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If You Shop at Kroger, Prepare for This "Unique" Change at 1,173 Stores

You'll notice a new addition to one section of your local store.

Changes at the grocery store are not always convenient. You grow accustomed to knowing where everything on your list is stocked, and a tweak in the layout can be downright disorienting. There's nothing worse than running into the store to pick up the cheese or pasta variety you're looking for, and ending up needing to ask for assistance. But sometimes change is a good thing, and Kroger just announced a "unique" new addition that shoppers should be excited about. Read on to find out what's coming to a Kroger near you.

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Kroger isn't just a destination for food.

beer and wine section at kroger
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Many of us indulge in a glass of wine after work or just enjoy opening a bottle when we have company over. If that's the case, there's a good chance you've perused Kroger's offerings during your weekly grocery run. The chain has actually has been expanding its wine selection, and even introduced a wine shopping and delivery service in 2019. For $99.99, you can choose 12 bottles of reds, whites, or a mix, and have them shipped, for free, right to your door.

Now, there's another expansion at the wine department at Kroger, and you may be inclined to give it a try.

There's something new on the shelf.

invivo sjp sauvignon blanc
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If your local Kroger sells wine, beer, or spirits, you might notice a new brand—Invivo X, SJP. Fans of the TV show Sex and the City will recognize Sarah Jessica Parker's name on the bottle, as well as her well-known initials, SJP.

The wine brand was developed by Parker in partnership with New Zealand-based wine company Invivo, founded by Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron, according to a press release. Now, you can pick up one of Parker's signature bottles at 1,173 Kroger locations across 40 states, The Drinks Business reported.

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SJP made an appearance at Kroger last week.

sarah jessica parker
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To introduce the wine to Kroger stores, Parker, an Ohio native, traveled back to her home state on Sept. 21, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported. At a Kroger in downtown Cincinnati, she met with both employees and customers as part of the launch.

"It was a real treat to be able to further immerse myself in the winemaking and blending process with my Invivo X, SJP partners Tim and Rob, having just blended our fourth vintage of much-loved Sauvignon Blanc together," Parker said in a statement, per NBC-affiliate WLWT5.

"We are honored to share our enthusiasm for this special wine from Marlborough, New Zealand, with wine lovers everywhere, including now in Ohio, which means a great deal to me," she added.

Kroger also expressed their enthusiasm at having the wine in stock, especially due to Invivo's involvement with FEED—a fashion company that donates meals to school children for every product sold. "Kroger is proud to launch the award-winning Invivo X in our stores with Sarah Jessica Parker, not only for wine enthusiasts to enhance their palette, but to also support the elimination of food insecurity in communities worldwide," Nicole Chaffin, Wine Category Manager at Kroger, said in a statement, per Cincinnati People.

Here's how to find out if your local Kroger stocks Invivo X, SJP.

wine aisle at kroger
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Parker has three wine varieties thanks to her partnership with Invivo, including a Sauvignon Blanc, a rosé, and Sevenly, a low-alcohol and lower-calorie wine currently available in Australia. According to The Drinks Business, only Invivo X, SJP Sauvignon Blanc is available at Kroger. A search for the Invivo X, SJP Rosé doesn't populate any results on Kroger's website.

The Sauvignon Blanc is a "new vintage," Cameron said, per The Drinks Business, adding that Parker has continued to hone her "blending skills."

"This year's wine has a touch of oak introduced to it—given Sarah Jessica's love for Chardonnay—and has a lovely, soft, full-bodied palate," he said. "It's still representative of Sauvignon Blanc with its tropical fruit aromas and a nice interplay of fruit and acid, but with Sarah Jessica's unique handprint on it."

The award-winning white wine is one of the fasted growing varieties in the world, Cincinnati People reported, selling over 1.5 million bottles since its introduction in 2019.

To find out if you can pick up a bottle at your local Kroger, you can visit the Invivo X, SJP website and use the "Where to Buy" tool. After entering your zip code, you'll get a full list of retailers that sell the wine, including Kroger.

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