See the Arizona Diamondbacks Honor Dog Who Saved Owner from a Rattlesnake

Todd is a very, very good boy!

On June 29, Paula Goodwin of Anthem, Arizona, was taking her morning hike with her two trusty dogs when she nearly stepped on a rattelesnake lurking on the trail. Her six month-old golden retriever, Todd, immediately came to her rescue, taking a bite to the face while protecting her.

She immediately rushed him to the nearest animal hospital, where they administered anti-venom, and Todd was able to come home that same evening.

A photo of Todd with his face all swelled up immediately made the rounds on social media and quickly went viral. The sweetest thing about this photo is how happy and proud Todd looks. He doesn't seem to even care that a rattlesnake bit him in the face. He's just happy that he managed to do his doggie duty and ensured his human's safety.

Goodwin posted images of Todd recovering from his injuries, and, presumably, getting lots of cuddles and treats for being such a good boy, on her Facebook page. She also set up a GoFundMe page for dogs who might be suffering from similar bites whose humans are struggling with the vet bills.

While that was surely thanks enough for Todd, he got a particularly special honor on this weekend when he was showered with applause at Chase field during a pregame ceremony for the the Arizona Diamondbacks. His appearance was part of the Heroes Weekend, when the baseball team pays tribute to the men and women (and doggos) who keep the community safe.

Wearing an official jersey, Todd was beaming as thousands of people reminded him that he's a very good dog.

It's a heartwarming testament to the loyalty of dogs, though Todd's heroic gesture is no surprise to dog-lovers. All you have to do is read about the dog that waits patiently for his owner for 12 hours a day at a train station or the dog that adopted nine ducklings to know that they are loyal nurturers.

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