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25 Super Flattering Fashion Trends to Adopt This Fall

You're bound to fall in love with these seasonal styles.

Fall is finally here, which means it's time for Sunday football, apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes, and most importantly, sweater weather. But fall fashion offers so many options beyond chunky knits. If you're willing to experiment a bit with your seasonal style, there are tons of new trends that are perfect for mixing things up. Not sure where to begin? Here are 25 fall fashion trends, straight from the runways of New York City, that are flattering, comfortable, and chic.



"From gingham to floral, patterns are in," says Elizabeth Kosich, a New York City-based certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. She notes that patterns add an element of interest to even the most basic all-black wardrobes.

Animal Print

Cow Print Boots During Fashion Week Fall Fashion Trends

"The yeehaw trend is still going strong," says Jamé Jackson, media personality and founder of The Blonde Misfit. To try out this trend, add a bold statement bag, scarf, or even a chic cow print skirt that can be paired with your favorite chunky sweater and thigh-high boots.

"Some trends are fleeting, but others can really be around for a while," Jackson says, noting animal print falls into the latter category. "So you might as well make an investment if you're going to take the plunge."

Printed Turtlenecks

printed turtlenecks

According to Kosich, "adding layers is one way to amp up your style without spending a fortune, and printed turtlenecks are everywhere this season." She suggests wearing a printed turtleneck with a blazer or suit, or even layering it under a dress for an "instant chic and fresh look."



Of course, this tried-and-true classic never really goes out of style, but it deserves a shout-out nonetheless. This season, Kerry Pieri, digital fashion and features editor at Harper's Bazaar, recommends rocking it via a tailored suit—perhaps even one with statement shoulders if you want to really go the extra mile.

Bold Tailored Suits


Fashion model and Instagram influencer Victoria Barbara says you're going to be seeing a lot of bold-colored, tailored suits this season—and for good reason. "There's nothing more powerful than a woman who feels confident in her skin and what she's wearing," Barbara says. "What better way to emulate that feeling than with a bold suit paired with the right accessories?"

Cinching Belts

cinched suit

Speaking of accessories, when it comes to suit styling, "it's all about the belt," writes Justine Carreon, market editor at Elle. And the huge benefit of this trend is that you don't have to buy an entirely new suit to partake in it. "Simply buy a cute new belt and style it accordingly," Carreon writes.



If you're not down for a full suit, you can always cut that statement look in half and rock a nice pair of trouser pants instead. Yes, menswear-inspired trousers are coming back with a vengeance this season. And don't be fooled by their masculine, either: According to Kosich, these pants are actually "great for adding shape to your silhouette."

Puffer Jackets

puffer jacket

When it comes to these big, bold jackets, "you can never have enough," says Susie Coelho, CEO and designer for House of Sussex. They're perfect for the colder months, they're easy to roll up and pack when you travel, and plenty of stores like Uniqlo offer inexpensive and fashionable options. Coelho's only advice when you're shopping for the perfect puffer? "Don't think ski—think fashion."



Marina Liao, beauty news editor at Marie Claire, describes this oversized piece on the magazine's website as "the fashion-girl alternative to a trench coat or denim jacket." It's the perfect outerwear for anyone who doesn't want a bulky coat to hide their outfit.


pink dress

In an article for The Zoe Report, the site's managing editor Lauren Caruso describes pink as "fall 2019's most unexpected trend." And if you're not typically into wearing bright colors, don't write off pink just yet; pairing the vibrant hue with neutral tones, like cognac and camel, is an easy way to tamp down its boldness while still rocking the trend.


purple puffer coat

But if you're not into millennial pink, why not try out melodramatic purple? "Purple is emerging as a cutting edge trend for women who want to command both attention and respect," says Cherese Boren, owner of Obsessions Boutique in Eagle Mountain, Utah. "From regal, full-bodied deep purples to flirtatious lavenders with a hint of innocence, purple has hit the runways as both a monochromatic sensation and a bold splash of detail."

The Monochromatic Look


And that monochromatic look isn't reserved for just purple. "You can choose one color or hue and then work your entire fit around it," Jackson explains. "The way you keep it fresh and not tacky or cheap-looking is by varying the textures, prints, and hues ever so slightly."

Want a tried-and-true fall fashion trend that never gets old? Go for a well-curated neutral palette of browns, grays, and blacks.

