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13 Calming Instagram Accounts to Follow to Soothe Your Panic

From oddly satisfying art to cute photos of dogs, these are the Instagram accounts you need in your feed.

With the nonstop discussion about coronavirus and the social distancing we're all trying to practice, it's become easy to get stuck in a cycle of panic and isolation. And while many people try to find solace online during these trying times, a simple scroll through social media can incite even more panic. But not all feeds are created equal. With adorable photos of puppies and oddly satisfying 60-second art videos, Instagram can easily become the safe haven you need during this pandemic. To help gear you toward some feel-good content, here are some calming Instagram accounts that are sure to give you some relief during such unprecedented times.

1. The incredible creations of artist @annettelabedzki

Annette Labedzki is a Canadian artist who uses her talents to make what are, arguably, the most satisfying paint videos on Instagram. She creates molds out of paint, modeled to look like everything from burgers to Oreos. And followers can watch videos where she crushes the molds, mixing them into the most beautiful paint shades.

2. The adorable snoots of @boopmynose

Not a fan of videos? No worries! Boop My Nose is an Instagram account that provides exactly what it sounds like—pictures of dog's noses! And followers can simply "boop" them by double-tapping, which provides the account with a "like." Boop My Nose has also been known to include other animals in the "booping" fun, like cats and even a sea lion!

3. The soothing pottery of @tortus

Eric Landon is a Danish-American potter and co-founder of Tortus Copenhagen, which is a studio that focuses on handmade ceramics. According to the studio's website, the word "tortus" is "about the love of making and passion for materials." So, Landon uses that passion and love to upload oddly satisfying time-lapse videos of his incredible ceramic creations for everyone's enjoyment.

4. The charming comics of @lizandmollie

This account is the work of duo Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy, co-authors of No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work. Together, they create charming comics that are designed by Fosslien. Plus, each cartoon is on a calming blue background to add some extra zen to your viewing experience.

5. The gorgeous calligraphy of @charlartscript

Charlotte Xu is a calligraphy master based in Melbourne, Australia. On Instagram, she shares photos of her beautiful work, from signed cards to wedding invitations, and satisfying videos where she shows every perfect stroke she writes.

6. The soothing sounds of soap via @soap.asmr.ns

Soap Love combines two of Instagram users' favorite guilty pleasures: soap cutting and ASMR. We can't tell you why it's so addicting to watch, but with more than 2,000 posts, you can scroll through this Instagram account for hours without getting bored. They also created their own soap carving app, where you can virtually take part in the fun—although it's not available in every country yet.

7. The awe-inspiring action painting of @callenschaub

Callen Schaub takes painting to the next level. The abstract artist from Toronto, Canada, creates bold works of art through "action" painting, swinging paint buckets over canvases or pouring paint as he spins a canvas underneath. It's both satisfying and mesmerizing, which is just what you need.

8. The wise words of @morganharpernichols

Following Morgan Harper Nichols' Instagram page is like always having a friend nearby to tell you what you need to hear. This writer and artist based in southern California creates simple, abstract art to serve as backgrounds for her words of wisdom on Instagram. With posts like "When you look back, you will find through it all, you have kept on living," you will find that Nichols' words of encouragement are exactly what you need to calm you down.

9. The perfect pie crusts of @lokokitchen

Fan of pies? Lauren Ko has you covered—at least when it comes to looking at them. This baker based in Seattle, Washington, creates intricate, geometrically pleasing pie crusts and posts them for all of Instagram to see. You almost hope no one eats the pies because they're just so beautiful to look at and too perfect to mess up!

10. The mesmerizing culinary creations of @cakesbae

If cake is more your thing, however, there's an Instagram account for you, too. Cakes Bae compiles cake videos from all across the internet and curates them on one feed for you to eat up (virtually, of course). Whether it's a perfect piping technique or a mirror cake glazing so mesmerizing you can't look away, this account has a video for you.

11. The magical artwork of @jamesllewis

British artist James Lewis has a way of making art that isn't 3D look very 3D. His combination of gradient work and shadowing allows him to make art that almost pop off the screen. And he draws inspiration from pop culture and real-life brands, everything from The Simpsons to Supreme logos.

12. The whimsical embroidered words of @cozyblue

Fan of embroidery? The Cozy Blue Instagram account—run by Liz, an artist based in Asheville, North Carolina—is just what you need. It's filled with whimsical works of embroidery art that sometimes features words of wisdom or just fun characters and designs. Plus, as a bonus, Liz often posts photos of her progress on a piece—so you get to see the creation come alive from beginning to end.

13. The positively upbeat vibes of @iamandco

I Am & Co is an Instagram feed curated for "no negativity." It features tons of self-care content from posts that offer positive words of encouragement—like "You are exactly where you need to be"—to funny memes that will give you the laugh you need. If you've been looking for some positivity these days, this Instagram account is the answer.

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