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If You Bought This From Walmart or Amazon, Stop Using It Immediately

You may have purchased this product at any point over the last three years.

Major U.S. retailers often have to remove products from shelves or take down online listings because of a reported issue. In August, Amazon had to take three types of rugs off of its site for failing to meet fire safety standards. Then in November, Walmart had to remove containers of four different powdered beverages from its stores after the manufacturer KraftHeinz found they could possibly contain pieces of metal or glass. Since you might be buying even more from these two retailers ahead of the holidays, it's important to be up-to-date on the latest recalls affecting them both. Read on to find out whether you bought a product from Walmart or Amazon that you need to stop using immediately.

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Mark of Fifth Avenue has recalled some of their children's robes.

Baby girl in grey robe

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) posted an announcement on Dec. 8, notifying consumers about a recall concerning children's robes. According to the notice, Mark of Fifth Avenue had to recall about 10,000 of its robes because they violated federal regulations.

"The children's robes fail to meet the federal flammability standards for children's sleepwear, posing a risk of burn injuries to children," the CPSC said. According to the agency, no injuries from any of the robes have been reported so far.

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The robes were sold in multiple sizes and colors.

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While Marks of Fifth Avenue sells different types of robes, the recall only involves the brand's Star Art in Linen-branded children's 100 percent polyester robes. According to the CPSC notice, the recalled robes were sold in six different children's sizes, from size two all the way to size 12. They were also sold in seven different colors: navy, blue plaid, red plaid, red, royal blue, and gray.

"The long-sleeved robes have two front pockets and two side seam belt loops with a matching belt. 'Made in China' and '100 percent Polyester' are printed on a sewn-in label in the robes seam," the agency noted.

The robes were sold at Walmart and on Amazon.

woman wearing gray dress and holding amazon box

The robes affected by this recall were only sold by Walmart and Amazon, according to the CPSC. You'll want to check your past purchases, as both retailers have been selling these robes for the last three years. The CPSC said that Walmart and Amazon sold the children's robes on their online stores from Aug. 2019 through June of this year. An individual robe would have been priced anywhere between $35 to $45 from either seller.

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If you have a recalled robe, it should no longer be used.

four bathrobes hang next to each other on the bathroom door

The CPSC said that consumers who have a recalled robe should immediately take it away from children and contact Mark of Fifth Avenue for a refund. Since the products were sold online, you don't have to make an in-person return. According to the CPSC, all you need to do is send a detailed email to the company's products safety team.

"Consumers can receive a full refund of the purchase price of the garment by cutting the robes in half, taking a photo of the cut garment, and sending an email … with the photos," the agency said. Mark of Fifth Avenue will also be contacting all known purchasers about the recall, but you should still check your robes even if you're not contacted directly.

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