Watch Matt Damon Roast Ben Affleck About Robert Pattinson's "Batman"

The two best friends poke some good-natured fun at each other in a new video.

No one knows how to push your buttons quite like the people who've known you forever, and that's just as true for celebrities as it is for us regular people. Case in point, long-time buddies Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, who seem to rarely pass up an opportunity to (lovingly) poke fun at each other. In a new video promoting a fundraiser they're doing through the charity site Omaze to benefit the Eastern Congo Initiative (which Affleck co-founded) and (which Damon co-founded), the actors get some digs in about the iconic roles the other has played and then seen taken over by someone else—including one specific superhero. Matt Damon roasts Ben Affleck about Robert Pattinson taking over as Bruce Wayne for the 2021 film The Batman in the clip, which may be as close we get to learning how Affleck really feels about it.

In the video message, Affleck interrupts Damon's pitch for people to donate to their Omaze fundraiser for the chance to win a lunch with the actors to tell him to "spice it up." From there, it devolves into fake and good-natured bickering about each other's careers. As a possible conversation topic for the contest winner, Damon offers, "Roles that we've played that maybe other people have played too, to winning effect." Affleck suggests they talk up their characters, Jason Bourne and Batman, at which point, Damon interrupts: "Robert Pattinson's coming?"

Affleck brings up Jeremy Renner who starred in 2012's The Bourne Legacy, as new lead character Aaron Cross. "He expanded the Bourne universe," Damon argues. "He improved on it," Affleck quips.

"Pattinson took your job," Damon retorts.

The hilarious video could be a preview of what the contest winner and a guest will experience when they hang out with the BFF actors. The official Omaze listing provides some more possible icebreakers, "like 'When is Good Will Hunting 2 happening?' and 'Who would win in a duel?'"

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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Okay, so technically, there never has been a Good Will Hunting 2, but in the 2001 Kevin Smith comedy Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Affleck and Damon play versions of themselves filming an action movie sequel to their Oscar-winning drama. "Think about the paycheck," Damon whispers to Affleck before "action" is called on a bloody bar scene for Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season. (There's strong language in the linked clip, btw!)

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Handsome Men's Club

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in Handsome Men's Club sketch
YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Affleck and Damon both appear (along with John Krasinski, Taye Diggs, Patrick Dempsey, and other leading men) in a 2010 Jimmy Kimmel Live sketch in which the host is ousted from a secret society of good-looking guys. It's specifically Damon's revenge for a long-running gag in which Kimmel repeatedly said at the end of every show that he was supposed to be a guest but they'd run out of time for him.

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National Best Friend's Day

Matt Damon Ben Affleck cake Instagram

A few years back, Affleck celebrated National Best Friends Day by posting this vintage collage of Damon shoving his face into a cake with the caption, "This guy." Only best friends are allowed to pull stunts like this and get away with it—even on their birthdays.

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Their 2014 Omaze campaign

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Omaze 2014

This isn't even the first time Affleck and Damon have relentlessly razzed each other for these specific charities. Their video announcing their 2014 Omaze fundraiser is full of just as much shade, from Affleck reminding Damon that his directorial effort Argo is a Best Picture winner to Damon telling viewers that "Ben's left eye twitches every time you say the word Gigli."

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