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The 5 Best Household Items to Buy at Aldi, Experts Say

The discount grocer can be a fantastic resource for some of these everyday products.

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For most consumers, Aldi is a go-to store for getting through your grocery list without breaking the bank. The discount grocer's in-house brands and specialty items can make it easy to stick to your budget while still getting the things you need most. But the offerings don't just end with products for your pantry and refrigerator—they also include some amazing everyday essentials, from home decor to organizers. Read on for the best household items to buy at Aldi, according to retail experts.

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Candles offer an easy way to brighten up your home while adding some of your favorite scents. And while Aldi might not be the first place that comes to mind when you need to restock on your favorites, experts say the store is a surprisingly good resource.

"Aldi's store brand Huntington Home offers candles in seasonal scents throughout the year, so if you or someone you know always has one lit—or even has on a candle warmer—you can't go wrong with these for everyday burning," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with "They're soy blends, and you can typically find a few different options to choose from whether you prefer something sweeter, more floral, or even a natural kind of outdoorsy vibe."

She adds that the store shifts from brighter aromas like vanilla, tropical escape, and gardenia in the warmer months to more seasonal scents in the fall and winter. But there are also specialty drops that can appear out of nowhere.

"Under their limited-run Aldi Finds banner recently, they also had apple blossom and jasmine, bourbon and wild mint, pink peppercorn and sea salt, and yuzu and ginger," she tells Best Life. "The price will vary by location, but for me, these are priced around $5, so it's pretty affordable to stock up on your favorites."

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Laundry Baskets

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Washing machines and dryers may be doing most of the heavy lifting on laundry days, but you'll still need help actually lifting clothes to and from your appliances. And according to experts, you can count on Aldi for an excellent deal on the extra necessary hardware.

"If you're in the market for a new laundry basket, Aldi is currently selling a four-handled version in your choice of teal blue or light gray for just $6.99 each," says Samantha Landau, consumer expert at TopCashback. "A similar laundry basket with four handles goes for about $20 each at The Container Store, making Aldi's option a great choice to save money without compromising on style or function."

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Finding the right rug can be a time-consuming and expensive ordeal, but you might be able to get what you're after simply stopping by the discount grocer.

"This is another super affordable item that Aldi will sometimes have—but not always," says Ramhold. "It may be more likely to show up on shelves around late summer or during fall and winter when people are feeling particularly cozy, so keep an eye out."

However, if you do get lucky enough to find them, she says it can be hard to beat the prices: In some cases, you can pick up area rugs as large as 6×9 feet for just around $50.

"Patterns will be limited, so if you have a specific vision, you might not be able to find one you like," she points out. "But if you're just looking for a rug to keep your bare feet off the cold floors, you may be surprised at your affordable options."

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Organizing Containers

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Keeping your house nice and tidy is a neverending chore, no matter how much time you have in the day. But you can make the task a little easier by picking up the right household items that help keep everything in its place.

"Aldi tends to have super affordable storage containers, whether it's a silverware organizer for $6.99, clear bottle storage or drawers for $9.99 each, or massive collapsible fabric cubes for less than $10," says Ramhold.

But while these usually seem like they have very specific purposes, that doesn't mean they can only be used as they were designed.

"For example, that silverware tray can be used to sort other items, like crafting supplies, and those storage drawers can be used to organize your extensive tea collection," she says. "For the price, it's definitely worth checking out to see if there's an affordable solution to fit your needs rather than experiencing sticker shock by shopping at retailers like The Container Store."

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Serving Items

London,UK/June 16,2020:Customers walking on the parking area of Aldi supermarket. Aldi is the common brand of two German based global family-owned discount supermarket chains.

It's only logical that a store that stocks food items would also sell the plates and utensils you need to serve them. And according to Ramhold, you can find great options at Aldi—depending on the calendar.

"This is another category that will change based on the seasons," she explains. "Sometimes you'll be able to find neutral products that can be used year-round, while during fall or winter, you may find products geared towards specific holidays."

Ramhold says that items like a simple acacia wood serving tray are available for $12.99 during the summer. But the serving options can change as Halloween and the holiday season approaches, shifting toward products like themed platters, dinnerware, utensils, and mugs.

"It's still definitely worth keeping an eye out for these items because you can stock up on festive finds for much less than you would elsewhere," she adds.

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