The Incredible Walmart Price Tag Secret You'll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

This one thing on an item's price tag can let you know that you're getting the best deal possible.

Most sales seem relatively straightforward. It seems safe to assume that once an item is out of season or outdated, the price will get knocked down a certain amount and that's that. However, there is actually a secret method many of your favorite retailers adhere to when slashing prices. Most retailers—including big box stores like Walmart—use a secret language when marking down their items to communicate discounts to employees, according to Tip Hero. The key to decoding this Walmart price secret? It's all in the last number on the price tag.

Walmart insiders told Tip Hero that if an item's price ends with a 7, that means the product is at its original price. When an item ends with a 5, the merchandise is on its first markdown. If you see an item with a 1 at the end of the price, the product is on its final markdown, meaning you shouldn't hold out for a better discount.

Shopping cart at Walmart

For example, if you come across an item priced at $29.97, it's safe to assume that is the item's original price, and that it will eventually be marked down. If a product is priced at $40.95, this is the product's first price reduction. If you see an item listed at $10.91, however, you'd better snag that deal while you have the chance, because it's the best one you'll get.

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To make sure you're getting the absolute best deal at Walmart, however, you should also check an item's price on the store's website before buying it. If the price online is lower than what it's selling for in stores, Walmart vows to honor the lower price, saving you some extra cash with minimal effort. And if you want to ensure you're getting a great deal on your next shopping trip, check out the 20 Best Generic Products From Walmart.

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