This Is the Most Hated Thanksgiving Dessert, Survey Says

If you want to wow your family this Thanksgiving, you might want to leave this off the menu.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, people around the U.S. are preparing their holiday menus, albeit for smaller crowds. While stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce may be staples on Thanksgiving tables across the country, there's one potentially polarizing element of the meal: the dessert. Read on to discover which common Thanksgiving treat people are most likely to avoid at your holiday celebration. And before you start preparing your holiday meal, If You Have This Common Ingredient in Your Pantry, Throw It Away Now.

According to a new survey from YouGov, there's a major divide among Thanksgiving celebrants when it comes to dessert. Among the 1,055 individuals polled, 840 of whom planned to celebrate the holiday this year, 37 percent said they were planning on making their desserts from scratch, while 26 percent said they'd save themselves the hassle and opt for store-bought desserts instead. However, whether your holiday sweets are homemade or come from the freezer case at your local supermarket, there's a clear standout when it comes to the least popular Thanksgiving dessert. Read on to find out which Thanksgiving treat simply isn't worth the time it takes to make it. And before you get together for the holiday, If You're Doing This, You Won't Be Totally Safe From COVID on Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie slice with cinnamon sticks
Kim Reinick/Shutterstock

Thanksgiving diners who say it's their favorite: 35 percent

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Pecan pie

pecan pie

Thanksgiving diners who say it's their favorite: 16 percent

Apple pie

apple pie on table
Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker

Thanksgiving diners who say it's their favorite: 11 percent

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Sweet potato pie

sweet potato pie with whipped cream

Thanksgiving diners who say it's their favorite: 10 percent

Chocolate pie

chocolate pie on plate
Shutterstock/Oksana Mizina

Thanksgiving diners who say it's their favorite: 6 percent

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Cherry pie

cherry pie on plate
Shutterstock/Alena Haurylik

Thanksgiving diners who say it's their favorite: 4 percent

Banana pudding pie

banana pudding pie

Thanksgiving diners who say it's their favorite: 3 percent

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