10 Lazy Girl Tips for Always Looking Stylish

For days when you don't have time to plan your outfit ahead, keep these tips in mind.

There are some days when we wake up feeling refreshed and energized, eager to pick out an outfit and show off our personal style. There are other days, however, when getting out of bed is a struggle and it takes everything we've got just to select a pair of slacks and a sweater. If you're in the latter camp more often than not, it can be difficult to consistently put together a stylish look. But experts say it doesn't need to be complicated—and they've got some key style tips for the "lazy" girl.

"To have great style, you must take dressing seriously. It's a commitment, so for anyone who is time-poor, ambivalent, or finds outfit planning tedious, personal style is a struggle," certified image stylist Elizabeth Kosich, founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, tells Best Life. "But over 90 percent of first impressions are based on what people see, not hear, making our appearance more important than we care to admit. Leveling up personal image is worth the effort and, in truth, easier than it seems. The key is finding foolproof style hacks that streamline wardrobe, express signature style, and are easy to put on repeat."

If you want to develop that signature look but aren't sure where to start, stylists have you covered. Read on for their 10 tips to elevate your outfit when you're running low on energy, inspiration, or both.

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Try a monochromatic look.

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Kosich recommends sticking to one color if you're feeling lazy in the morning or before a night out.

"Dressing in a single, solid color head-to-toe is easy and formulaic. It's also elongating, which projects a quiet confidence—a useful non-verbal cue to leverage when needed," she explains. "Plus, avoiding prints, patterns, and embellishments allows for more frequent repeat wearings."

Hailey Rizzo, style expert and owner of the fashion and beauty blog Feeling Good as Hail, also suggests a monochromatic look to create "a polished, cohesive style" that "eliminates the need for any strategic color combination." She notes that black/black and beige/beige are her two most common pairings.

If you do go monochrome, Kosich also recommends using accessories "to break up and punctuate" the color columns. A decorative scarf is a great option, she says, which can be tied around your neck, used as a belt, or added to a handbag. Rizzo notes that statement earrings can also help "bring the outfit together while keeping it balanced."

Choose a color palette.

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If you prefer sporting more than one hue, take a tip from petite style coach Angela Foster.

"I recommend clients have 80 percent of their clothes in a specific color range to make mixing and matching separates easy and fast in the morning," she tells Best Life. "For example: black, white, and grey; or chocolate, cream, and khaki, etc."

She continues, "When everything works together, it makes choosing items in the morning crazy easy."

Kosich also cites a more varied color palette if you find that you're limited by monochromatic looks.

"Try editing down to three colors only—two neutrals and one accent color. Pick one dark neutral, one light neutral, and a fun, flattering pop of color that has range—a deep shade for cold seasons and a lighter, brighter tint for warm months," she says. "When a color palette is restrained but the full spectrum of its accent color is integrated, it gives the illusion the wardrobe is double the size."

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Ensure you have quality essentials.

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This one will take a bit of planning ahead of a lazy day, but if you take the time to invest in quality layering pieces, you'll find that it's much simpler to put together a fashion-forward look.

"Many clients love separates but they struggle to put outfits together because they lack the essential layering pieces," Foster says. "Using the black, white, and grey example from above: Do you have a blouse in all three colors? Cardigans? Blazers? Skirts? Pants? If not, those are easy adds to your shopping list."

Reach for nude shoes.

woman putting on nude heels
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Basic shoes are always a must, but Foster says that a nude-colored pair is essential for a fashionable look that doesn't require too much effort.

"Nude shoes are stylish and go with absolutely everything. Make sure to have a range of flats, kitten heels, slingbacks, and loafers in a nude or cream color," she says. "Keep them front and center in your closet for a fast and easy grab-and-go."

Try one-and-done dressing.

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What could be simpler than only having to pick out one item of clothing in the morning? According to Kosich, when you have reliable one-and-done options, you can look fashionable even if you're feeling lazy.

"One-and-done outfits are low-maintenance yet high impact," she says. "Stock your closet with universally flattering wrap dresses in a variety of sleeve styles, prints, patterns, and solids. Do the same with jumpsuits for weekly workwear, then utility suits for weekend wear."

If you have these options, it allows you to play with accessories and shoes (if your nude pair needs a break).

"Pair [your outfit] with statement footwear to add flair and visual interest to each look," Kosich suggests.

Go for a matching set.

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One of the latest fashion trends that appears to be here to stay is the matching set. Love them or hate them, they do make a statement without requiring too much preparation or thought.

"From cropped tops and skirts to buttoned-up blouses and trousers, matching sets run the gamut so find ones that suit your lifestyle, age, and style sensibility," Kosich says. "They pair well together or as separates, so mix and match with core basics for more versatility."

Interestingly enough, if you're not motivated to go all out for a more formal event, a matching set works for that as well.

"For an evening or black tie look, consider a pair of high-style silk pajamas—a chic, classic look at any age," Kosich says.

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Organize your closet.

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If your closet is set up in a way that makes it easy to grab what you want when you want it, that also helps when making quick but effective fashion choices. If it's a bit disorganized, Foster recommends giving it a refresh.

"Hang up items in outfits versus by category—like all pants together, all skirts together, etc.," she says. Additionally, after a long day—if you're not tossing everything in the laundry—give your pieces a once-over to determine when they need to be pressed, repaired, or dry-cleaned before being hung back up.

"It's easy to forget that stain that happened ten hours ago," she says. "And there's little more irritating than grabbing something in the morning and realizing there's a coffee spill from the last time you wore it."

Invest in quality pieces.

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Putting off fully committing to a capsule wardrobe? Curating your collection makes it much easier when you're having a lazy day or if you want to look fashionable without putting in too much effort.

"Post-pandemic women have really embraced owning fewer, better pieces in their closets. This cuts down on decision fatigue in the morning," Foster says. "Plus, not having to thumb through gobs of items that don't fit, need mending, or are out of season eliminates a ton of wasted time and frustration in the morning."

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Create a signature look.

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Also among Kosich's recommendations is finding a look that you can turn to time and time again.

"Creating a signature look is personal branding at its most powerful," she says. "Pick something—a bold accent color, statement socks, signature lipstick, a fedora—and wear on repeat. Eventually, you will become known for it, others will expect it, and you'll engender trust by being consistent. It's a great hack that defines, elevates, and accelerates personal image in a big way."

Embrace the "lazy."

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Lastly, at the end of the day, if you want to feel cute and comfortable every day, you don't have to sacrifice one or the other. In fact, lazy looks have become trendy with the rise of athleisure and the work-from-home lifestyle, Rizzo says.

"There's been a big shift in the type of 'lazy' attire," she explains. "In the past, it often included standard sweatpants, sweatshirts, leggings, etc. Now, brands are leaning toward finding fashionable and functional ways to make lazy clothes look cute so that we can look both stylish and comfortable. Pieces like matching loungewear sets and oversized graphic sweatshirts are growing in popularity among retailers."

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