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This Is the Best Way to Save Money at Target, Experts Say

Saving big the next time you hit the bullseye is easier than you ever imagined.

There are few big box stores that have earned the customer loyalty Target has, and with good reason. Not only does the store offer many products you just can't get anywhere else, but there are countless Target savings tips you can take advantage of to score amazing deals on the stuff you buy every day.

However, there's one cash-saving hack that beats the rest: signing up for a Target RedCard.

Stacy Caprio at says that Target's RedCard can save the store's devotees a bundle every time they shop. "You'll get five percent back on all Target purchases," Caprio says, "which makes it worth it and is akin to having a permanent five percent off Target coupon." Julie Ramhold  a consumer analyst with, adds, "Target has both credit and debit card options, so if you don't want the credit card, you can still reap the benefits of having a Target RedCard."

In both cases, you'll save five percent at Target stores and on Target's website every day; enjoy free two-day shipping on loads of products; get exclusive items, offers, and gifts throughout the year; and enjoy longer return periods on merchandise. However, that's not the only way to save big on your next Target trip. With help from some professional deal-seekers, we've rounded up the best Target savings tips to help you save big every time you shop. And while you're shopping the bullseye, make sure to check out the 20 Best Generic Products From Target.

Sign up for Target Circle.

target checkout area

According to Ramhold, Target Circle opens up all sorts of money-saving opportunities. The benefits program "provides offers tailored to your tastes, as well as storewide offers in general," explains Ramhold, who notes that "these offers can be a great way to save at least a little something on items that might not otherwise be on sale." And if you're planning your next shopping trip, This Is the Absolute Best Day of the Week to Go to Target.

Shop the Dollar Spot.

Target shop exterior with sign

Looking for great deals? Look no further than Target's Dollar Spot. "[The] Dollar Spot generally has items ranging from $1 to $5 each, and covers everything from little toys to festive pencils, socks, and even decorations," explains Ramhold. And for more genius tips sent directly to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Don't opt for "buy more" deals to get gift cards.

Target shopping cart in home goods aisle

Sometimes the pursuit of a deal can lead shoppers to make some less-than-wise purchasing decisions. According to Ramhold, when it comes to "buy more" offers, you may find yourself paying more than you'd hoped. "For instance, sometimes there's an offer to spend $15 to $25 on a type of product—often something like beauty items or cleaning essentials—and you'll receive a $5 gift card for free by shopping eligible products." However, Ramhold notes that if you're buying those items to get the gift card, you're really just overspending.

But do take advantage of "buy more" offers when they're useful.

patio furniture on display at target
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On the other hand, when you do need to buy an item in bulk, "buy more" offers can score you some serious savings. "If you need those beauty items, or to stock up on paper towels and cleaning supplies, shopping one of these events is the best time to do it," says Ramhold. "Not only will you get what you need, you'll earn a little perk for what might otherwise be a boring restock trip." And if you want to keep more cash in your wallet, check out The Best Way to Save Money While Shopping Online, According to Experts.

Try out typically online-only items.

Target cosmetics aisle

While online shopping can be treacherous in its own ways, you can sidestep some of the hassle with Target's selection of products that are usually only available online.

Ramhold explains, "Target has an arrangement with the online shaving company Harry's, so if you've wanted to try items within the Harry's or Flamingo catalogs, you might be able to find it at Target."

Ramhold notes that Target has a similar deal with personal care brand Native, and the store also stocks Casper Mattresses' line of pillows and blankets, so if you want to see how their material feels before you buy one online, you can take a look in the store.

Download the Target App.

Senior Asian woman laughing when using a smartphone.

The Target app is like a switchboard for nearly all of Target's in-store deals. According to Ramhold, "You can shop, favorite items, and even pay if you link your RedCard, plus you have Target Circle offers right at your fingertips."

