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30 Funniest Celebrity Pet Moments

These pampered pets are as cute as they are funny.

Our favorite celebrities may crack us up, but if these celebrity pets are any indication, some four-legged friends may be even bigger jokers than their owners—and thanks to social media, we get to see every side-splitting moment. Whether they're grabbing a beer with their human or lounging in the lap of style, these hilarious celebrity pets are sure to crack you up. And if looking at all these pics gets you jonesin' for a pet of your own, check out the 10 Things You Need to Know Before Adopting a Shelter Dog.

Mariah Carey's Dog Goes for a Swim

Mariah Carey and a dog in a bathtub

Mariah Carey's dog, Jill E. Beans, decided she also needed some time to relax and hopped into the tub with her owner. If you think Mariah's candlelit bubble bath is luxurious, check out what she's got listed on one of the 30 Most Hilarious Celebrity Riders.

Katy Perry's Dog Likes to Party

Katy Perry's dog having a good time

Apparently Katy Perry's pup, Nugget, is a big fan of chilling, as evidenced by this tableau. Looking at this pic, it's no surprise Katy made the list of the 30 Most Hilarious Celebrity Instagram Photos.

Bobby Flay's Cat Takes a Nap

Bobby Flay's funny cat sleeps on a computer

Like all cats, Bobby Flay's cat Taco instinctively knows the most inconvenient place to stretch out for a nap. If you think Taco's a funny name for a cat, check out Flay's other pet on the 30 Funniest Celebrity Pet Names.

Hugh Jackman's Pooch Hits the Beach

Hugh Jackman's dog on the beach

You've got to give Dali, Hugh Jackman's little bulldog, credit for at least trying to have fun at the beach.

Ariana Grande's Dog Drops a Wink

Ariana Grande's dog Toulouse winking

Toulouse, Ariana Grande's adorable beagle-chihuahua mix, flaunts his flirty side in this hilarious pic. And for more on celebrities and pets, check out these 30 Celebrities Who Look Like Their Pets. 

Ashley Benson's Dog Has a Bad Hair Day

Ashley Benson's dog, Walter

Ashley Benson's little pup, Walter, makes himself the mascot for every person who's ever slept on their hair wrong.

Miley Cyrus's Dog Does a Little Yoga

Miley Cyrus does yoga with her dog

Hope Miley was comfortable like that, because it looks like her dog, Dora, didn't have plans to move anytime soon.

Channing Tatum Shares a Beer With His Horse

Channing Tatum and his Horse

Channing Tatum cracked open a cold one with his rescue horse, Smoke, saying, "He loves beer! We're meant to be."

Chelsea Handler's Dog Judges Us All

Chelsea Handler's dog Chunk

Apparently, this is the face Chunk makes when he's judging someone. And for more on pets, don't miss these 20 Signs Your Pet Hates You.

Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Luxuriates

Karl Lagerfeld's cat

If this cat looks to be living a luxe lifestyle, that's because she is. Little Choupette has two maids and her own iPad.

Heidi Klum's Dogs Pile Up

Heidi Klum's dog pile

Suddenly the phrase "dog pile" makes a lot mores sense.

Kaley Cuoco's Dog Shares a Snack

Kaley Cuoco and her dog share some food

Kaley Cuoco loves her dog Norman enough to recreate a scene from Lady and the Tramp with him.

Leighton Meester's Dog Has a Rough Morning

Leighton Meester's dog in the morning

Leighton Meester must not be a morning person. Her caption for this photo is "Wish #iwokeuplikethis."

Jack Osbourne's Dog Makes Himself Useful

Jack Osborne's dog chair

A dog only has the run of the house until a baby comes along. Then it's time to step back into the role of living furniture.

Rebecca Romijn's Pets Celebrate the Holidays

Rebecca Romijn Christmas card

These cats and dogs make up one merry menagerie in the family Christmas card.

Giggy Vanderpump Is Fabulous, as Always

Giggy Vanderpump says hello

There's never a dull moment with Lisa Vanderpump's dog, Giggy. Giggy's outfits might seem over-the-top, but they protect his skin because he has alopecia.

Lucy Hale's Dog Tries to Strike a Pose

Lucy Hale's dog Elvis

Lucy Hale's pup, Elvis, proves that having a famous owner doesn't mean you'll be photogenic too.

Parker Posey's Dog Enjoys a Quiet Evening

Parker Posey's dog, Gracie, with a glass of wine

Gracie's enjoying "Gracie's Pino Paw-Noir—light bodied, perfect with cheese and snacks," according to Posey.

Kaley Locks Lips With a Horse

Kaley Cuoco kisses a horse

Dogs aren't the only animal Kaley Cuoco is comfortable kissing.

Ian Harding's Pup Goes for a Lie Down

Ian Harding's dog

She may not look like much to us, but this furry friend still manages to be Ian Harding's #wcw.

Paris Hilton Gets a Bod Upgrade

Paris Hilton and her dog swap heads

It might not be real, but you can bet Paris Hilton's dog would like to be the one carrying someone around in a purse for a change.

Lady Gaga's Dog Lives Royally

Lady Gaga's dog on a Versace bed

Lady Gaga's French bulldog, Asia, sleeps on a little Versace bed that puts most people's place of rest to shame.

Christina El Moussa's Bulldog Has a Snack

Cashie the French bulldog ate a remote control

No matter how many snacks and toys you have around the house, your dog will always manage to find something it is definitely not supposed to eat, as Christina El Moussa's dog, Cashie, demonstrates.

Demi Lovato's Dog Gets Dressed Up

Demi Lovato's dog Buddy in a costume

When describing her dog Buddy's outfit, Lovato says "I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me."

Lady Gaga's Dog Wilds Out

Lady Gaga's dog playing

Lady Gaga's other dog, Koji, certainly seems to have a competitive streak.

Heidi Klum's Dogs Provide Camouflage

Heidi Klum poses with her dogs

Heidi blends right in with her two pups after a long hike on a hot day.

Vanessa Hudgens' Pup Catches a Wave

Vanessa Hudgen's dog surfing

This little dog decided to try its paw at flash surfing, to a remarkable degree of success.

Ryan Gosling's Dog Eats an Apple

Ryan Gosling feeds his dog an apple

Ryan Gosling took his beloved dog, George, on The Tonight Show and proceeded to feed him an apple. George was wearing one red sock to protect his foot.

Miley Cyrus's Pig Cuddles Up

Miley Cyrus cuddles a baby pig

"Matching neck rolls," is how Miley describes this pic. But we're more interested in the little piggy's manicure.

Amanda Seyfried's Dog Does an Impression

Amanda Seyfried's dog does an impression

This dog could be Amanda Seyfried's stand-in on set. It definitely deserves a spot on 20 Celebrities Who Look Like Their Pet.

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