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30 Funniest Celebrity Pet Names

Starring one certain lifestyle guru with an apparent fondness for dictators.

AppleNorthStormi. We're well aware by now that celebrities can choose some seriously out-there names for their children. But when it comes to naming pets, celebrities are even wackier. For example: Pets named after food. Or named after popular fantasy stories. Or how about the lifestyle guru who's named not one but two animals after iron-fisted leaders.

Herein, we've collected the funniest, wackiest, strangest celebrity pet names of all time. (Alas, we were unable to track down photos of every single pet. In those cases, the shining faces of screen-worthy icons will have to do.) So read on, and try your best not to crack a smile. And for some actually good nomenclature, don't miss the 30 Best Celebrity Baby Names of All Time.

Kitty Purry

Katy Perry Cat Kitty Purry Celebrity Pets

Parent: Katy Perry

Purrhaps the most fitting pet name of all time. Ever. And for more fun celeb info, don't miss the 20 Funniest Celebrity Mugshots.


Paris Hilton and Dog Tinkerbell Celebrity Pets

Parent: Paris Hilton

The legendary chihuahua split his 14 years between two homes: Faithfully tucked in Hilton's purse, or lazing around in a custom, just-for-him, two-story mansion.

Genghis Khan

Martha Stewart Dog Genghis Khan Celebrity Pets

Parent: Martha Stewart

One headed up a globe-spanning empire that changed the world as we know it. One is a chow chow. For more A-lister trivia, meet the 20 Celebrities Who Were Born Wealthy.

Empress Tang

Martha Stewart Cat Empress Tang Celebrity Pets

Parent: Martha Stewart

You wouldn't be incorrect to note that Stewart names her pets after legendary conquerers. And for more fun facts, check out these 20 Celebs Who Shunned Hollywood for Small Town Life. 

Mr. Fluffy Pants

Kesha Cat Mr. Fluffy Pants Celebrity Pets

Parent: Ke$ha

Missed opportunity: "Pant$."

And for more celebrity laughs, check out the 30 Funniest Celebrity Photoshop Fails Ever.


Adam Sandler Dog Meatball Celebrity Pets

Parent: Adam Sandler

Fun fact: Meatball starred alongside Sandler in the screwball Satan-themed comedy, Little Nicky (2000). Neither won any accolades.


Bobby Flay celebrities who look like their pets

Parent: Bobby Flay

The world-renowned chef named his cat after a dish even the least competent cook (yours truly) can throw together.


Emmy Rossum celebrities who look like their pets

Parent: Emmy Rossum

True, Pepper, just as a name, isn't funny. But, Rossum's other two dogs are named Cinnamon and Sugar. (The phrase isn't "cinnamon, sugar, pepper, and everything nice," after all…)


Selma Blair Dog Ducky Celebrity Pets

Parent: Selma Blair

There's no proof that actress named her dog after Nintendo's iconic Duck Hunt. There's no proof that she didn't, either.


Chelsea Handler celebrities who look like their pets

Parent: Chelsea Handler

For more on Handler, don't miss the 30 Funniest Celebrity Books. 


Pete Wentz celebrities who look like their pets

Parent: Pete Wentz

The Fall Out Boy heartthrob christened his dog with a play-on-words referring to the Berenstain Bears.


Miley Cyrus Fish Pablow Celebrity Pets

Parent: Miley Cyrus

The song "Pablow the Blowfish," from Miley Cyrus & Dead Petz, is dedicated to the blowfish. (Do you get the name, now?)

Eye in the Dark

Norman Reedus Cat Eye in the Dark Celebrity Pets

Parent: Norman Reedus

When Reedus adopted his cat, the house was done up in black floors. As such, the only parts of Eye in the Dark you could see were, well, the eyes.


Simon Cowell Dogs Squiddly and Diddly Celebrity Pets

Parent: Simon Cowell



Simon Cowell Dogs Squiddly and Diddly Celebrity Pets

Parent: Simon Cowell



Cee lo Green Cat Purrfect Celebrity Pets

Parent: CeeLo Green

What a perfect name.

Sirius Black

Ariana Grande Dog Sirius Black Celebrity Pets

Parent: Ariana Grande

Grande let her geek flag fly by naming her dog after a Harry Potter character.


anne hathaway kenobi

Parent: Anne Hathaway

Likewise with Hathaway and her Star Wars-inspired pup.

Olivia Benson

Taylor Swift Cat Olivia Benson Celebrity Pets

Parent: Taylor Swift

Dun-dun. It turns out the consummate pop star is a huge fan of America's favorite marathon-worthy show. (That'd be Law & Order: SVU.)


Ian Somerhalder Cat Moke Celebrity Pets

Parent: Ian Somerhalder

The LOST and Vampire Diaries star has, at any given time, thanks to an ever-changing troupe of foster animals, up to nine cats. Moke is among the two permanent ones.

Thurman Murman

Rachel Bilson Dog Thurman Murman Celebrity Pets

Parent: Rachel Bilson

Yes, the The O.C. star named her dog after a Bad Santa character.


Mayim Bialik Cat Adamantium Celebrity Pets

Parent: Mayim Bialek

The The Big Bang Theory star named her cat after the metal in Wolverine's claws because "she has metal inside her." (The kitten was born without a pectoral muscle.)


Dwayne The Rock Johnson Dog Brutus Celebrity Pets

Parent: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

"Et tu, fluffball?"

Maple Sugar

Christie Brinkley Dog Maple Sugar Celebrity Pets

Parent: Christie Brinkley

How sweet…

Elton John

actors david beckham

Parent: David Beckham

Not funny for name, per se, but more for the fact that Beckham and John are dear friends.


elvis presley celebrity deaths
Getty Images

Parent: Elvis Presley

Allegedly, according to Animal Planet, the King's chimpanzee used to drink bourbon and lift up women's skirts. As such, Scatter was confined to a cage for a latter years of his life.


50 cent celebrity pets
Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock

Parent: 50 Cent

The christening was initially meant disrespectfully—the rapper and the national treasure spent six years in a high-profile feud—but, after a reconciliation, took on a new, homage-like light.

Sid Vicious

Jessica Alba Dog Sid Vicious Celebrity Pets

Parent: Jessica Alba

Note: Not vicious.


George Clooney celebrity

Parent: George Clooney

This pup—like all pups—is the cerebral opposite of his namesake. Sadly, the camera-shy pup passed away last year.

Bruiser Woods

Elle Woods Dog Bruiser Woods Celebrity Pets

Parent: Elle Woods

Yes, we're aware that the true star of Legally Blonde 2 is fictional. Yes, we're aware that Moonie—the canine actor's IRL name—could be, to some tastes, a funnier name than Bruiser. Yes, Bruiser, named ironically, in all his cutesy, miniature stature, is among the funniest celebrity pet names of all time. Need more proof? Just check out the 30 Funniest Movie Characters of All Time.

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