This Heartwarming Tweet Shows Why Spending Time With Grandparents Matters

This Twitter user's grandpa couldn't be happier to go fishing.

Sometimes, the easiest people in the world to take for granted are the ones who are closest to us. Take grandparents, for example. One simple phone call from their grandchildren is enough to make any grandparents' day. And a visit? Well, that'll make their heart grow 10 sizes. Perhaps that's why a tweet from Twitter user @Kaayla08 is touching so many hearts.

Last Friday, she called her grandfather and asked him if he wanted to go fishing. Just 15 minutes later, she showed up at his house and found him sitting on the front porch, all ready to go, eagerly putting the finishing touches on his fishing rod.

The tweet quickly went viral, gaining more than 12,000 retweets in just a few days. Many Twitter users commented that while it might not seem like much, this one little gesture likely meant the world to her grandfather.

And the story inspired others to share emotional stories about some of the times they spent with their grandparents and how much they meant to them.

Because, when they're gone, suddenly that day that you went fishing becomes a memory that you cherish forever.

Which is why it's important to appreciate moments with grandparents, not just in hindsight but while they're actually happening.

You can never have enough grandparent-grandchild bonding moments. You'll always wish there were more.

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