9 Real People Reveal the Petty Arguments They Have With Their Spouses

A Twitter user asked people to share the silly things they fight about with their spouses. See if you relate.

All married couples argue. But while some disagreements might be serious and warrant discussion, there are also plenty of arguments that you have with your spouse that you know are laughably petty.

On Wednesday, author Rabia O'Chaudry asked people on Twitter to share some of the constant petty arguments they have with their spouses, and the answers were hilarious and highly relatable.

1. For example, does it drive you crazy when your spouse expects you to throw them a parade because they took out the trash or did the dishes for once?

2. Or what about when your spouse takes the plastic seals off of bottles and leaves them on the counter?

This Twitter user "collected them all for weeks and crammed them in [her husband's] pillow case." She's a real hero (even though he still does it).

3. Of course, there are the little quirks that you find irrationally irritating, like if your spouse takes all of the groceries out of the bag and puts them on the counter instead of directly into the fridge.

4. Making coffee can be a real source of contention between married couples.

5. Ditto for loading the dishwasher and figuring out what's recyclable or not.

6. If Marie Kondo's hit Netflix show taught us anything, it's that socks on the floor can be grounds for divorce.

7. And let's not even get started on the many battles waged over the snooze button.

8. Or not buckling up—it's the law and the noise the car makes if you don't is enough to cause a feud.

9. And, of course, the temperature. In this Twitter user's house, the thermostat is "changed 10 times per night."

So if you and your spouse find yourselves constantly arguing over petty things, don't worry, it's not just you. Living together takes a lot of patience.

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