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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's Marriage Is "Definitely in Trouble," Insider Says

The musicians and The Voice stars have been married since 2021.

In recent weeks, music power couple Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have continued to be supportive of each another in interviews and share sweet moments on social media. But, according to one insider, things aren't what they seem in regards to their relationship. A source told Life & Style that Shelton and Stefani's marriage is "definitely in trouble," citing issues ranging from where the singers want to live to their competing careers.

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"Gwen and Blake's marriage is definitely in trouble," the anonymous insider claimed. "Lately, they've been at odds about everything from career decisions and the parenting of her three boys to where they spend most of their time. The tension continues to grow, and Blake and Gwen are drifting apart as a result."

Stefani has three children ranging in age from nine to 17 with her ex-husband, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale. The former couple's divorce was finalized in 2016 after 14 years of marriage. In 2021, the No Doubt singer married Shelton, her co-star on The Voice. Shelton had been married before as well: to Kaynette Gern from 2003 to 2006 and to fellow country singer Miranda Lambert from 2011 to 2015.

"The honeymoon period didn't last all that long," the same insider said of Stefani and Shelton's marriage. They claimed that Stefani is "hurt" by her husband not supporting her projects on social media and added, "They've been fighting." The source also referenced Shelton recently saying that he'd like to cut back on drinking alcohol. "Some say Gwen doesn't really like him boozing, and this was a gesture to appease his wife," they claimed.

Additionally, the source said that there is tension between the spouses because of how they spent New Year's Eve. Shelton gave a concert in Oklahoma while Stefani performed in Las Vegas. The insider claimed that Shelton was "disappointed" and "really upset" that Stefani wasn't with him that night. They concluded, "Gwen and Blake are leading separate lives. It's very sad, but the writing seems to be on the wall for their marriage." Best Life has reached out to representatives for Shelton and Stefani for comment.

Stefani addressed their separate New Year's Eve plans in an interview beforehand. "Well, it's funny because I was going to be at his show, and then Vegas called and wanted me to be in Vegas," she told Access Hollywood. She said she figured, "If you're gonna be working then I'm gonna be working. So, I'm just gonna fly in and out, it's gonna be awesome."

The couple have also recently praised each other publicly. In November, Shelton told Today of being married to Stefani, "I mean, the best part is lying down with her at night and then waking up and she's there in the morning. I just didn't know that that was out there, that that was possible."

In September, Stefani opened up to People about her relationship. "I didn't see any of this coming with Blake. This was just a big old 'What?' It was an amazing gift to experience love like that for the first time," she said. "He's changed my life … when I [started dating ] Blake, that's when I felt home, like, 'Oh, this is where I'm supposed to be, with this guy.'"

In December, Shelton and Stefani both posted about their family Christmas celebrations on Instagram. They shared shared the same video montage of moments from the holiday to, which was set to their 2017 duet "You Make It Feel Like Christmas," to each of their accounts.

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