Walmart Is Starting to End Its Most Popular Program

Price matching has just come to an end for some Walmart shoppers up north.

One of Walmart's most beloved policies is unsurprisingly one that saves customers tons of money every year: price matching. But one region just learned that the program is ending. As of Oct. 15, Walmart customers in Canada are no longer able to request a price match. Read on to find out more, and for another news update from Walmart, check out Walmart Just Said They're Reinstating This COVID Safety Measure.

Walmart is one of Canada's biggest retailers, serving over 2.4 million people in-store and online each day. The Ad Match program previously meant that while shopping at Walmart, customers could check if an identical product was available elsewhere for a better price (albeit with certain restrictions), then Walmart would reduce their price in line with that of the competitor.

The company claimed that the main reason for canceling the program was a relatively low level of participation and operational delays it caused when used in-store. "Over time, we have seen minimal usage of our Ad Match program, while at the same time the program has been causing delays at the checkout," Felicia Fefer, Manager of Corporate Affairs for Walmart Canada, said in a statement to Sault Online. "As a result, we are discontinuing our Ad Match program in all stores and on effective Oct. 15. We are more committed than ever to our promise of saving Canadians money so they can live better and making Walmart a simpler and faster place to shop."

In an official statement, Walmart confirmed that the cancellation of the program was effective both in-store and online, but stressed that customers "can count on Walmart for clear and upfront pricing, items on Rollback, and thousands of price checks each week to keep prices low." They also confirmed that they will continue to match prices on items sold at other Walmart Canada stores, and will continue to accept coupons with no changes to their coupon policy.

However, the move has drawn criticism from advocates at the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). "The harsh reality is that poor people in Canada struggle to meet the costs of housing while trying to afford other necessities," OCAP President John Clarke said in a statement to Sault Online. "The loss of the Ad match program would hurt people at any time, but to take it away in the context of the pandemic lockdown and the present economic situation is especially callous."

Walmart's price match program will continue in stores across the U.S., but as always, there are some exceptions. Read on to find out what those are, and for more tips for Walmart lovers, check out The Absolute Worst Time to Shop at Walmart, Employees Say. items that later decrease in price are not eligible for price match.

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Alaska and Hawaii Walmarts do not price match other stores' prices or online prices.

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Walmart will not honor price match for other retailers from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

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And items that other retailers have listed as "clearance" or other special event sales are also not eligible for price match.

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