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This Is What the Little Girl From "The Holiday" Looks Like Now

Actor Miffy Englefield is all grown up and has a baby of her own.

The Holiday is a modern Christmas classic full of memorable moments, but one of the most beloved parts of the movie is when we get to meet Olivia and Sophie, the young daughters of Jude Law's character, Graham. It's been 14 years since the Nancy Meyers film was released in 2006, which means the actors who played Olivia and Sophie in The Holiday are all grown up.

Emma Pritchard, who played Graham's younger daughter, Olivia, doesn't have an online presence, and The Holiday is her only credit on IMDb. So, unfortunately for fans of the movie, we can't catch up with her. As for Miffy Englefield, who played Sophie when she was only 7 years old, she's been much more open. Englefield shares updates about her life on Instagram and has given interviews about her past as a child star. While anyone is going to grow up quite a bit between the ages of 7 and 21, you might be surprised to see what Englefield is up to and what she looks like today. Read on to find out, and to see what another child star of a Christmas movie is up to now, This Is What the Actor Who Played Cindy Lou Who Looks Like Now.

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Englefield stopped acting in 2011.

Olivia and Sophie The Holiday
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After The Holiday, Englefield went on to have roles on the TV series The Whistleblowers and Casualty, but she stopped acting around 2011. In a 2019 interview with Vulture, Englefield explained that it was hard for her single dad to help her with her career, since he had two other young children to take care of. "If you have another two children that need you, you can't be putting all your time into one kid," she said.

Englefield also spoke about her background making it more difficult for her to break into acting. She and her family had been homeless not long before she was cast in The Holiday, and she was acting in commercials as a way to earn money. "Being a very, very loudmouth kid, my dad thought, Well, maybe this would be beneficial for her to start earning her own money. Maybe she could pay for acting classes," she explained.

"We were still getting out of a lot of the issues of homelessness, things like debts and such," Englefield continued. "So yes, it was a very unusual time for us going to the auditions with these very eloquent characters, and then we'd come home to these sorts of things."

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She became a big fan of the punk scene as a teen.

Miffy Englefield Instagram
Miffy Englefield/Instagram

The actor found comfort in the punk scene when she was younger, because she would sometimes be teased for having been in a big movie. "I got into the punk scene about the age of 12, and it's the absolute love of my life, alongside acting," she told Vulture. "The fact that I did a film affected me quite a lot with bullying growing up. If you live in a council house and you've been in this huge film, a lot of kids and a lot of parents look down their nose at you. So getting involved in the punk scene was just incredible. People don't care about where you're from or what you're doing."

She recognizes that her style might surprise some of her Holiday co-stars. When asked if she'd be interested in a sequel, she told The New York Times in 2019, "My character, Sophie, could be some really cool, artsy girl now." She added, "I think a lot of the cast would probably get a shock at my tattoos and piercings, but it would be lovely."

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Little Sophie now has a baby of her own.

Miffy Englefield with baby
Miffy Englefield/Instagram

Englefield welcomed her daughter, Frankie, in April 2020 with her partner Alex Whibley. "Frances Rosanna Lee Englefield was born via emergency C-section, weighing 6lb 7oz," the new mom shared on Instagram. "She was met with tears, joy and more love than can ever be described." Englefield shares her parenting journey on the social media platform, along with plenty of cute pictures of baby Frankie. And for more 2020 babies, here are 15 Celebrities Who've Had Babies During the Pandemic.

And she's also a musician.

Miffy Englefield Instagram
Miffy Englefield/Instagram

When Englefield spoke with The New York Times in 2019, she said she was working as a barista and performing as a musician. "In my spare time, I still read monologues, I still write a lot and watch a lot of films," she added. Back in 2015 when she was 16, Englefield posted on Instagram about working at McDonald's.

But she does hope to get back into the entertainment industry one day. She posted about her New York Times interview on Instagram and wrote, "It's been amazing to have a voice this year, to speak with publications first hand and have the most amazing time reminiscing and speaking about the industry and my past before it. Maybe one day it'll be an industry I'm involved in once more, that's the dream!"

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She has only fond memories of The Holiday

Miffy Englefield pregnant
Miffy Englefield/Instagram

While there were a few years during her teens that Englefield didn't like talking about The Holiday, these days, she loves it. Noting her public social media presence, she told Vulture, "I love still being able to talk about it. And I love the fact that people can look at the way that I am now, and look at the fact that I'm so different, and take some sort of inspiration from the fact that you don't just have to look one way to do some stuff with your life."

…Except Mr. Napkin Head still haunts her.

mr napkin head the holiday
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One of the most beloved scenes in The Holiday is when Law puts a napkin on his face, places his glasses over it, and puffs on a spoon as if he's smoking, calling the character Mr. Napkin Head. And now, Englefield's friends take on the role. "It's the one that my friends like to do most in bars," she told Vulture of the character. "Awful, absolutely awful." And for more young stars who are all grown up, check out The Biggest Child Actors Ever, Then and Now.

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