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5 Easy Fitness Tips for People Age 55+

How to get started on your fitness journey.

Just because you are getting older, doesn't give you an excuse to forgo fitness. Just ask Harry King, 81, a personal trainer at Planet Fitness in Greenville, South Carolina. When he was just 50-years-young, Harry was diagnosed with arthritis, and a doctor suggested to him that he should limit exercise to just water workouts. However, 30 years later he is training other older people how to incorporate low-impact exercise into their lives. Here are five of his top tips for people over 55 who want to get healthy and active. 

Set Your Goals

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First thing's first: Create a plan, suggests Harry. "Determine your goals and pinpoint your limitations," he says. "This helps work towards something, and setting minor goals can be helpful for daily wins."

Stick to Low Impact Exercises

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If you are over 55, you probably shouldn't be starting with Crossfit or F45 classes. "Use low impact workouts," Harry recommends. "Consistency is key, and low impact workouts like walking, a stationary bike, or rowing are effective and easy on the joints."

Find Workout Buddy

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There are many reasons why finding a workout buddy is a great idea. "This keeps morale high and holds you accountable for showing up each time," explains Harry. 

Focus on Form and Technique

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Understanding correct technique is crucial, Harry says. "Especially with muscles that can easily be pulled or aged joints, technique is the most important step to exercising in a beneficial way." Resist the urge to rush through your workout and pay attention to every move. "We want to grow stronger and not hurt ourselves in the process!"

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Start Today

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Get started on your health plan today, and don't let your age be an excuse. "Understand it is never too late to begin a fitness journey!" Harry concludes.

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