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If You Have This Candle at Home, Stop Using It Right Now

The product sold at Kohl's is a serious fire risk, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

As winter weather rolls in and the holiday season approaches, you may find yourself burning more candles to help give your home that cozy atmosphere you enjoy every year around this time. But before you ignite that wick, make sure to check what kind of candle you are about to burn. While all candles pose a potential fire risk, of course, one in particular has caused a number of dangerous problems recently. Retail chain Kohl's just recalled 512,000 of the Sonoma Goods For Life three-wick candles it sold to consumers due to "fire and burn hazards," according to a Nov. 10 report from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Read on for the details, and for another recall that you should be aware of, know that If You Bought This at Walmart, You Need to Throw It Away Now.

Kohl's has received 29 reports involving high flames and the breaking of the glass surrounding these particular three-wick candles, several of which resulted in burn injuries and property damage, the CPSC reports. "Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled candles and return them to the nearest Kohl's store," the CPSC warns.

The recalled candles came in 30 different models and scents under the Sonoma Goods For Life brand, all of which are included in the CPSC statement. The affected candles were sold at Kohl's stores nationwide and on the company's website from Dec. 2019 through Oct. 2020, costing about $20.

If you own one of the recalled candles, you can return it at any Kohl's retail store. If you have a receipt, Kohl's will give you a full refund; otherwise, you will receive store credit. Read on to discover more retail recalls you should know about, and stay safe by being aware that If You Have This Milk in Your Fridge, You Should Get Rid of It Now.

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Ring doorbells

ring doorbell recalled for safety hazard

If you use a video-monitoring doorbell from Ring to keep your home and family safe, you may be unknowingly putting them in danger. Ring LLC has received 85 incident reports of incorrect doorbell screws being installed with their second generation video doorbells, which has resulted in 23 incidents of the products igniting, causing both minor property damage and eight reports of minor burns to customers, the CPSC reported on Nov. 10. And for more fire hazards that could be in your home, check out This Common Household Item Has Been Recalled Over Fire Risk.

Lettuce sold at Walmart

produce section at walmart
Tada Images / Shutterstock

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a recall was issued for Tanimura & Antle bagged single head romaine lettuce sold by Walmart after it tested positive for E. coli. Walmart posted a list of all stores that had sold the lettuce, spanning 19 states and Puerto Rico. The FDA stated on Nov. 6 that the recall applies to 3,396 packs of lettuce, packaged on Oct. 15 or Oct. 16. And for another food recall that could affect you, check out Trader Joe's Just Recalled This Product for Posing Life-Threatening Risk.

Yeti Rambler travel mugs

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If you use one of Yeti's wildly popular reusable mugs, you'll want to think twice before your next refill. The company announced a recall on Nov. 4 for some of its Rambler travel mugs due to potential injury and burn hazards. The recall is believed to apply to roughly 15,000 Yeti mugs of the 241,500 produced. The affected mugs are marked with the date code 34204010, which can be found on the inside rim of the base of the mug. And for more up-to-date information delivered to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Target Cat & Jack toddler boots

closeup of child's winter boots standing on top of the fallen tree
Purino / Shutterstock

According to a report from CPSC, Target issued an urgent recall on Nov. 4 for two kinds of its toddler winter boots—"Himani' and "Jaren"—in sizes 5-12, sold as part of the Cat & Jack collection. The elasticated lace around the opening of the recalled boots was designed to keep snow out when tightened, but the toggle used to do so has been identified as a potential choking hazard. Five incidences of the toggle coming loose had been reported at the time the recall was issued, but no injuries had been reported on the 122,500 pairs of boots produced. And for another everyday item that could put you at risk, check out If You Use This Mouthwash, Get Rid of It Right Now.

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