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If You Bought This From Target, Stop Using It Immediately

This product is being recalled over significant safety issues.

If you frequented any of your favorite stores this year, you've likely noticed items missing from shelves from time to time. While some of that can be attributed to supply chain shortages, major retailers in the U.S. have also had to pull products from shelves. In May, Target had to recall more than 58,000 shower stools after 12 customers reported injuries. And more recently, the retailer pulled nine different packaged cupcakes due to a recall from the manufacturer Tastykake. Now, Target is the center of another recall, with one product being taken off shelves due to a major safety issue. Read on to find out what Target is asking shoppers to stop using immediately.

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Target is recalling one of its holiday decorations.

target mailboxes that were just recalled

On Dec. 10, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released an announcement, notifying consumers that Target had issued a recall on one of its holiday decorations. According to the notice, the retailer has recalled about 174,300 Bullseye's Playground metal mailboxes. The mailboxes were sold by Target both in stores and online from Oct. to Nov. 2021 for the Christmas season, with the words "Letters to Santa" written on the outside of the box.

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Several people have been injured by the mailboxes.

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According to the CPSC, Target recalled these mailboxes because of a major safety issue concerning the product's design and manufacturing. "The mail slot on the mailbox can be sharp, posing a laceration hazard," the announcement stated.

Several people had already been injured before the recall was issued. Nine people have sent reports to Target indicating that their mailboxes contained sharp mail slot openings, while seven people suffered deep cuts as a result of the production hazard. Three of these lacerations required medical attention, per the CPSC.

Only mailboxes with specific production numbers have been recalled.

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The Bullseye Playground metal mailboxes were sold in both red and white colors, measuring around 7 inches in length, 3 inches in width, and 10 inches in height. But only certain mailboxes were recalled. The affected products either had a 234-17-8556 item number or a 234-20-9275 item number. The former number was for mailboxes sold separately for $5, while the latter would be attached to those that were sold in a two-count package for $10.

"The product item number is printed on the white sticker located on the bottom of the mailbox sold in stores and on the inner packaging of the two-count mailboxes sold online," the CPSC stated in its notice.

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Target is asking shoppers with affected mailboxes to stop using them immediately.

Target store's Christmas holiday department shows a tree decorated with ornaments for sale and cardboard displays hang from the celing

As a result of the recall and the number of injuries reported, Target is asking that shoppers stop using their mailboxes immediately if they were a part of the affected group. According to the CPSC, consumers with recalled mailboxes can return them to any Target store for a full refund, which will be given in the form of a gift card. If you cannot make it to a store for the return, you can also contact the retailer to get a prepaid return label for the mail in order to receive your refund.

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