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The 4 Best Hairstyles for Curly Gray Hair, According to Stylists

Both curly hair and gray hair have their own needs. These cuts factor in both.

Styling gray hair can be a challenge, especially if you have curls. Back in the day, when your strands were either fully pigmented or colored, they likely had a different feel to them. Maybe, your hair was wavy and only recently became coily. Or, perhaps it had tight ringlets that have loosened with age. Whatever it is, it's no surprise: as your locks lose melanin and natural oils, they can change in a host of ways. However, choosing a flattering cut to match your curly gray hair doesn't have to be overwhelming. Here, stylists tell us the best hairstyles for curly silver locks. Read on for a new and exciting 'do.

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Short Bob

middle age woman with gray hair

No matter your curl or wave pattern, a short bob is both stylish and practical. "I like it because it's easy to manage and looks great worn naturally," says Lauren Udoh, hairstylist and hair creative director of WigReports. "The short bob is perfect for those who don't want to spend a lot of time on their hair but still want to look put together." The cut looks great on most people and is light and airy enough to be worn year-round, Udoh notes. Add an air-dry cream or mousse, and your hair will be ready for the day.

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Layered Swing Bob

swing bob on gray curly hair

For a style with a bit more shape, try a layered swing bob that hits between the jawline and shoulders, suggests celebrity hairstylist Cody Renegar. This style is cut shorter in the back and gets longer toward the face-framing pieces. "The length allows for a lot of movement and bounce, while the layers take the weight off the top to allow for some body and volume," says Renegar. "The style is very versatile and customizable. You can just scrunch, air dry, and go or give yourself a great blowout to look a little bit more polished if need be." Both styles will look equally chic.

Layered Shag

older woman with curly gray hair

A shag haircut is defined by its layers, which start high on the head and are feathered at the sides. A curtain bang can also be included. "For gray curly hair, I prefer a very layered shag," says Renegar. "It allows for some length while giving the hair a great shape and design to enhance and frame your features. The layers around your face can either enhance or diminish strong cheekbones or jawlines." Your hair stylist will be able to work with you to create the shag that works best.

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Pixie Cut

gray curly pixie

Want to chop it all off? Give a pixie cut a go. "I like a pixie cut on gray curly hair," says Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles. "A pixie is never quite what you expect to see on all those curls, but it looks very stylish the way the gray stands out." The cut can range from extremely short to a few inches long, depending on your preference. Again, you can work with your stylist to find the exact shape for your face and curl type.

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