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12 Hilarious Questions Young People Have About the '90s

Prepare to feel very old.

Remember last month when a bunch of Generation Zers were baffled by the purpose of the darkroom on Stranger Things and made everyone over the age of 25 feel collectively ancient?

Well, how people developed photos before the iPhone era isn't the only thing kids today are scratching their heads over. On Twitter, there are tons of young people asking questions about the '90s that'll make your jaw drop.

1. Like this young lady who doesn't understand the concept of carrying a camera around generally.

2. And this perplexed youth who wonders what entertainment looked like before Fortnite.

3. This one isn't familiar with the concept of dry scalp.

4. And this young lady can't understand what happened in the '90s when you got separated from your mom in the grocery story.

Well, Katy, you had to find a security guard or police officer to help you relocate her. Or get someone behind the register to loudly proclaim into the microphone "PAGING BILLY'S MOM. BILLY IS WAITING FOR YOU AT THE CHECKOUT COUNTER," thereby deepening your shame.

5. This book lover still doesn't know what "CD" stands for.

It's compact disc, kid!

6. And this sprightly young thing who will never know the joy of watching TV and hearing the doorbell ring, only to find your best friend!

7. This youngster just outed millennials for one of the many slang terms that hasn't aged well.

8. And this one definitely never saw Can't Hardly Wait.

For reference, here is Seth Green looking appropriately angsty in the 1998 teen drama.

can't hardly wait
Sony Pictures

9. This Gen Zer was obviously not an *NSYNC fan.

10. And this one questioned the most beloved TV couple of the '90s!

11. And then this one questioned the biggest fashion icon of the decade!

12. Finally, we have this young person, who may never know how to use their words.

Sure, not everything about the '90s was great, but those of us who remember a time before portable technology will always cherish the memories. And for more nostalgia, check out 50 Things Only People Who Lived in the 1990s Will Remember.

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