Hit the end aisles.

aisles at target
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The end of the aisle is where it's at if you're looking for great deals. "Look at the end caps of aisles, since that's where most of the clearance items end up," says Dana Marineau, CMO of shopping rewards program Rakuten. "Just keep in mind that clearance items go quickly, but if you're in luck, you may just score up to 70 percent or more on items." 

Take your time when shopping online.

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Shopping Target's website has its own distinct savings advantages. "Not only can you take advantage of Target's curbside pickup service for contactless delivery, but also get additional savings on select products when shopping through cash back and rewards programs like Rakuten," says Marineau.

Choose your weekday wisely.

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When you do decide to shop in person, though, it pays to pay special attention to your weekly calendar. "Most Target stores mark down clearance items in certain departments on specific days, so knowing the schedule can help you find the best deals," explains Marineau. "For example, you'll find the best clearance deals for men's clothing on Wednesdays and auto and hardware on Fridays."

Scoop up post-holiday deals.

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The post-holiday rush is when Target tends to slash prices the most in order to clear out stock. "Shop the week after a holiday to save up to 50 percent or more," says Marineau. "These sales will usually last up to a week, with discounts increasing incrementally over the course of the week."

For general deal-seeking, go early in the week.

Target men's clothing aisle

While it's true that specific departments at Target tend to have their sales on set days of the week, Sara Skirboll, the shopping and trends expert at RetailMeNot, points out that not all days are equal, savings-wise.

Though Sundays are great for getting savings from your Target Circular, "Shopping on Mondays and Tuesdays gives the company time to restock the shelves, which means favorite items that were MIA on Sunday might be available," Skirboll explains.

Don't hesitate to price-match.

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Like a lot of big box stores, Target is fierce about matching deals offered by their competition. According to Skirboll, "Target will price-match all of their competitor's prices, but will also price-match to any of their products online. So if you're in store, always check online to see if the price is cheaper with any online promotions," noting that they'll even price match up to 14 days after your purchase is made.

Stack your Target coupons.

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That's right: you can combine Target Circle offers with Target store coupons, manufacturer coupons, and Target RedCard discounts—in other words, it's possible to save four ways on just one item.

"If you're checking out with Target Circle offers and coupons, have the cashier first ring up the items you're buying. Then scan the Target store coupons, followed by the manufacturer coupons. From there, give them with the barcode to scan, and then pay using your RedCard for 5 percent off the total purchase," says Skirboll.

Take a rain check.

Target store

It can be frustrating to get to Target with a specific deal in mind, only to show up and see that your intended purchase is out of stock. However, if a sale item is out of stock, "Ask an employee or cashier for a rain check. You'll get to buy the item at sale price once it's back in stock," says Skirboll.

Don't forget about Target's trade-in program.

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If you've recently upgraded to a new phone, laptop, or any other electronic device, keep Target's trade-in program in mind for future purchases. "You can recycle your used electronics in store and receive a gift card or instant cash through PayPal at all participating stores," Skirboll writes.

Check the seasonal section

gift wrap at target
If you're searching for a sale item but can't find it in its designated aisle, "Target will sometimes place sale items in the seasonal section, so take a trip there if you can," Skirboll explains.

Spot the stickers.

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During clearance sales, Target "will place yellow or red stickers on products with a discounted price," says Skirboll. "These items will end up along the end caps or ends of the aisle." So if you happen to see a quick glimmer of yellow or red in the corner of your eye when turning into a new aisle, you may have just found the deal of the day.

Don't hesitate to use a receipt scanning app.

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It's not just the Target app that can save you big at the big box store. "Use a receipt scanning app to save on the backend," says personal finance expert Frankie Fegurgur of Frank Money Talk. "You can look before shopping to find items that offer extra savings."

Keep the registry discount in mind.

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If you're planning for a major life event, like a wedding or baby, create a Target registry and watch the savings stack up."Target offers a discount of around 15 percent for items not purchased from the registry," explains Fegurgur. And for more simple ways to save, This Is the Best Way to Save Money on Your Phone Bill.
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