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20 Best Ways to Give Your Dad the Gift of Time

Experiences of a lifetime—and stylish gear to match.

Quality time is one thing we could all use more of—and no one knows that better than good-old Dad. That's why, this Father's Day, consider giving him the gift of time—not literally, of course, but experientially. Pull him away from the busy calendar or the ever-clamoring social schedule by whisking him off to an adventure he'll never forget: endless powder, bottomless oceans, timeless roads. No, you may not be able to literally give the gift of more time. But you can give the next best thing: some solid QT spent with his favorite person on the planet. Oh, and don't forget to bring the gear.

The ride of a lifetime

lamborghini huracan

Starting at $404; book now at

The Lamborghini Huracán boasts a top-of-the-line V10 engine, can do 0-to-60 in 2.9 seconds, and has a top speed of nearly 220 MPH. And no, you don't have to drop $199,800 (that's the starting MSRP) to drive one. There are stateside race tracks that will allow you and dad to step behind the wheel—and fully test the capabilities—of one of these beautiful beasts.

V8 Alpine by Tissot

tissot v8 alpine

$475; buy now at

Of course, you'll need to time your laps. How else could you see who's faster? What better way to do so than with a numeral-heavy timepiece, like the V8 Alpine, from Tissot—which, as it so happens, was influenced by the style-oozing sports cars of the 1960s. (When it comes down to it, by the way, let him win. It's Father's Day. And he let you win every "race" of your childhood, after all.)

City Gommino Suede Loafers by Tod's

tod's suede loafers

$495; buy now at

If you're putting dad behind the wheel, make sure he has the driving shoes to match. These sumptuous suede loafers, from Tod's, come equipped with a rubber pebble sole for minimal slippage, ensuring the pedal will remain at the metal.

The golf lesson of a lifetime

golf putt

$129 an hour; book now at

To permanently amplify dad's golf game, take him on a private duo lesson with a PGA-certified professional, someone who can identify errors with alignment and swing that he may not have even known existed. Who knows—maybe you'll stop bogeying par-4s, too.

Raden Spiked Golf Shoe by Allen Edmonds

allen edmonds golf shoe

$247; buy now at

If you're gonna head to the green, go all in on the game. These spiked golf shoes, from Allen Edmonds, are as quintessentially "golf shoe" as you can get—right down to the preppy forest-green leather uppers.

Vesper Polo by Mack Weldon

mack weldon polo shirt

$68; buy now at

For hot days on the green, a sweat-proof polo is key. Mack Weldon's proprietary polo is sheer in practically every way (thinness, breathability) except for one: visually.

The bike ride of a lifetime

two men riding bikes

Starting at $2,500; book now at

He taught you how to ride. Now it's time to pay that back. Go on an unforgettable weeklong bike tour through Roman ruins on the Istrian Peninsula, or amidst the red rock spires of Bryce Canyon, Utah, or through the myriad castles of northern Scotland (yes, that option comes with a Scotch and craft beer tour, too).

Aspect Helmet by Giro

giro bike helmet

$150; buy now at

Rule number one is, of course, "Safety first." But heads up: you don't have to sacrifice style in the name of a protected noggin. Giro's futuristic Aspect is proof of that. Oh, and it's also lined with performance suede, for ultimate comfort.

The motorcycle ride of a lifetime

two guys riding motorcycle choppers

Starting at $2,900; book now at

To truly elevate the father-child bike ride experience, hop on a motorcycle. The folks at MotoQuest offer 12-day tours all around the world, including a circuit through the lush verdure of southern Japan, an adventure through the ruins of Machu Picchu, and, for the history-loving dads, a mile-by-mile replication of Lewis and Clark's westward journey.

Snap Dylan Jacket by Todd Snyder

todd snyder suede bike jacket

$995; buy now at

You don't go on a one-in-a-lifetime motorcycle adventure without a motorcycle jacket. Instead of getting one in traditional leather, gift a jacket in suede, which is just as tough but ages with more grace—and is miles ahead in the softness department.

BR Leather Jacket

banana republic bike jacket

$548; buy now at

Though if you're going with a leather biker jacket, pick one up that will work just as well in the day-to-day as it will on the road. Banana Republic's iteration—a little boxier, with room through the chest and waist, and no frivolous bells and whistles—is exactly that.

Kritter Chukka by Vince Camuto

vince camuto chukka

$250; buy now at

The ultimate motorcycle boot isn't some steel-toed, testosterone-addled monstrosity. It's a sleek-lined chukka in tough yet sumptuous leather. That way, dad can rock it when he returns to his regular, non-adventure life.

The give-back adventure of a lifetime

habitat for humanity in nepal

Inquire at

Since 1976, Habitat for Humanity has provided families-in-need in more than 70 countries with a decent place to live by recruiting workers to help build new constructions or necessary renovations. Whether for a day or for a week, folks of all skill levels are welcomed.

Tarleton Lake Cargo Pant by Timberland

timberland cargo pants

$78; buy now at

Construction work calls for sturdy cargo pants. The Tarleton Lake chinos, from Timberland, come with deep pockets and are cut in a relaxed silhouette, for effortless maneuverability.

The scuba dive of a lifetime

scuba divers under water

Starting at $1,300; book now at

Whether you're off to explore somewhere relaxing (the see-to-the-bottom seas of the Caribbean), exotic (the countless atolls off the Maldives), or just plain otherworldly (the 400-foot deep "blue" holes of Belize), the folks at Scuba Travel Adventures are sure to set you up with an all-inclusive adventure of a lifetime.

Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 by Tissot

tissot seastar

$695; buy now at

This timeless timepiece can handle up to 1,000 feet of pressure underwater, making it an essential accessory for any sub-nautical excursion. Better yet, with its 80-hour power reserve and versatile style, it can handle that much pressure on land, too.

The ski trip of a lifetime

skiing at sunset

$569; buy now at

Seven mountains, 450 inches of average annual snowfall, more than 650 combined runs. Yes, Lake Tahoe is the ne plus ultra of black diamond skiing. With the Epic Pass, you can hit up Heavenly, Northstar, and Kirkwood—three of the most popular destinations—for unlimited runs, all season long. You'll have to book the flights and lodging on your own, though.

Sphene Jacket by Arc'teryx

arcteryx jacket

$649; buy now at

Arc'teryx's Sphene jacket is everything one needs in a ski coat. Impenetrable insulation, slick design, lightweight waterproof fabric, and airtight wrist and waist skirts to keep out unwanted powder.

Enforcer 100 by Nordica

nordica skis

$750; buy now at

Wide enough to float on Lake Tahoe fluff yet narrow enough to handle icy conditions on the east coast, Nordica's top-rated (per expert gear testers from both Freeskier and Powder magazines) all-mountain ski can do it all. Plus, they're constructed with a carbon core that'll last for years—if they're treated right. In other words, keep your dad off the steeps.

Canopy Factory Pilot Whiteout Goggles by Oakley

oakley goggles

$190; buy now at

These 23rd-century-looking lenses from Oakley are more than just futuristic, stunning looks. Since they only allow a light transmission (that's how much potentially damaging light makes it through to the corneas) of 13 percent, there's next to no chance of blinding on a bluebird day.

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