Statement Sleeves

Fall Fashion Sleeves

Jackson observed a lot of frilly sleeves on the runway during New York's Fall 2019 Fashion Week. She notes that "exaggerated sleeves and blouses are super flirty without showing too much skin, and they can be worn over a simple black skirt or a pair of jeans depending on the vibe."

Colorful Tights

colorful tights

"The colored tights we saw make a mild splash for spring have reemerged as one of the biggest (and funnest) fall trends to try," Lauren Eggersten, fashion editor at Who What Wear, noted during New York Fall Fashion Week. And the best part about this tights trend is that in the fall, it's just as convenient as it is fashionable.

Feminine Ruffles

Fall Fashion Ruffles, fall 2019 fashion trends

Eve Dawes, founder of Glamour & Gains, writes on her blog that she's a big fan of the feminine ruffle trend that was seen on the runways of Elie Tahari, Concept Korea, Bronx and Banco, and I Love Pretty for fall 2019. "Not only are they ultra femme, but the styles tend to be more flowy, which makes them super flattering and easy to wear regardless of body shape," she writes.

Asymmetrical Necklines

asymmetrical necklines

Alberto Gil, co-founder and innovation manager at ethical fashion brand Sumissura, says that more and more people have been choosing asymmetrical necklines for the fall. Whether it's on a dress or a sweater, an asymmetrical neckline is a fun way to show off a little bit of skin without being too scandalous (especially as the temperatures drop).

Versatile Wraps

Fall Fashion Wrap, fall trends 2019

Women love to wear wraps "in this in-between weather," says Megan Teggart, director of communications at Boston-based knitwear company **** That I Knit, which has fans in Katie Couric and Sarah Jessica Parker. Products like her company's Pardy Wrap, she says, are great because they can be "dressed up for a chic day-to-night accessory" and are "warm and cozy for freezing offices or cold train commutes."

Oversized Denim

oversized denim

In a nod to the '90s, oversized denim jackets and jeans are making a comeback this fall. These effortless, comfortable styles are reminding us why we loved them in the first place. If you're looking for a way to incorporate this fun fall trend into your wardrobe, Boren notes that "a cropped denim jacket is particularly flattering and can be used to either finish off a perfect relaxed ensemble or even dress down a satin skirt or lace cami for casual appeal."

Double-Layer Sweaters

double layer sweater

According to Eliza Huber, fashion market writer at Refinery29, French designer Jacquemus is responsible for starting the seriously cozy trend of two-in-one sweaters. "These double knits have a built-in second sweater that's perfect for tying around your shoulders or using as a makeshift turtleneck," she writes. How fun and cozy!

Fleece Jackets

fleece jacket

The beloved fleece jacket is another great way to stay warm this fall. "Expect to see shearling move beyond college campuses and hiking trails, thanks to reworked silhouettes and trims in leather," writes Carreon. "Or just wear an OG Patagonia with a floral dress."

Knee-High Boots

knee high boots

Boots are practically synonymous with fall fashion, and Kosich says that knee-highs in particular are dominating this season. "This trend is holding on strong, and for fall, there are more options available to make it worth the investment," she says. Pair your classic clothing staples with leather croc knee-highs to "add interesting tone-on-tone texture," or try out a red or British tan pair to make a statement!



During Fashion Week, Liao spotted lace galore on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Prada, and Alexander McQueen. If you want to get in on this fall fashion trend, "try a lace top with a matching lace skirt for the ultimate ladylike outfit," she writes.

Quilted Textures


According to Eggersten, quilted textures made their way onto evening gowns, trousers, and everything in between during Fall Fashion Week. "Besides the billowy, plush feel and look of quilting, we saw the theme of patchwork make a name for itself among the trend, making the wearer truly feel like they're still in bed," she writes.

Dark Florals

dark floral dress

Florals can come off as too childish or just too summery for the fall season. However, Maxine Eggenberger, fashion contributor at Who What Wear, writes that this year's fall floral trend gets a boost thanks to its motif of "layering … florals over, dark, brooding backdrops."

Period Pieces

period pieces

According to Madeline Galassi, copy editor at The Every Girl, higher necklines and Victorian-inspired patterns are a major fall trend this year. "Pair [this trend] with your favorite denim for both your newest and easiest go-to look," Galassi writes. And for more on what trends to follow, check out the 20 Fashion Trends You Should Actually Try in 2019.

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