If You Bought This at Kohl's, Stop Using It Immediately, Authorities Say

The product poses a serious safety hazard to anyone who uses it, officials warn.

With the weather rapidly getting cooler, you may be eager to squeeze in a few final hours of outdoor relaxation in before the fall is here in full force. Unfortunately, a major recall on a popular outdoor product could put a damper on your fun. Kohl's has just announced that it's pulling 31,000 of these products from shelves due to the safety hazard they present. Read on to discover which product is being recalled and what to do if you have one at home.

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A popular chair sold at Kohl's has been recalled.

burgundy kohl's chair with black frame sitting outdoors
Courtesy of Kohl's

On Sept. 29, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that approximately 31,000 Sonoma Goods For Life Ultimate Oversized Antigravity Chairs had been recalled.

The chairs were sold at Kohl's stores throughout the U.S. and on the Kohl's website from Jan. 2019 through June 2021 for approximately $240. The affected chairs, which come in multiple colors, have an aluminum frame, square legs, a fabric seat and back, and a removable pillow.

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The chair presents a serious safety risk that's affected customers.

older woman hurts hip and falls in the grass as two younger women run toward her

The chairs are being recalled because they are susceptible to collapsing or breaking when they bear weight, putting those who use them at risk of a fall.

At the time the recall was announced, the company had received 18 reports of the chairs collapsing or breaking, with two customers sustaining minor injuries.

If you have the chair at home, stop using it immediately.

young man in glasses making a call on his phone

The recall notice advises customers to stop using the chair immediately. They can be returned to any Kohl's store; those with a receipt can receive a full refund of their purchase and those who no longer have their receipt will instead get a credit to Kohl's.

Customers can also contact Kohl's Customer Service at 855-564-5755 between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. CT Monday through Saturday with further questions.

This Kohl's brand had another major recall in 2020.

Kohl's storefront

Kohl's Sonoma Goods For Life brand faced another major recall in Nov. 2020 when they pulled more than half a million candles from shelves. By the time the recall of 512,000 three-wick candles was issued, Kohl's had received 29 reports involving high flames and broken glass surrounding the candles, some of which resulted in burn injuries and property damage, the CPSC reported at the time.

The recalled candles sold for $20 and came in 30 different models and scents under the Sonoma Goods For Life brand. They were sold at Kohl's stores nationwide and on the company's website from Dec. 2019 through Oct. 2020.

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