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The 8 Best Christine Quinn Outfits From "Selling Sunset" Season 5—Ranked

The reality star brings butterfly clips and drama to the latest season of the Netflix hit.

After six months away, Selling Sunset made its highly-anticipated return to Netflix this past weekend. While viewers were missing the sprawling million-dollar homes, they were also craving the vivacious style choices that certain L.A. real estate agents always seem to bring to the table. Leading the pack is Christine Quinn, of course. The real-life blonde Barbie doll has consistently delivered pieces ranging from kitschy to old Hollywood glam. Read on to see her eight most iconic looks from Season 5, from fashion faux pas to fabulous.

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The houndstooth suit look

christine and chelsea walking

While we understand the fashion statement Quinn was trying to make with her work attire, the collared corset makes the entire ensemble look awkward. We can, however, appreciate the matching Amanda Uprichard houndstooth blazer and skort since it definitely feels like an homage to something Cher Horowitz would have worn in Clueless. Sadly, that doesn't negate the bland color scheme and the twee-inspired top. It's just not a fashion win.

The jean mini-dress look

christine and chelsea

We always appreciate it when Quinn incorporates any kind of pink into her wardrobe. Her dedication to being a real-life Barbie is truly commendable. But this Balmain Denim Tweed Dress is a bit too youthful for her—as in, it's recalling OshKosh B'gosh. Quinn looks her best when she seems confident in her clothes, and here, it's just not happening.

The oversized blazer look

christine in nude suit

This color looks great on a lot of people, but the belted blazer and skirt combo wash Quinn out. While she might be trying to channel David Byrne's supersized suit—or paying homage to Justin Bieber's recent red carpet look—it's just not the most flattering fit on Quinn. For her, a more fitted blazer is key.

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The lilac powersuit look

christine on exercise bike with maya

If there's one thing Quinn knows how to do is rock a perfectly-tailored power suit. The lilac shade complements her platinum blonde waves perfectly. The fact that she can work out on an exercise bike for even a minute in stilettos and this ensemble is truly impressive.

The black gown look

christine in black dress

When Quinn does Hollywood glam, she does it right. This is much more than a basic black dress. The feathery, off-the-shoulder sweetheart gown with a beaded skirt is nothing short of stunning. The fabric combination is definitely an interesting choice, but the reality star makes it work.

The red two-piece look

christine in red outfit with chelsea

We love a monochrome look done right. Styled with a colorblock fur coat, Quinn looks like she's about to shop on Rodeo Drive in this matching red crop top and skirt. Red on its own is a powerful color, but paired with Quinn's blonde hair, it gives her a commanding presence that will surely sell those million-dollar homes.

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The butterfly clip look

christine nursing baby

If you've watched Selling Sunset and gotten this far down the list, you know that Quinn loves a matching set. When she meets newcomer Chelsea Lazkani for a very pink beach picnic, Quinn brings a retro-floral blazer skirt combo, too. However, the best part of this outfit is her accessories. Quinn has leaned into the Y2K trends by placing a smattering of butterfly clips beneath her high ponytail. If said clips make their comeback, the reality star just might be responsible.

The tea party look

christine and chelsea at tea

If there's one thing that Quinn succeeds at, it's high camp. And while attending a tea party hosted by Lazkani, Quinn fully leans into it. Of course, the Selling Sunset star delivers on the attire. She goes full Barbie doll with a pink, puff-sleeved dress and jewel-encrusted gloves with a matching fascinator. We appreciate her dedication to a theme, especially when she gives it 110 percent.

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