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7 Best Grocery Items to Buy at Target, Retail Experts Say

Consider tossing these items into your cart during your next shopping run.

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A quick run to Target can be an easy way to get most of the items on your weekly shopping list in one stop at a reasonable price. But besides getting bargains on everything from household essentials to cosmetics, the retailer's grocery section is also an excellent resource for keeping your pantry and refrigerator stocked with the items you need. We reached out to experts so they could weigh in on which products offer the best value and are worth picking up. Read on for the best grocery items to buy at Target.

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The 7 Best Grocery Items at Target

1. Frozen Treats

young woman in black turtleneck opening supermarket freezer

There's nothing like beating the heat with a cold treat on a hot day. And if you happen to be a Target shopper, experts say you might want to consider stocking up on your frozen desserts on your next shopping run.

"Target has its own line of sweet goodies under their Favorite Day brand, which includes things like ice cream sandwiches, fudge, and ice cream bars—and of course, tubs of ice cream in a variety of flavors, among other items that are perfect for summer," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with "Not only are these products well-rated in most cases, but the prices and taste often beat the name-brand alternatives and are great examples of why generics should be on your shopping list."

Not into chocolate? She adds that the in-house brand also covers tropical frozen pops, orange and cream bars, orange sherbet pops, and more if you prefer fruity treats.

2. Salad Kits

putting dressing on salad
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Salads can be a great way to get in a quick, healthy meal with relatively little effort. Fortunately, the one item that makes the process even easier also happens to be available at Target.

"Target's Good & Gather brand has great grocery deals, including pre-made salad kits," Samantha Landau, consumer expert at TopCashback, tells Best Life. "Priced at just under $4 each, these kits come in a variety of flavors, and they're an easy way to incorporate fresh ingredients into your diet. All you have to do is toss the pre-prepped ingredients in a bowl and enjoy!"

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3. Dorm-Friendly Groceries

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Whether you've ever experienced living on campus or not, it's a universal truth that dorm rooms are ill-equipped to handle much in the way of cooking. When you're limited to a mini fridge and a microwave, it's best to keep things simple and non-perishable when possible.

"Thankfully, Target has a good selection of things like microwavable boxed dinners at prices that won't break the bank," says Ramhold. "Think things like Easy Mac, but also Annie's pastas, packages of instant mashed potatoes, and Target's own Good & Gather line even has things like dry rice mixes in flavors like Cilantro and Lime."

It can also be helpful for quenching your thirst. "The store tends to have pretty great prices on things like bottled water and even sparkling water that's cheaper and in different flavors than what you'll find in the standard LaCroix lineup," she points out.

4. Cereal

Man eating cereal

Target shoppers can also get a great deal on a quick-and-easy breakfast staple.

"Target often has buy-one-get-one (BOGO) sales on cereal—almost weekly, in fact," says Michele Paiva, retail expert and founder of The Finance Therapist. "And they don't appear to inflate prices, so I guess these sales are also loss leaders to help bring people into the store, which is a win-win."

She adds that it's not uncommon to see family-sized packages of name-brand cereals as featured deals. "In this economy, that's gold, and I see this at least once a month."

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5. Beef Patties

A Target storefront
Shutterstock / Martin Good

Grilling outdoors is a summer mainstay—and it's especially easy to get the most out of the season when you can find a great deal on items ready to toss over the coals.

"Target's Good & Gather brand sells a 12-pack of frozen hamburger patties for $14.89, or $1.24 each," Landau tells Best Life. "Compared to Bubba Burgers, which are currently $15.49 for a six-count—or about $2.58 each—Target's Good & Gather patties are a great way to feed many people at a reasonable cost."

6. Snacks


No matter what kind of food you like, having too many snacks in your pantry is impossible. And according to Ramhold, Target's Good & Gather line provides plenty of items for grazing at a great price with flavors you might not be able to find elsewhere.

"For instance, things like hot honey cashews or glazed doughnut almonds, but also things like chips in more familiar flavors like nacho cheese or kettle-cooked barbecue flavors," she says. "There's even sweet potato kettle-cooked chips under this line if you're looking for something a little different, plus classics like pita chips, pork rinds, and veggie or cheese puffs."

She does point out that while prices are less than name-brand in many cases, it's important to note that some items may be in smaller packages compared to name brands, which may come in a variety of sizes.

"However, the Good & Gather brand is often organic or has less 'junk' in it than some of the alternatives, so if you're looking for an indulgence, this is usually a pretty good way to go without feeling awful afterward," she says.

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7. Fruit

Target retail store in Lodi, California, USA - June 11st 2018: grocery department

Due to pricing and shelflife, fresh foods can be tricky on a budget, but experts still say the big box bullseye is often a great place to shop for them.

"Target almost always has a fruit choice that often is $7 and up elsewhere, at below $3—for instance, a pack of blueberries by a well-known grower and distributor," says Paiva. "What's even better is that you could purchase two of them and freeze one quickly, enjoying one pack now and one later for less than just one at a traditional grocer."

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