Ex-Walmart Employee Offers New Warning to Shoppers

A former Walmart worker has an important alert about your customer service experience.

Millions of shoppers flock to Walmart stores every single day with the knowledge that they can find a wide assortment of products at affordable prices. But while the big-box retailer is revered for a number of different reasons, it may not be known for exceptional customer service. That is, according to some. One ex-Walmart employee has just given a new warning to shoppers that you'll want to heed on your next trip to the retailer. Read on to find out what the former Walmart worker wants you to know.

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Multiple Walmart employees have spilled secrets about the company after they've left.

A self-checkout kiosk at a Walmart store

Former Walmart workers have taken to social media to make claims about the company and what goes on behind the scenes. At the beginning of this year, two different ex-employees posted videos on TikTok letting shoppers know that the company's self-checkout machines are not as self-serviced as they may seem. One warned that employees can pause your checkout process if they suspect something is amiss, like concerns that you're stealing and not scanning some products. The other former employee confirmed that the company's self-checkout machines are programed to display warning messages based on a number of factors, including age-restricted products, recalled items, and missed scans.

Now another ex-employee has come forth with a warning about the company.

Worker checking price tag for display clothes on sale inside Walmart store

In a Feb. 2022 YouTube video, Paris Mars, a social media influencer who goes by the handle Heyparis, discussed her time working as a former Walmart employee, revealing the "secrets" she says the big-box retailer doesn't want you to know. According to Heyparis, shoppers should be aware that the company allegedly doesn't train its workers sufficiently—especially before someone is put in a specific section or department.

"No Walmart employee is trained for any department that they're put in," she claims. "We don't need experience in that department, we don't get training, we don't need to know nothing. Nobody knows anything, OK? We learn as we grow with Walmart." According to Heyparis, the only exception is Walmart stores that have cell phone counters, as those workers are usually hired by the phone companies themselves, like TELUS or Virgin Mobile.

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The former employee says Walmart workers will likely not be able to answer your questions.

Walmart is the largest consumer retail chain in the country. Consumers waiting in line to pay for their purchases.

It's not just the lack of training beforehand that might frustrate shoppers. Mars claims that Walmart also advises its employees to "read the box" for most products. "We will literally read what's on the box to you because we don't know what we're talking about," she says.

For instance, if you go to the electronics department and ask an employee for more information about a certain item, like an iPad, they will most likely not be able to tell you anything that is not printed on the box unless they happen to have experience or knowledge in that sector outside of the workplace.

"So [there's] not really a point in asking Walmart employees for help because you can basically just help yourself because all they're going to do is read the box off for you," Mars further explains. "Or they will say, 'I don't know, let me find someone else for you.' And guess what? No one else is going to come, you're going to be standing there for hours, OK, because Walmart employees do not care. They don't. I'm so sorry about it. We don't care."

But you might get a gift card from the company if you receive bad customer service.

A horizontal studio shot of a WalMart gift card decorated with a gold bow, and shot on a blue background.

This is not to say you have to excuse employees if they're rude or unhelpful when you ask questions, however. According to Heyparis, shoppers might get a gift card for their trouble if they talk to a store manager about their experience. And the amount could range from anywhere between $25 and $50.

"If you received bad customer service, if an employee was rude to you, if you waited for a very, very long time for someone to help you and no one came, if you just feel like your service at Walmart was [expletive], you can complain to the store manager and if the store manager is nice and you're nice to them explaining your situation, they will most likely give you a gift card," she says.

Heyparis clarifies that people should not try to take advantage of this under false pretenses, because workers will check the store's cameras to make sure your account of the situation is accurate. Not only that, but Walmart can allegedly ban you for life if you're found to be lying, Heyparis claims. She also advises you not to directly ask a store manager for a gift card, as this might rub them the wrong way. "Just be polite, explain to them what happened, and they will offer you from the kindness of their hearts," she says.

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