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These 4 Lululemon Buys Are a Total Waste of Money, Retail Expert Says

For the sake of your budget, consider buying them elsewhere.

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When you think of athleisure, Lululemon is probably one of the first brands that comes to mind—and with good reason. The company has built a multibillion-dollar empire on comfortable, flattering, high-quality pieces that make you look cute and put-together both at the gym and outside of it. But many of those pieces come with a hefty price tag—so before you go spending your hard-earned cash here, retail experts say it's important to know the worst things to buy at Lululemon. Here's what they say to avoid.

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Pastel pink, purple, and peach hoodies hanging on a rack
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Lululemon's hoodies tend to be pretty pricey—between $118 and $128. Even when they're on sale, they often cost around $89.

According to Katie Roberts, a consumer analyst with, you can get hoodies from plenty of other high-quality athletic brands for a much lower price.

You can even find some great Lulu dupes on Amazon. For example, customers swear this cropped hoodie is identical to one that Lululemon makes—but this dupe was on sale for only $38.99 at the time of writing, and it comes in a lot more color options.


Men's workout clothing display at a Lululemon store
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Items like leggings and sports bras need to fit perfectly and be made with the right moisture-wicking material for adequate support, comfort, and mobility during your workouts—so it makes sense to splurge on these items.

With T-shirts, on the other hand, these factors are slightly less important—meaning it's typically unnecessary to spend a lot on them.

"The cheapest full-price women's T-shirt at Lululemon is $48. At Adidas, on the other hand, I found full-price women's tees starting at just $28," shares Roberts.

If you're dead set on having a specific Lululemon tee, she recommends waiting until it goes on sale.

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Winter accessories

gray winter gloves with black snowflake pattern

Looking for a cozy hat, scarf, or pair of gloves to keep you warm during the chillier months? Lululemon sells an array of winter accessories, but Alvarado says you may want to take your wallet elsewhere. A basic beanie from Lulu can set you back $48, while a pair of gloves or mittens can cost up to $78.

"Their accessories are overpriced, and the quality is severely lacking for the price points," explains Jeanel Alvarado, a retail expert and founder of RETAILBOSS. "You can find comparable items for much better prices on Amazon or other sports retailers."

Water bottles

a woman with bottle of water

A trusty water bottle is a must-have for ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the day—but if you buy one at Lululemon, it'll set you back between $44 and $72. According to Alvarado, that's a major waste of money.

A couple of the most reputable water bottle brands—CamelBak and Hydro Flask—make similar products at far more reasonable price points. For example, CamelBak's 25-ounce water bottle is only $15.99 and Hydro Flask's 21-ounce stainless steel water bottle is $35. Both of these products have garnered thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon.

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But some Lululemon items are worth the price.

leggings on sale at lululemon
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Outside of these four items, there are plenty of Lululemon pieces that are worth the splurge, perhaps none more so than their beloved leggings.

"Some of the best Lululemon items to invest in would be their core products—such as the leggings, which often feature proprietary materials like Luon or Luxtreme that provide comfort, support, and moisture-wicking properties, thereby justifying their higher price point," explains Alvarado.

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