The One Core Exercise That Shreds Your Entire Abdomen

The high-cable split stability chop is the single most effective way to attack your core.

It doesn't matter if you're pulling, pushing, lifting, jumping, or throwing: All movement starts from your pillar, the armada of muscles that ripples from your hips to your chest and shoulders. That's also what makes the High-Cable Split Stability Chop the most effective core exercise there is: It hits all these muscles, fostering rock-solid functional strength to help you meet all of life's demands.

How to do it:

Step One: Stand with a split stance with your hips perpendicular to a cable pulley machine with a rope held high. Your outside leg should be back, and your inside leg should be forward.

Step Two: Grab the top of the rope with your inside hand, and position your other hand 18 to 24 inches farther down the rope. Simultaneously pull down and back with your outside hand, while pushing down and across your body with your inside hand. That's one rep.

Step Three: Do 10 on each side.

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