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15 Money-Saving Tricks Only Walmart Insiders Know

Save big with these insider Walmart shopping tips.

Walmart is the ultimate shopping destination when your list includes everything but the kitchen sink. Whether you're cruising for a new couch, scoring Halloween decorations, stockpiling groceries, or getting a flu shot, Walmart has got you covered—and all at low prices. Come to think of it, they've got kitchen sinks, too.

However, there's an easy way to get all those essentials for even less money than the low prices Walmart advertises. According to Sara Skirboll, a shopping & trends expert for RetailMeNot, you can save on in-person purchases by first checking online prices. Not only does Walmart promise to match prices from, it will also match prices at for identical items purchased in a Walmart store. "To get the additional savings, the customer must first inform an associate of the price difference and make sure that the item is in stock at or," Skirboll explains.

That said, it's still easy enough to overspend at your favorite store, loading up your cart and emptying your wallet in one fell swoop. That's why we've rounded up all the best money-saving tricks at Walmart you've probably never heard before. Read on for savings secrets so obscure, you'd have to be a Walmart insider to know about them. And for more money-saving tips, check out The Best Way to Save Money While Shopping Online.

Use their Gadgets to Gifts Program.


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According to Skirboll, you can save money at Walmart by trading in your old gadgets for gift cards through the store's Gadgets to Gifts Program. Simply select your product type, answer a few questions about your gadget, and get an instant quote. And if you want to save big at the Bullseye, check out The Best Day of the Week to Go to Target.

Pick up your online purchases in-store.


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Another way you can save money at Walmart is by picking up certain items in person. It's understandable if you'd prefer to opt for delivery until the end of the pandemic, but if you do choose this method, you get to head straight for the customer service desk rather than a packed checkout aisle, making it easier to practice social distancing. As Dana Marineau, CMO of shopping rewards program Rakuten points out, "some products also offer special discounts when buying online–just look for items labeled 'Pickup Discount.'" And for more great money-saving tips delivered to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Make use of their overages policy.


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"Many people don't know this but coupons can do more than you think," says Skirboll. As she explains, Walmart has an "overages" policy where if the coupon's discount is more than the price of the item, the rest will be taken off your total purchase! Getting paid to buy groceries? Yes, please! And for more amazing ways to save, check out The Secret Store on Amazon With Tons of Popular Items on Sale.

Learn Walmart's markdown system.


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As Marineau advises, learning Walmart's markdown system will help you score the best deals on items. "Prices ending in '7' display the item's original price; prices ending in '5' indicate the item's first markdown; and prices ending in '1' or '0' is the final markdown for the item. For example, if a product is marked as $29.97, you'll know to wait for additional markdowns. However, when an item is priced as $19.91 for instance, you'll know that this will be the lowest price," she explains.

Know when to go.

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Beyond the markdown labeling system, it's also helpful to learn the markdown schedule. According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, clearance items are typically marked within the first five days of the month at Walmart, meaning you can snag many of the best deals by marking your calendar for then!

Get free shipping on certain online orders.

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Shopping online for items that are $35 or more can score you free two-day shipping at Walmart. To make sure your order is delivered in two days, the Walmart website instructs customers to place their orders by 2:00 p.m. in the time zone of the delivery address. And if you're curious about what other people are buying in your neck of the woods, these are The Most Popular Walmart Products in Your State.

Install browser extensions that give you cash back.

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When shopping online, don't forget to first install online shopping browser extensions like Rakuten. According to Marineau, this  extension "gives you cash back on purchases, automatically applies the best coupons at checkout, and finds you the best deals on items."

Check the locked glass cases for deals on electronics.

walmart electronics game case

When shopping for electronics, don't forget to check out the store's locked glass cases for great deals. "Walmart prefers to keep clearance items just out of reach in these glass cases, particularly during the fall season when brands are releasing new items to prepare for the holidays," explains Marineau, who recommends checking the display cases, as the cheapest products can often be found there. Wondering what other people are buying when they hit the store? These Are the Most Popular Walmart Items from the Past Decade.

Check for refurbished electronics on the website first.

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If you're looking to save money at Walmart while still landing top quality products, be sure to check the website website for refurbished electronics before heading to the store. Walmart's policy certifies that each product has been "inspected, cleaned, repaired (if applicable) and tested to function like new and qualify as a Grade-A unit" before being resold online.

Enroll in the prescription program.

Walmart Pharmacy counter

If you have a prescription for generic medications, Marineau suggests opting for Walmart's $4 prescription program which provides affordable generic prescriptions. "The program includes up to a 30-day supply of many generic drugs for $4, and 90-day supplies for $10 or more," she explains. Luckily, Walmart's generic drugs list can help you find out if your medications are covered.

Use manufacturer coupons.

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In addition to Walmart's generous policy on overages, you can save yet another way with coupons. The store not only allows customers to use Walmart-specific coupons, but lets them use manufacturers' coupons, too. This means you should check out the Walmart weekly ad and online coupons, but also browse manufacturer websites and your local paper to see if you can snag an even greater discount by doubling up.

Install the Shopkick app.

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If you used to save money at Walmart by using Savings Catcher, you were probably pretty bummed when they discontinued the savings program last year. Luckily, you can replace many of its benefits by installing the Shopkick app on your phone. This app lets you earn "kicks"—small rewards in the form of gift cards—every time you shop!

Sign up for Walmart+. landing page

Similar to Amazon Prime, Walmart+ is a membership-based program that gives you free, unlimited shipping, members-only pricing on fuel, and the convenience of a scan-and-go checkout system that lets you scan barcodes via the Walmart app. Frankie Fegurgur of Frank Money Talk notes that the program is still relatively new, and they're likely to continue adding new benefits to sweeten the deal.

Shop Walmart's generic brands.

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Walmart carries many generic brands that are just as good as their name-brand counterparts. When you're cruising the aisles, look out for Great Value and Equate store-brand products, which are sure to be sold at rock-bottom prices. And for a full list of Walmart's best store-brand items, check out the 20 Best Generic Products from Walmart.

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