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5 Insider Secrets About the New Bed Bath & Beyond Website

There's been some changes to the online storefront since Overstock purchased the retailer.

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Even if you're only an occasional shopper there, it's been hard not to notice the turmoil surrounding Bed Bath & Beyond that's unfolded over the past year. The company came clean about its financial woes in January by admitting it had "substantial doubt" about its future before declaring bankruptcy in April and announcing it would close all of its stores. But the nosedive seemingly changed course again in June when online retailer Overstock announced it had acquired the struggling store's assets, including its name. And while the brick-and-mortar locations may still be on the way out, there's already been some changes made to the company's online storefront. Read on for all the secrets about the new Bed Bath & Beyond website, according to retail experts.

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There are seemingly more categories to shop from now.

woman working on a laptop doing her budget.

If you ever browsed the aisles of one of the thousands of Bed Bath & Beyond stores before their demise, you likely remember a lot of kitchen and home goods without many larger purchases or bigger ticket items. But after the Overstock merger, it appears that's likely to change.

"Many of the Bed Bath & Beyond standards shoppers are used to seeing are already available on the website, with more being added over time," Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with, tells Best Life. "In addition to those categories, though, they'll also have things that Bed Bath & Beyond didn't have before—or at least not a huge selection of—by bringing in more furniture, decor, and rugs to the inventory, among other home furnishings."

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Coupons haven't really gone away.

Bed bath beyond coupon discount flyer hanging outside of residential mailbox

It wasn't too long ago that Bed Bath & Beyond was practically synonymous with seemingly endless coupons that could help shoppers save some serious money on their purchases. But while the fiasco surrounding closing locations may have appeared to derail the beloved discounts, it's becoming apparent that the changes weren't permanent.

"You can get 15 percent off regularly priced items just for signing up for the email newsletter," Ramhold points out. "Aside from that, when I browsed the site, I saw coupons for 20 percent off specific brands and a limited-time offer of 25 percent off for downloading the app."

And while you probably shouldn't expect to find the coupons in your mailbox again, the site notes that the company will still honor any physical vouchers that were mailed on or after Aug. 1. "In those cases, the new Bed Bath & Beyond will provide the bigger discount between current onsite offers and the mailed coupon," Ramhold explains.

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You might not need to create a new account.

bed bath and beyond website shown on closeup of smart phone screen, blue background with white font

Even as the two retailers begin to merge their operations, not everything from the old website is going away—including your login. Ramhold says if you had an Overstock account previously, you should be able to log in using the same credentials.

"And if you previously had a Bed Bath & Beyond account, you should be able to use the same email—but you'll be prompted to update your password on the sign-in screen," she explains.

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There's a new loyalty program.

Woman holding credit card pay online and using smartphone for shop through the website. Concepts online shopping for convenience.

Being a loyal shopper to both Overstock and Bed Bath & Beyond has long paid dividends in the form of loyalty rewards and bonuses. Fortunately, the company is using the merger as an opportunity to update perks and offerings.

"Bed Bath & Beyond's Welcome Rewards and Overstock's Club O have combined into a new program that costs $19.95 per year," says Ramhold.

She adds that members of the previous Welcome Rewards program can get a free year as long as they were members of Welcome+ or had a rewards balance in May of 2023.

"Also, if you have an Overstock Mastercard, then the loyalty program should be free for you according to the program's FAQs," she explains. "A private label card is set to be launched on Aug. 21, and shoppers who hold that card should also qualify for free membership into the program."

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Gift registries are gone—for now.

miniature wish list on wedding gift box

Bed Bath & Beyond's broad home goods inventory has long made it a go-to for couples filling out their pre-wedding wishlists. However, this appears to be one function that hasn't made its way over in the transition.

"Currently, there's no gift registry option at the new Bed Bath & Beyond website, so if you had a registry there, then unfortunately it seems as if you're just out of luck for now," Ramhold says. "However, they do seem to be planning to offer a gift registry in the future, so at least the option should be back at some point, hopefully soon."

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