask me anymore where I've got some new things. They know it's Aldi," she told CNN.

This miscellaneous aisle in the middle of every Aldi store is refreshed with new items weekly, usually on Wednesday.

"Fans love our Aldi Finds aisle because it takes the average grocery trip from errand to adventure," the company said in a statement to CNN.

But while it might seem like a random assortment of things, Aldi explained that a team of experts and buyers identify rising product trends to "source the best products at the lowest possible prices" for this aisle.

"It often takes Aldi nine months or less, bringing in relevant items faster than competitors," the company said.

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This underrated section has garnered a cult following of shoppers who update each other on their finds in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Community Facebook group, which has over 2.7 million members.

Britney Henderson, an avid Aldi shopper who lives just north of Atlanta, told CNN that she is a member of the Facebook group, and keeps herself updated on recent posts.

"If something pops up on there and I think, oh my gosh, I've got to have it, I try to get to the store as soon as I can," she said. "If you don't, it is gone."

Aldi even warns shoppers about this on its on website.

"Aldi Finds are only available for a limited time and while supplies last," the company explains. "Sometimes the deals are so exciting that popular products sell out fast."

Aldi says that these items aren't able to be put on hold, and it doesn't offer rain checks when specials run out either. Depending on the product and the store, you could be barred from buying more than one Aldi Find item, too.

"It is not Aldi policy to limit purchases to one per customer, but in the event of unexpectedly high demands, each store does reserve the right to limit quantities," the company cautions.

One of the latest Aisle of Shame finds making waves online is a strawberry-print wine dispenser tote that is being sold for just $12. But some shoppers have said that this specific product is already gone from their stores.

"I wanted this strawberry one!! My store only had the 'save water drink wine' print," one person replied in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook group.

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