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People With These Names Are the Most Attractive, Says New Survey

Surveying thousands of models revealed the names that make people most desirable.

Your name can say a lot, and it's often the first thing people learn about you—but did you ever think it could predict how attractive you are? A recent survey looked at which names are most common among models, and therefore the most objectively attractive, and found that a handful of appellations stood out. While there are some iconic models whose names we can't forget—think Naomi, Adriana, Tyra, Iman, and Tyson—there are other names that come up far more frequently in the industry. Keep reading to find out which names are most often attached to the hottest people, and for more on boosting your appeal, Wearing This Color Instantly Makes You More Attractive, Studies Show.

To get this data, jewellerybox looked at 4,000 models—half male and half female—from those who walk the runway to print ad standouts in order to identify the most common names in modeling. The company also grouped derivatives together to create a more holistic list. For example, names such as John, Jonathan, and Johnny all counted toward one name, jewellerybox explained.

According to the data, Anna—along with derivates of the name, such as Anne—is the most common name among female models. The research showed that 23 models have that name. Currently, some of the most famous models bearing the name include Anna Ewers and Anna Cleveland. On the male side, the data showed that the most common name is David or Dave, with 23 models answering to that. David Gandy is a primary example, with Vogue calling him "one of the most famous male models in the world."

These aren't the only names that the data linked to modeling success. To see if your name made it onto the list of the most common model names, read on, and to make sure you're looking your best, Wearing This Color Instantly Makes You Less Attractive, Research Shows.

Sara and Daniel


Sara: 18 models

Daniel: 21 models

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Caroline, Hannah, and John


Caroline and Hannah: 14 models

John: 19 models

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Laura, Lily, Daniela, and Michael


Laura, Lily, Daniela: 12 models

Michael: 18 models

Julia and Ben


Julia: 11 models

Ben: 17 models

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Maria, Grace, Olivia, Sasha, Barbra, James, Nick, and Matthew


Maria, Grace, Olivia, Sasha, Barbra: 10 models

James, Nick, Matthew: 16 models

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Lucas: 15 models



Alex: 14 models

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