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These Looks from New York Fashion Week Will Shock You

Highly fashionable or highly questionable?

Every February, the streets of New York City are filled with the most expensive clothing in the world, models rushing from runway to runway, designers making last-minute touches to their collections, and fashion lovers taking it all in. While the looks that come out of New York Fashion Week are the definition of cutting edge, some step a little bit over that line. From head-to-toe rainbow to bejeweled face masks, these are the most shocking looks from New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019. And for some more practical style from New York Fashion Week, check out the 20 Best Fashion Trends for Women Over 40 This Year.

We Gotta Hand It To Ya

This bubble jacket from the Chenpeng collection is as shocking as New York Fashion Week gets. You might think it's just some bright yellow outerwear, but that hand attachment hanging down really sets it apart. Far apart.

Wiggin' Out

This look by Anna Sui has bold colors, vivid prints, and a technicolor wig that brings you back to the early days of David Bowie. Nothing is casual or boring about this design, that's for sure.

Sparkle Central

Since winning Project RunwayChristian Siriano has dominated the fashion world. And he took a big chance this year with this silver, sheer, sparkly bandage number that celebrity model Ashley Graham sported on the runway. Siriano called his collection "a world where we live as a society in an outer space land." Well, mission accomplished?

Walking, Talking Cotton Candy

These cloud-like gowns featuring a multitude of colors made a huge statement at the Tomo Koizumi runway show. With an array of top models and celebrities posing in the cotton candy-like pieces—from Game of Thrones' Gwendoline Christie (pictured here) to Bella Hadid—these are sure to be talked about for awhile.

The Most Expensive Face Mask Ever

During the Area Fall/Winter 2019 fashion show, models came strutting down the runway with their faces covered in shimmering crystals. This face mask might even be too rich for our blood.

Hot Topic, But Make It Designer

Jeremy Scott is giving us strong goth vibes with these black and white tabloid tutu dresses. With huge bows, feathers, tulle, and newspaper print text, the look reminds us of every teenager's punk phase.

Careful Of That Banana

The Asia Fashion Collection fashion show featured many confounding ensembles, but perhaps none as head-scratching as this banana-esque body suit from Fey Minoriyanagase, complete with fanny pack and puffer jacket. We hope no one missed her and slipped!

Rainbow Bright

This other Fey Minoriyanagase look appears to be a rainbow two-piece skirt and hoodie, brought together by suspenders… or a harness. Hey, at least this model can breathe through her mouth?

A Look Into the Future

This year's hottest accessory is apparently a transparent rim covering your mouth, at least according to the Concept Korea fashion show.

Socks & Sandals Strike Again

The PH5 Fall/Winter 2019 presentation took crimping to a whole new level. Not only did all the models have crimped hair, but this turquoise pantsuit is crimped on the hem! The whole thing screams retirement home, especially with the socks and sandals.

Kangol's Back

Tom Ford basically created the mullet of women's suiting at New York Fashion Week this year. It's sexy tux on the bottom and furry 1990s Kangol hat up top.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Had A Dress

This look from Kanon at the Asia Fashion Collection show is made up bright prints in random shapes with different length sleeves and patterns layered on top of each other. And since it's fuzzy, at least this model was warm, we'd imagine.

Little Red Riding Hood

Some of New York Fashion Week's biggest moments were pleasantly shocking. Like iconic '60s and '70s supermodel Pat Cleveland, who walked the runway for Hellessy in a sparkly bright red pant suit. She proved you're never too old for a fairytale.

Chromat Did That

Who ever thought we'd see curvy women of color, women with disabilities, and albino women stomping the runway at New York Fashion Week? The fact that Chromat featured these women is shocking in the best possible way. This brand continues to think forward in diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability, all while maintaining its high fashion aesthetic. And for some of the fashion trends we're glad we left behind last year, check out The 30 Worst Fashion Trends of 2018.

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