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Justin Timberlake Just Responded to Lance Bass Publicly Shading Him

Bass called out his NSYNC bandmate on a big anniversary for the pop group.

Respond to Lance Bass' texts or else you'll feel his wrath…via a TikTok dance video? Over the weekend, Bass called out Justin Timberlake, his NSYNC bandmate, for not responding to his texts by posting about it on the social media platform. He shared a video of himself doing a celebratory dance against a video of other dancers. The caption on the video reads, "When JT finally responds to my text…"

After Bass publicly posted about Timberlake ignoring his texts, Timberlake actually did take the time to respond to the video. Read on to find out more about the singers' post-NSYNC friendship and to see what Timberlake gave as his excuse.

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Bass was calling out Timberlake and celebrating an anniversary.

JC Chasez and Lance Bass on TikTok
© Lance Bass/TikTok

In an earlier TikTok, Bass makes a joke of FaceTiming his other bandmates and then telling them that he's too busy to talk, despite being the one who initiated the conversations. He speaks to Chris KirkpatrickJoey Fatone, and JC Chasez, who's then revealed to be sitting right next to him. At the end of the video, he tries to FaceTime Timberlake, who denies the call.

In the video where he specifically called out Timberlake, Bass was participating in a viral dance trend. He made a green screen video that places him into a video that already went viral, made by the TikTok user @usimmango. It shows a group of friends dancing to a remix of the song "Alors on Danse" by the Belgian musician Stromae. But he was also celebrating a major anniversary for his own boy band. In the caption of the post, Bass wrote, "It's the little things! Mission accomplished. Happy 20th Anniversary Celebrity!" The band's final album, Celebrity, was released on July 24, 2001.

Timberlake responded on Instagram.

Lance Bass TikTok video on his Instagram Story with Justin Timberlake's comment
© Lance Bass / Instagram

Timberlake saw that Bass roasted him in his video and made his case. As it turns out, he has a pretty good reason for not replying to those texts. "Once those babies show up… your unavailability will all make sense, bro," Timberlake wrote, adding some crying-laughing emoji. Bass posted Timberlake's comment on his Instagram Story.

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Bass has babies on the way. 

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin at the Environmental Media Awards in 2017
Kathy Hutchins /

Timberlake isn't just assuming Bass will have kids at some point—Bass and his husband, Michael Turchin, are currently expecting twins. The couple announced the news in a very unique way. In June, Bass posted a fake horror movie trailer starring himself and Turchin hearing the sound of babies crying and being scared that something is lurking in their home. The title of the movie is Two Buns in the Oven and it's "premiering" at Halloween, since that's around the time the babies are due.

"I love Halloween," Lance told People. "When I found out that [the babies] were going to be coming at Halloween, I immediately thought, 'Our baby announcement has to be some kind of Halloween theme. Maybe we should do a movie trailer, a horror movie trailer where we don't actually say it. You have to figure it out.'"

Timberlake already has two kids of his own.

Justin Timberlake and his two children in a post from his Instagram
© Justin Timberlake / Instagram

As he implied in his response to Bass, Timberlake is plenty busy with his two children, six-year-old Silas and one-year-old Phineas, who he shares with Jessica Biel. The singer shared photos of both of his sons on Instagram on Father's Day, along with a message about being a father. "Being a dad is better than I ever could have imagined," he wrote. "Thankful to my dads and my grandfathers for leading the way, making the sacrifices for me to live out my dreams, and for teaching me that REAL LIFE happens in all the little moments."

Despite Bass poking fun at Timberlake, the former NSYNC stars are still friends.

NSYNC at their Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in 2018
Kathy Hutchins /

Bass and Timberlake remain friends—even if Timberlake isn't always in immediate contact. In December 2020, Bass talked about their relationship on The Meredith Vieira Show and commented on Timberlake becoming a father of two. "[I]t's so amazing to see a friend go through this, because, you know, I grew up with him since he was 14 years old. But to see this amazing dad now and all he wants to talk about is the kid." Bass added that Timberlake has "completely changed," and explained, "You have to. I mean, I can't wait to be a dad myself just because I would love to know what the selflessness feels like."

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