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The 6 Best Plus Size Denim Brands, Stylists Say

They were made with curves and comfort in mind.

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Shopping for jeans is difficult for everyone, but when you're looking for inclusive sizes, it can be even more of a challenge. Frustratingly, many of the plus-size jeans on the market are simply larger versions of standard denim, which doesn't take into account the uniqueness of curves. However, there are a few brands that are doing it right. Ahead, stylists run us through the best plus-sized denim brands on the market and tell us what makes them so great.

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The Best Plus Size Denim Brands

1. Good American

Product shot of a model wearing Good American's Good Boy Jeans in pink
Good American

These jeans are affordable and cute, so it's no wonder several stylists named them a favorite.

"As plus-size women, we are often looked over when it comes to trendy items, but Good American feeds that trendy denim soul with their styles and colors," says Ashley Full, personal stylist and co-founder of the luxury plus size fashion destination AMOUR781.

Sizes run to 26 and sometimes even 30. You can find them in traditional denim washes as well as fun spinoffs, like metallic faux leather. This season, Full's favorite pick is the Good 90s Jean in pink.

"The pink denim is sexy, sophisticated, and perfect for the plus-size woman looking for a little spice in her denim wardrobe," she says. This style sells for $145.

2. Not Your Daughter's Jeans

Product shot of model wearing Not Your Daughter's Jean's Mona Wide-Leg Trouser
Not Your Daughter's Jeans

This brand is doing something truly different. "NYDJ has a lift and tuck technology that is extremely flattering and easy to wear," says Full. "No one likes to feel restricted and restrained in their denim, so NYDJ built shapewear into their jeans, eliminating the need for another layer."

There are many silhouettes and washes available, with most styles well under $100. Full's favorite at the moment is the Mona Trouser Jeans, an on-trend wide-leg denim. They're available up to size 28.

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3. Levi's

Close-up, rear-view product shot of model wearing Levi's Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans

Levi's has long been a big player in the denim space, and their plus-sized options are impressive.

"You can find all your favorite fits you see out and about that work to flatter your body type, like the 711 or the Wedgie," says Derek Flores, stylist, apparel industry expert, and head of Zappos Adaptive. "Their assortment has a huge selection of colors, washes and distressing if that is your style."

Sizes go to 26, and most styles are less than $100.

4. Liverpool

Product shot of model wearing Liverpool's Hannah Crop Flare jeans

If you're looking for a plus-size denim brand that's also sustainable, try Liverpool Los Angeles. The brand has signed the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and has aggressive goals to reduce its water footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. What's more, they have an excellent product.

"They have truly mastered the combination of stretch in their denim," says Full. "No one likes denim that ends up bagging out as the day goes on, and all my Liverpool denim stays just as it should, holding me in where I need it to and allowing me to stretch in other areas."

Full's favorite piece right now is The Hannah Crop. It's available up to size 24 and retails for $109.

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5. Democracy

Product shot on model of Democracy's Itty Bitty Boot Plus Jeans in white

"I once had a client tell me that finding these jeans alone was worth hiring me," says Grace Van Cleave of Amazing Grace Styling. Well, consider us intrigued. This brand's plus-size denim goes to 24; all styles cost less than $100.

"In 2020, I attended a business retreat where every woman was given a pair of Democracy jeans," Van Cleave adds. "The group was every shape, size, and ethnicity, from size 0 to 24—I've never seen so many happy women trying on jeans!"

There are dozens of options, but the Itty Bitty Boot Jeans in white are lovely for the warmer months.

6. Madewell

Model wearing Madewell plus size superwide leg jeans

Madewell has traditionally been a favorite denim brand for standard sizes, however, "in recent years, they expanded their size range to now carry up to a US 28," Sabrina Forscutt, founder and lead stylist at Sabrina Forscutt Styling, previously told Best Life.

Julie Ramholdconsumer analyst with, also previously pointed to Madewell's reasonable prices. "I saw jeans starting around $98 for a regular price, but sale items were as low as $30, so there are definitely deals to be had if you want to stock your closet."

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